So it’s obvious I’ve been doing National Blog Posting Month because I wrote about it in late October, tagged my posts with it, and have actually been blogging everyday for almost a week now (something I’m pretty sure I know I haven’t done in years). It’s actually been a lot of fun and I’ve realized how much I’ve missed writing every day for nonwork, nonhousehold, nonschool, nonparent reasons (though Wordless Wednesday might have been a little cheat, but I’ve been meaning to do a WW anyways to share those pictures I took at OBX because I loved that spunky little crab). So when I stumbled across International Picture Posting Month, where the goal is to post 50 pictures in the month of November, I really couldn’t resist. Not only do I want to get back into writing more, I want to spend more time on photography and gaming. So I figure having a reason to do both would seriously help.

I did already post about ten pictures in my post about Fallout Shelter and two pictures in my Wordless Wednesday post, and even though I wasn’t aware of the challenge I posted them in November so they totes count.

I’m going to kick off this challenge with screenshots from an awesome game I haven’t been playing enough called Life is Strange. It’s an episodic game, though lucky for new players all five episodes are now out so there’s no wait, and it’s all about story-based gameplay.

It’s a beautiful game and is honestly a bit of a puzzle. Not only are there things to collect and do, and people with which to talk and interact, there’s also consequences for each of your actions and you really have to think ahead, even though the main character, Max does have the ability to rewind time.

I do highly suggest this game to anyone who enjoys a great storyline and gorgeous scenery. It does get kind of slow for me sometimes, and you can only save at certain points, so I really only play it when I have a good chunk of time to dedicate to it. I still recommend it and still love playing it.

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