Comixology Unlimited Review

Comixology is a digital comic source that allows you to take your comics with your wherever you go and read them on multiple platforms. It even offers DRM-free backups of all of the comics you purchase in .PDF and .CBZ format. Now that Amazon owns them signing in and buying comics is a breeze. It’s a pretty great thing, but they even offer their Comixology Unlimited subscription. For just $5.99/month you can get borrow and read comics all day, everyday.

You’ll mostly only find the first volume or few comics in a series, but that makes sense. If they give you all of the comics in the series for a low monthly cost, why would you buy them and thus support making more? If you like to try before you buy, Comixology is perfect for you. Also great for people just getting into comics. You can feel out the genres and publishers and get introduced to the vast worlds out there in comicland. I’ve been introduced to so many new comics through Unlimited, which is really what used to happen when I had time to go into comic stores and thumb through the new titles and talk with the clerks and regulars about the latest issues. While I don’t get out to a store as often as I like, I can still keep up with Comixology Unlimited. And no, I don’t think Comixology, even with Comixology Unlimited, will replace comic stores anytime soon. Having a digital copy is convenient, but it simply can’t replace the look and feel and smell of a bookshelf full of comics.

A Few Comixology Unlimited Recommendations

There are a lot of very good titles available


Look if you like chicks that are varied and interesting and kick a lot of weird, possibly supernatural butt at a definitely not typical sleep away camp, you’ll like Lumberjanes. Centered around five girls that are brave and strong and funny but not perfect, I love to read this comic by myself and especially with my kids. Sons and daughters deserve to see girls being empowered and human and fun. The first volume is available on Unlimited and volumes two and three and a special are available to buy.


A Romeo and Juliet story if Romeo and Juliet weren’t children and totally incapable. Sorry, Romeo and Juliet is terrible1, but this comic about star-crossed lovers from opposite sides of the battlefield just trying to raise their adorable little abomination is anything but. With plenty of action, social commentary, and engaging characters, I recommend Saga to anyone that just loves a really good saga.

Bravest Warriors

From Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time, this is like the (more) grown up version of Adventure Time. The characters are as quirky and funny and socially progressive as the ones you’ll find in Ooo, but they tend to engage in more adult activities. The characters are weird and often find themselves in strange, epic adventures. If you love Adventure Time you’ll love Bravest Warriors. Even if you don’t love Adventure Time2 you’ll still probably like Bravest Warriors, it’s just a lot of fun and does a great job of exploring and poking fun at the superhero ensemble genre while also embodying it. Volumes one and two are available!


Buckaroo, Oregon is a small town nestled in the Pacific Northwest wilderness, and it has produced 16 of the country’s most gruesome serial killers. How can so many deranged criminals emerge from one small town? What could possibly be happening in this place that would drive so many to commit horrific crimes? After one such murderer is acquitted on a technicality he returns to Buckaroo, and a cop bent on getting to the bottom of the mystery follows. What’s lurking in this small town? Nailbiter is fantastically gory and spooky. Perfect for those that love a good thriller and horror mashup.

Bitch Planet

Man has found his way to the stars, and he uses this majesty of space travel to send women to a maximum security jail on another planet. Sounds about right. Bitch Planet perfectly lambastes the blatant sexism of the recent past, from advertisements that completely belittle a woman to the expectation that a wife’s entire life revolves around her husband’s happiness. If you don’t conform, dare to live your life outside of society’s rigid expectations, even so much as “cause” your husband to have an affair, you’re found noncompliant and shipped off. When inmates get a chance to form a team to play Megaton, an ultra popular and violent sport, they see it as a chance to strike back at the world holding them down. But is that really possible? This comic is perfect for everyone. Everyone read it. Now.

Final Opinion

Comixology Unlimited has decent selection, though it would be nice if more second volumes were available. Great for people who like to read before buying and just getting into comics. For $5.99/month I think it’s definitely worth it for any fan of comics. You can get a free 30-day trial to check it out and get a feel that I highly recommend to everyone.

  1. I still love me some Bill Shakespeare. 

  2. What’s wrong with you? 

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    Awesome recommendations! I like personally holding on to my comics, so I don’t think I’ll purchase this, but I will keep your recommendations for sure.