On Saturday the 27th of February I woke up at 5:30am (even though I’d only just fallen asleep at 1:30) and got ready for my drive to New Orleans. From Houston it’s about a 5 hour drive, but I had to make a few stops so I met my older sister and her husband at our hotel around noon. We headed out to Washington Square to meet the rest of the people meeting up for the NOLA Progressives March for Bernie Sanders.

We got there a bit earlier than others but the park filled up quickly. I believe the final count 350 people in the march which was awesome.

The march was great, a lot of people were lined up along the parade route and most were friendly and joined in with chants or shouted their support for Sanders. Some people had not so nice things to say but no one engaged with them and all was well.

After the march we had lunch at a fantab place called 13 Monaghan and checked out the French Market. I picked up some cool stuff for the kiddos while my sister spent like a thousand years looking for sunglasses. We headed back to our hotel room to take a little nap because marching is hard work and we needed steam for the night.

Saturday night we hit Bourbon Street. We stopped at Le Bayou first. I had a bourbon lemonade which was actually so ridiculously good. We had fried alligator for apps and I had the crawfish etouffee for dinner. All of the food was quite delicious but we were a little disappointed because the host that was at the front door drawing people into the restaurant told us it’d be very easy to make vegetarian substitutions for my sister. Once we got seated and started to order it became apparent this was not true by the waitress’ rather rude insistence to the contrary. While my food was all very delicious the service left a lot to be desired. Nonetheless we paid and left and hit the bars a bit further down with gusto.

We realized about three hours into what is essentially a constant bar crawl with thousands of strangers that we were just too old for this shit. I don’t want strangers to throw beads at me from balconies or to pay cover charges or not be able to even hear myself think through a haze of smoke and way too loud pop music. Give me a bar with comfortable stools and mozzarella sticks on the short order menu where I can sit and chat and drink with friends and other patrons for hours before stumbling into a cab home. That’s my idea of a good night. Though I will say that our Uber drivers from the hotel and back were quite nice.

Sunday we went back to the French Market and had lunch at El Gato Negro. They had amazing food and a great vegetarian menu. I have to say the shrimp stuffed avocado we got for the appetizer is probably one of the tastiest things I’ve ever had. They had crawfish quesadillas as a special so of course I jumped on that. Shrimp quesadillas are my go-to Mexican dish but I live on the Gulf now and I’m going to take full advantage of that. We sat in the back courtyard and it was so pretty and cozy.

I loved all of the art all around New Orleans. Murals and street art and even random graffiti. New Orleans is a city that’s alive. My favorite was the one on the bottom left, it’s strung beads that say, “No neutral ground in the universe?”

After brunch but before leaving New Orleans for the weekend we went to visit St. Roch Cemetery, but I’m going to write a second post specifically for that because it was so beautiful and this post is already image heavy. I had a great time in New Orleans and it felt wonderful to march for Bernie.

Have you ever participated in a political rally or march?

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