Andrew, the kids, and I went to see Duke play against Boston College today. It rained for thirty seconds every five minutes for the first half so we left after we watched the marching band’s halftime show when Duke was up 9-0. It was fun to watch, and the kids’ first time seeing a football game in the stadium. Claire was a little confused about why they weren’t running around all the time and Andrew had to explain to her that all of the downtime was when they would cut to commercials or replays or other game covered when we were watching on TV. Logan had a huge hot dog and Claire and Julia were featured on the jumbotron on the scoreboard while dancing and waving their Duke pompoms, so the game was a big success all around.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and picked up stuff to make pizzas. Andrew made a chicken, mushroom, olive (half, for me, because he’s a weirdo that doesn’t love olives), pepper, roma, avocado, and onion pizza for us. The kids made a chicken, broccoli, macaroni and cheese concoction that actually turned out rather well. I didn’t make any pizza because I fell asleep on the couch as soon as we got home and didn’t wake up until Andrew was passing the pizza under my nose. It was a pretty good Saturday.

Now that’s it’s October there are quite a few things I’m excited for. Halloween, of course. Also Crimson Peak. Guillermo del Toro directing Tom Hiddleston, Jessia Chastain, Jim Beaver, and Charlie Hunnam in a horror movie? Pretty much everything I never realized I so desperately wanted. I’ve been waiting for this since Jim Beaver first started talking about it on his Facebook page. October 16th can’t be here soon enough! RentQuest! I don’t know why I’ve just found this webcomic, but since I just finished my stash of Bravest Warriors it appeared just in time. Oh and the NC Symphony playing music from Harry Potter! Geek Girl Brunch Raleigh is going to be going after our brunch on October 31st. Super excited about our Harry Potter themed brunch and the symphony. Another reason I just can’t wait for the Halloween!

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