Main Quest Line

It’s our first full month in Houston and it’s been pretty awesome. Claire and Logan like their new schools. Claire goes to school with her older cousin, my niece, Kaison, and that makes her very happy. Logan’s special education preschool is only half days so I’m a little miffed by that, but it’s a PM class so he doesn’t have to wake up early in the morning and he gets to eat lunch at home and at school so it’s basically the best thing ever to Logan. He got a new Chewbacca backpack for Christmas and it’s taken a lot of willpower not to steal it for myself. I don’t know when I’d use it, besides you know always.

I started working with a local publishing company that puts out five local, monthly parenting magazines. I’m super stoked about it. The office is small, and actually all women, and now that I think about it all moms, so the environment is very flexible and inviting. And that’s really, really awesome. I love my job, I get to do marketing and graphic design and even IT support and it just brings all of my skills together in a neat little bundle.

Side Quests

I did in fact get the burrito cord organizer I really liked for my birthday. It’s the greatest thing ever. Every time I’ve left it out on my desk someone stops to see if I’ve just laid a burrito down and left it there. Which does make me wonder what my coworkers think of me if they think I’ll just set a burrito directly on to my desk. I don’t even set burritos down, I eat them too quickly.

Started playing Neko Atsume after a friend pointed out that they’re now making collectibles of the kitties. Became slightly addicted. Still slightly addicted. Really wish Tubbs would stop eating all of my sashimi.

Fell in love with Singapore mei fun (basically just rice noodles with curry, and basically the best thing ever) and I’ve already found a great place that delivers by the house and my office. Very nice.

Level Up

Claire turned 6, Logan turned 5, and I turned old. January is a pretty big month for birthdays in our family, which is great because it’s also a pretty big month for ice cream cake.

To celebrate Claire’s birthday at the beginning of the month we took the kids and my niece to the Children’s Museum of Houston. It’s a great museum and there’s so much to do, we only really covered half of it so we’ll have to go back again. And again and again and again, if the kids have their way.

For Logan’s birthday Andrew and I took him to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens for a second time and then went out to dinner at Steak and Shake which was right outside of the movie theater and appeared to have food Logan would actually eat. Plus shakes. Logan fell asleep for the last fifteen or so minutes of the movie but he was still so excited about seeing it again.

For my birthday my sister and went to our favorite Indian place for the lunch buffet like that’s not something we’d have done on a Tuesday anyways. I got a cheesecake from my coworkers and Andrew made us a spice cake and it they were both so delicious. Along with my burrito organizer mentioned above I got some new Funko Pop! figures, including the new Star Wars Leia Organa, some more Sakura pens, and the Kate Spade planner I made Andrew get me back in December because I needed it before my birthday, it’s a planner, duh. Here’s to the February achieve!

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