A few weeks ago we took Claire and Logan over to the ranch where they have horseback riding lessons for a Halloween celebration. While there I met some of the dogs that our riding instructor fosters for her rescue. One of them was a Basset/Doberman puppy that had been given up by his family. He was amazingly sweet if a bit unsocialized.

Duncan has the body of a Doberman on the legs of a Basset. He’s about 6 months old and just over 30 pounds, but the vet suspects, judging by the size of his paws and all of his extra puppy skin, he’s going to get a lot bigger. I hope his legs get slightly taller, only because his chest is so deep I’m pretty sure it’s going to be dragging on the ground soon. Not to mention his seeming lack of awareness of those stubby little things. He often tries to jump on the bed (which he’s not supposed to be on but we suck at enforcing that rule) and has to give it a few attempts, usually with a running start from the hallway.

The kids all love Duncan, even though they’re still a little frustrated by his puppy tendencies. We broke him of jumping quickly enough, but he still likes to chew on the occasional stuffed animal and toy left out. I’ve reminded the kids they should be cleaning their toys up anyways, as he doesn’t actually go after toys if they’re in bins or on shelves, as well as teaching them to redirect him to his own toys and balls. Julia and I took him to the dog park again on Friday and he had a grand time. There were a lot of bigger dogs to play with and he had tons of fun chasing them around and being chased. I’m thinking we really need a fenced in yard because Duncan loves to run, but for now he’s happy to go out to the park to run every other day. Especially since he gets to run with friends there. We’re already so happy to have Duncan in our family and though it has its challenges it’s so rewarding to give such a deserving pup a new chance in a forever home.

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  • He’s sooooooo cute!! Our dog is a basset mix, and I thought based on the size of his paws that he’d end up lab size. We got him at 19 inches high and he’s now a total of… 19 inches high. His paws are just big as saucers! He’s such a klutz. It’s tough to keep bassets from getting too chubby, ours turned into a potato last winter. Duncan looks like he loves your family and your kiddos!!! Rescue pups are the best!