I’m not really sick, but Julia and Andrew have a cold and Claire has an ear infection. I didn’t get a lot of sleep Sunday night because Logan had a meltdown in the middle of the night. I ran a lot of errands this morning, including: Harris Teeter, post office, Target, back to Harris Teeter, Starbucks (totally an errand), dog park, home to change Julia who managed to get filthy at the dog park, as usual, and then doctor’s appointment for Julia. We got home just in time to get Claire off the bus and I thought there’d be some downtime before dinner. Nope. Her ear was hurting and the bus driver let me know she’d been crying on the bus the entire way.

I made a sick appointment at the ped’s office, got Logan off the bus, was getting ready to pull out when Andrew got home from work. He unloaded Julia and Logan, and Claire and I headed over to the doctor’s office. That took forever as sick appointments in the evening tend to do. He took a look in her ear, yep, infection. Prescribed amoxicillin and analgesic ear drops. Went to the pharmacy to pick the prescription up and it wasn’t quite ready yet so I took Claire home to Andrew to hopefully eat some dinner and then went back to pick it up.

When I got home Andrew had given her some Tylenol and gotten her to eat some dinner, and she was on the couch watching Tangled on her tablet while also watching Frozen on the TV. Whatevs, she wasn’t crying anymore. Got her meds into her and all of the kids into the bath and PJs then into bed. And now Andrew and I are going to bed as well. It doesn’t matter that it’s 7 o’clock, we’re done.

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