Okay yeah, we’re two weeks into March and I’m finally getting a February recap post up. It seems like this year is just passing by in a flash.

Main Quest Line

February had a lot of highs and lows. We lost our dog, Duncan. It hurt, a lot, and it still hurts so much when I think about him being gone. Probably one of the reasons I put off writing this post for so long. We also moved into our new house here in Houston so things have been busy, busy, busy. And that helps.

Side Quests

Houston Zoo

We went to the zoo with my twin sister, brother-in-law and two nieces. Because what four adults don’t want to wrangle five kids aged six and under through a massively packed zoo1? Despite the fact that I forgot to load a memory card into my camera it was actually quite a fun day. We stopped at Fuddrucker’s before coming home and everyone was asleep by 8pm. Success.

New Orleans March for Bernie

I visited New Orleans in February to attend a Bernie Sanders march with my older sister and her husband. We had a great time marching and exploring the French Quarter. So much good food and drink! I bought some awesome masks for the kids at the French Market and I found this super awesome booth, Bricks & Boards, that has a lot of great Lego minifigs and does custom nameplates. Logan was so excited about his nameplate.

  1. We honestly thought it wouldn’t be so busy on Valentine’s Day. We were wrong. 

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  • Sounds like it was a very busy month! I love New Orleans, although its been a long time since I visited. It is still a beautiful and tasty place to visit.

    • Sooo tasty. I’ve been looking for a decent crawfish etouffee here in Houston since I got back and no dice. There’s a new Cajun restaurant my husband and I are going to try this weekend but if I’m not satisfied I’m just going to have to plan another trip to NOLA.