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We had our first Easter with all of the cousins of the next generation gathered together. My older sister, her husband, and daughter came to Houston to stay at our house, joining my family and my twin sister and her husband and two daughters. Yep, six adults and six kids. While 4,000 square feet is a lot of space, six kids under the age of eight under one roof is still a lot like living in the monkey house at the zoo. But everyone survived so what more could one want?

We went to a community Easter egg hunt on Friday and on Saturday we visited Schlitterbahn on followed by dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. On Sunday we dyed eggs, had a hunt in our backyard, and enjoyed a delicious dinner together. It was a great visit and fantastic holiday weekend!

Side Quests

Big Kids

I don’t know what’s going on but these kids keep getting bigger and bigger and doing more and more things on their own and it’s like they just won’t stop and that isn’t okay where are my babies? Julia likes tikka masala and basmati rice and is not very good at sharing besan ladoo and kheer.

Logan is pretty much the coolest kid ever and he knows. He’s getting ridiculously tall. At just over 4′ he’s above the 95th percentile for height and taller than his older sister, Claire, by a solid two inches. Football starts in May.


Claire started soccer at a local church in March. She’s never played before but she had a great time and I think being outside and doing plenty of running is a good addition to her gymnastics regimen. At her first practice she scored three goals and at her second she blocked every single ball that came at her goal, so clearly Claire’s a prodigy and she’ll take care of me when she becomes insanely rich and famous as a soccer player.

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  • TC

    Yay for a great visit and celebration :) With that many kids, I’m glad your house remained upright after XD

    Kids definitely grow fast. Just working with them and seeing them go from grade 1 to grade 5?! I’m thinking, “HOLY COW.”

    And woot for Claire doing so well with soccer! Seems like it’s a sport for her! ^^

    • Yeah the house managed to stay upright but not necessarily all of the contents. It seemed like all six bedrooms had a bomb go off inside of them. But it was still a ton of fun and we can’t wait to have everyone over again! :D

  • Kids grow up so fast! I volunteer teaching them at Sunday Church and sometimes they sound so much smarter than me! Lol. I’m amazed how you can keep up being a cool mama while documenting all their achievements at the same time. <3

    • Thanks for thinking I’m a cool mom, my kids probably don’t agree. ;)

  • Oh man, I thought 4 little kids and 4 adults was bad from what my old supervisor told tell me. He came into the office on a Monday looking super exhausted… But it sounds like everyone made it! XD

    • Somehow, someway, we did all survive. I have to admit I can’t wait until we can do it again. It’s exhausting and insane, but so much fun and so great to spend time with family.