This week I’m loving office supplies. Mainly because we’re finally getting the last of the boxes that came out from North Carolina last weekend unpacked so I can finally start setting up my office at home, but also because I’ve finally got a bit of time to get my desk at work spruced up. Right now it’s a bit of a mess because I’ve been rather swamped while I’m here, but things are starting to level off so I want to get it all organized and cute!

I’ll definitely bring some of my desk goodies from home, gracious knows I have enough, but who doesn’t need a bit more? Me, I probably don’t need anymore office supplies for the rest of my life. But that won’t stop me!

uni-ball Vision Elite Rollerball 0.8 mm, Black

Starting with basics. I am addicted to this pen. I’ve been using it since high school and I don’t think I’ll ever find a pen I love more (not including my ridiculous hoard of gel pens). It’s smooth, doesn’t leak, and lasts forever. Admittedly I currently have three at my desk now but those came from the stash I keep at home so I’m going to get another dozen from Staples just to keep things stocked up. Maybe two, who knows.

Iwako Animal Erasers

My daughter actually sparked this obsession in me. It started at the a museum we were visiting, she found these little pull-apart animal erasers in the gift shop. They’re so cute and so much fun and no you cannot use them to erase stuff, what’s wrong with you? I prefer the Iwako erasers because they’re great quality and super cute. I get them from Amazon and I like this listing because in the two lots I’ve gotten there have only been a few duplicates.

Red Swingline Stapler

Everyone needs a quality stapler, and having it in a dashing red makes collating those triplicate TPS reports a breeze.

Maki Tacks

It’s pretty apparent I have a thing for office supplies that very closely resemble food. These Maki Tacks are little pushpins that look like delicious sushi, what more could you want? They’re easy to keep corralled and they look cute, form and function all in one.

Nate Berkus at Target

I love Nate Berkus’ office line at Target. I’ve already picked up these awesome turquoise hanging file folders to get the drawers in my desk organized, but I think I’m going to take those home because they’d match the white and gold already in my home office.

Scaling Xenomorph Mini Figure

Who doesn’t want a tiny, adorable xenomorph climbing up their desk? People I don’t want to be friends with, that’s who. I don’t know where I’d put this little guy, thankfully I don’t have a lot of cords and things hanging all over my desk, but I would totally hang something from the hutch on my desk just so this dude could chill with me.

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