Buzz Aldrin may have been the second person to walk on the moon, but apparently he’s the first to pop someone right in the mouth for talking smack.

So some backstory: Buzz Aldrin was invited to the hotel under the pretense of giving an interview about space for a children’s program. Instead he met Bart Sibrel, moon landing denier, who demanded he swear on the bible he walked on the moon. Bart had already made a name for himself for being a nutcase, so Buzz immediately tried to disengage and leave. But Bart wasn’t happy with that, so he followed him around with cameras in his face calling him a thief and a liar and telling him he’s not going to Heaven. In all honesty, he deserved a good punch to the face. He disseminates purposefully misleading information about NASA, the space program, and the moon landings and that’s not only ridiculous but harmful.

To learn more about why pseudoscience and its peddlers and the damage they can cause, check out, specifically moon landing denials.

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