I previously blogged about geek inspired business casual outfits based on Buffy, River Song, and Marceline. While I’m never shy about flying my geek flag I do like to sometimes wear something other than graphic tees and jeans. Sometimes. Kind of like my house, my closet is often a battleground of comic and video game merch and more typical fashion. While I still haven’t figured out how to display my Funko Pop! collection alongside the crystal, I think I’ve gotten pretty good at mixing geek and corporate. So here are some more fun geek inspired business casual outfits!

Loki Laufeyson Geek Inspired Business Casual

Loki Laufeyson, adopted son of Odin and trickster in Marvel's Thor. Geek inspired business casual outfit based on Loki Laufeyson.

Loki wears a lot of black with touches of gold and emerald. A crisp blazer with some leather cuffs and bold hardware mimics the structure and utility of Loki’s long trench while being a bit more practical. The pencil skirt keeps things simple but offers color and a scaling that’s similar to Loki’s armor. Top it all off with some natural makeup and some cute cat eye sunglasses that call to mind Loki’s horned helmet.

Piper Wright Geek Inspired Business Casual

Geek inspired business casual outfit based on Piper Wright. Piper Wright, reporter in Diamond City in Bethesda's Fallout 4.

Piper’s dress may be simple, but it’s not boring. From a fun newsboy cap, perfect for a journalist even in a post-apocalyptic society, to small embellishments like leather cuffs, cosplaying Piper Wright is perfect for days when you just want to get to work and look good doing it. Some simple makeup on the eyes, lips, and cheeks, tops off this no-nonsense outfit.

Alessa Gillespie Geek Inspired Business Casual

Alessa Gillespie, a major character in the Silent Hill series. Geek inspired business casual outfit based on Alessa Gillespie.

Alessa Gillispie was just a young schoolgirl who was bullied by her peers and eventually sacrificed by her mother to try to raise a God that was to cleanse the world with fire. You know, typical kid stuff. Alessa is portrayed wearing a classic blue school uniform with white knee-high socks and Mary Janes. A structured dress in a gorgeous blue and flats with cute bows give a modern face lift to such vintage style.

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  • Kylie

    Love these posts Cori! You’ve got such great style. I’d be interested to see an interpretation of The Bride from Kill Bill, Veronica Mars, or Starbuck from BSG (reboot). If you’re looking for ideas ;)

    • Aw, thanks! I will definitely be putting those on a list. I love all three of those awesome ladies so making some everyday cosplay for them will be tons of fun :D

  • You are so naturally funny Cori! I couldn’t imagine myself wearing a Piper or a Loki outfit but your mix and match makes sense. It’s actually nice when put together without the weird characters. Haha! :)