What I thought was just a normal reaction to Julia’s vaccines at her doctor’s appointment last week – fever, general crankiness – is actually a lingering viral infection that has turned my spunky baby into a miserable heap that wants to be touching me at all times. The picture of her on the left, trying to drive the van away while I was unloading groceries, was from Monday after her doctor’s appointment. She hasn’t had her hair brushed since because she’s spent 90% of her time either sleeping, crying, stuck to my side, or in most cases all three. The other 10% of the time I’m not sure what she was doing because I was passed out from exhaustion. Her fever has finally broken and she had some dinner last night, so I’m really hoping things are picking up because I’ve gotten very little accomplished in the last few days and that definitely needs to change.

I’ve been living on pumpkin eggnog and Tazo pumpkin spice chai because apparently main lining caffeine is frowning upon by the medical community. Whatevs. I did get my washi organized, and I’m pretty sure I need either a larger organizer or another one. Which means there might be space for washi. Aww yiss. Also started on my bullet journal, but this was as far as I got because it turns out having a sick toddler wrapped around your neck is not conducive to journaling.

Here’s to the end of this week, and to hoping next week goes smoother.

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