So I totally missed the last half of NaBloPoMo. My bad. There was a lovely two week bout with strep to blame for that. But there’s always fun to be had with 5 Fandom Friday, even if I’m a wee bit late. This week’s prompt is Christmas Wishlist, so here’s a few items that can be found on my wishlist this year.

1. Jansport Digital Burrito Pouch

This speaks to my soul. It combines my love of burritos with my need to keep quite a few little bits and ends to my phone, camera, tablet, etcetera organized. I’ve already decided if I don’t get it for Christmas I’m going to get it for myself for my birthday in January. Or you know like the day after Christmas.

2. Fuji Instamax Mini in Strawberry

I’ve resisted buying one of these adorable Instamax cameras for a while because previously they were like $150 or something and that’s kind of silly for basically a real life Instagram. Also the film was pricey, too. Besides how often would I really use it? Probably not a lot considering the aforementioned cost in film. But now the prices have come down significantly on the camera and the film, and there’s tons of awesome accessories. Like photo albums and cute frames and even decorative borders for the photos. I totally want one now, it would be a fun addition to my scrapbooking and photo gallery and planner.

3. Think Geek Charms

Pretty much any of Think Geek’s charms would be an awesome addition to my Pandora bracelet. I especially love the Darth Vader and Tardis ones.

4. Sakura 64-Piece Gelly Roll Collection

Do I already have all of these pens? Yes. Do I already actually have multiples of many of these pens? Yes. Do I still need all of these pens in a complete collection? One thousand percent yes.

5. MT Skinny Washi

I have too much washi and I’m always fretting about my rapidly dwindling storage space (until I buy another organizer and then it’s like, oh I need to fill this, until I’m running out of space and need to buy another organizer), but skinny washi is my latest obsession! I first ventured into with this set (do not recommend), which kind of put me off all of it because the colors I got were gross and the tape quality was meh. I’ve learned to buy from more reputable companies, and MT has good reviews. Plus the colors are supposed to be much better. So I’ll take it, all of it. Must have washi.

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  • I’ve been looking at those cameras, as well as the ZINK printers because I find the tiny prints so adorable. Did you see the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic? It looks all spiffy and old school. Ugh. *wallet is empty*

    You’re making me want to build a pandora bracelet! The golden dino charm? Triforce charm? <3

    • Why had I not even noticed those adorable ZINK printers? Must haz! And yes, build a Pandora bracelet! They’re so much fun! I have too many charms not that I have to rotate them out, but there’s always more to buy.