I’m late with Five Fandom Friday this week, but it was a crazy weekend of family and Easter celebrations.


Cosplaying is a lot of fun, but sometimes you just want to be chill when you go to a con. You can still sport your geek cred with all of the cute jewelry and awesome accessories at ConCouture.

Fred & Friends

I still know them as Fred Flare. Most of this stuff is less geeky and more pop culture-y, but it’s all cute and fun.

Jet Pens

If you’re a total office supply nerd like myself, you’ll love JetPens.


I started shopping at J!nx when pretty much all they offered were World of Warcraft tees. They offer a lot more these days, and Logan has quite a few of their super cool Minecraft shirts.

Photo Jojo

If you’re a camera or photography geek, you’ll love Photo Jojo’s selection of cute knick knacks and accessories. Best known for their cool bokeh set and their phoneography lenses, I would like to dispel the myth that they only cater to iPhone users. While they do have quite a bit for iDevices, anyone with a smartphone can use most of their stuff. And use them I do.

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