I’ve got a bunch of posts I’ve been working on, like a recap of April and some reviews of movies and books, but I’ve also got another sinus infection and I didn’t work yesterday so today is basically my Monday and it’s a doozy because no one else took yesterday off. So here’s a bunch of stuff that’s caught my fancy lately.

Prince’s Batdance music video is an amazing combination of sexy and nerdy that makes it weirdly cool in the way only he could pull off.

SHEL is a folk/pop band made up of the Holbrook sisters, Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza. They did a cover of Metallica’s Enter Sandman that is eerily quiet and definitely ups the creep factor.

The onryō from Ju-On (The Grudge) and Ringu (The Ring) clash in a new Japanese horror film I’m definitely going to be watching.

What are these little plush ferrets? I don’t know but I want them. Same with these new pins from Giant Robot. I need to let the world know about my love of boba and sushi , and I can only do that if I have pins to display on my desk in my office where I don’t want anyone else to ever be.

“Cori, don’t you have enough pens?” You might ask if you wanted to get punched in the throat. PenGems have gems in the pen, so I must have them. I’m super picky about pens, which is weird considering the fact that I literally have hundreds at any given time, so I’m going to order one to try out before I commit to the 17 that I really want.

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  • OMG xDDDD Ringu!!! It scared me shitless… LOL

    • Right? Even The Ring was pretty decent and I’m usually not a fan of American remakes of Jhorror movies.

  • Nichole

    Ringu scared me for weeks and I’m a huge horror fan. Freaky!

    • I love horror movies too but there are some that really creep me out. The scene in Ju-On where the woman gets stalked home by Sadako had me jumpy for weeks as well.