It’s late and I should have blogged earlier but we had a nice lazy Sunday so oh well here’s the upcoming weeks in bullets.

  • Monday Julia has a doctor’s appointment to meet her new pediatrician and talk about a referral to a speech pathologist for her language delays. She doesn’t have more than a handful of words and signs and she’s not putting them together yet, so we’re a little concerned. But she’s doing great physically and she’s the youngest sibling. It could just be that she’s more focused on her motor skills and she has an older sibling, Claire, that can speak for her, coupled with us also being better at anticipating her needs, she just has’t had to develop her language skills yet. Either way I think she might benefit from speech therapy, so we’ll see what her doctor says.
  • Tuesday is horseback riding lessons for Claire and Logan and obedience class for Duncan.
  • Oh and Tunes and Tale Storytime followed by Bilingual Story Time for Julia at the library on Tuesday morning.
  • Wednesday the kids are out of school for Veteran’s Day. We’ll Skype or FaceTime my twin sister and her baby daddy, two awesome veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also total nerds.
  • Claire and Logan also have doctor’s appointments on Wednesday. Claire has a simple kindergarten health assessment, Logan has an appointment to get his referrals to his team of doctors here at Duke in time for his appointments coming up next month.
  • Oh and Wednesday night is another meeting for our Girl Scout troop. The girls have been talking about earning some outdoorsy types of badges so we’re going to go over what we need to learn and demonstrate to earn them. Exciting!
  • Thursday is Math Night at Claire’s school. We’ll probably go because I heard there’s going to be pizza. Also math is pretty cool.
  • Friday Claire’s school is also having a Vocabulary Parade. I have no idea what this means but they asked us parents to be there for the kindergartners and first graders at 9:15 in the morning and I’m not sure they really have my best interests at heart.
  • Hopefully by Saturday and Sunday I can just take a 48-hour nap.

I really want to get started in bullet journaling, because it’s a lot like this, which is what my planners usually look like. I think I’m going to work on that this week. I already have a ton of journals, pens, and washi tape. So yeah, add that to the list on my desktop: get my bullet journal going.

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  • Bullet journalling sounds like a really cool idea. I’ve just stocked up on washi tape too – coincidence?! haha