I missed blogging yesterday and I’m not upset about that for two reasons: 1) I made it 15 days in NaBloPoMo before missing a day and that’s easily three times my previous tries in the last ten years, and 2) it seems like the world is on fire.

I’m tired and I don’t have wits to formulate everything I want to say about what happened in Paris and Beirut and what is now happening in western nations all over the world. I just want to talk about people. People that are alive, their hearts beating so hard they can hear the roar of their blood pumping in their ears as they gather what little things they can and flee their own homes with what little family they have left. People who have left mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and daughters and sons. People who are suffering through no fault of their own. People caught in a tempest conjured by the powers of a politician who sits in a comfortable leather chair for a few days a month and collect a salary with bonuses that could support hundreds.

War is ugly and awful, and we watch it on our TV screens and think something must be done, then we turn off the news and go to sleep in our warm beds safe in the fact that there will be no explosions in our neighborhood tonight. We will not wake up to the sounds of gunfire and screams. We will not have to flee for our lives and suffer through an arduous journey across deep waters and steep terrain only to be told that it was all in vain.

I know there are many in this country that have a hard night. They will face cold, they will face hunger, they will not have a home or a jacket or bite to eat. But to suggest that we cannot care for refugees because we must first care for the homeless and hungry is ignoring a whole slew of other issues. Refugees did not and will not cause homelessness and food insecurity. We are the richest country to have ever existed. The amount of wealth we have is staggering when compared to developing countries and civilizations of the past. But income inequality is widening and we are voting for people that value greed and war and personal profits over the lives of people. We are allowing our heads to be turned away from those that would drag every penny from our pockets while blaming the ones below us for “mooching.” Pitting one underserved group of people against another helps no one. Refugees deserve refuge.

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