Dez did an awesome and totally cool “everyday cosplay” over on her blog, because everyone wants to be just like her in all of her geeky awesomeness. I shamelessly stole the idea and I’m hoping it’ll become a thing. Seriously, go read Dez’s blog and see how fun and cool it is then do your own guide for cosplaying you!

I have two very different “costumes” I wear on a daily basis, and it really depends on whether or not I have to leave the house or not.

Basic Uniform

I’m definitely a tee shirt and jeans kind of girl. That’s pretty much all I wore middle school through college, though in college I did actually start wearing dresses without having to be forced by anyone. At least sometimes, though I did still occasionally get nonsense like, “Oh this is a wedding and your Patrick Star shirt is kind of bumming out the bride.” Haters.

I also usually wear bootcut jeans, though lately I’ve been rocking the trouser cut, which is basically bootcut with a slightly wider flare. I love trouser cut jeans because they usually have a wide waist band which holds the tummy in and the slightly wider flare helps to balance out my hips. All necessary and well appreciated qualities.

Button Up and Vest

It’s getting a bit chillier these days, especially in the morning when I usually have to leave my house because someone is supposed to make sure these kids go to school and the groceries are bought and apparently that someone is me. I usually have a plaid button up over my geeky graphic tees to keep warm, definitely a holdover from my “I think this is what punk is” phase, and I’ve found when I want to pretend like I’m a totally normal mother of three it’s super easy to just button up my plaid shirt and throw on a vest. I actually keep a vest in the minivan for this exact purpose. Plus I really like vests. They’re cozy but don’t limit mobility, because sudden evasive maneuvers is definitely what I need to be considering when putting together my wardrobe.

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote with Electronics

I’m kind of addicted to the Jet Set Travel totes. They’re a great size and so roomy, I can carry pretty much everything in them. And I do. Which is probably why I have five of them. From diapers and wipes to my wallet to my cell and tablet, which I never go anywhere without because I’m an internet addict, I keep my whole universe in my purse.

Starbucks Tumbler

Nope, I never leave home without one. Well that’s not true, I sometimes forget to grab one on the way out the door, but I still stop by Starbucks and get a dirty chai latte with pumpkin spice or eggnog (or both). Though forgetting a cup from home is no longer an excuse for buying a new one from Starbucks because I have 16 of them and that’s horrifying. And I can’t cheat by buying one from Target then going to Starbucks, though Target does have very cute ones if you’re looking for them.


I’m like super duper lazy when it comes to makeup. My secret weapon is a great night cream and an awesome tinted moisturizer. I use Philosophy’s Help Me Retinol Night Treatment underneath my regular Hope in a Jar moisturizer and when I wake up in the morning half my work is basically done. Instead of looking like Skeletor’s less attractive sister, I have a nice even complexion on which I can slather NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, which is great if you need some coverage and SPF protection but don’t want to feel cake-y. Throw on some mascara, I like blinc because it stays put and I hate raccoon eye, and the fabulous Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee, which I use to get a natural flush and even add some color to my lips, and I can yet again pretend like I woke up more than fifteen minutes before the bus comes.


I actually don’t wear jewelry. I don’t even know if my ears are pierced anymore because I haven’t worn a pair of earrings in easily a decade. I occasionally rock a necklace, but even that is for specific times, like when I wear my dumpling necklace (kind of like this one but remind to buy that charm because I really want it) to the Chinese buffet with my older sister (a ritual of ours) just to let everyone know I mean business. There are two pieces of jewelry I wear on semi-regular occasion, if I don’t forget them, though I often do, and that’s my wedding ring set and my Pandora bracelet. Both of course are very sentimental. I love my wedding set because Andrew actually picked the engagement ring out himself (our wedding bands are just matching titanium rings) and he was so proud of his choice. It’s a gorgeous ring, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t have any strong emotions about hunks of rock set in precious metals. My Pandora bracelet is super special for the obvious reasons, many of the charms I wear most days were picked out by my kids, but also because I’ve got these super awesome geeky charms from ThinkGeek, like Thor’s Hammer and a d20 and the Tardis.


TOMS. Any of my TOMS. They’re unbelievably comfortable and I can get them on my feet in less than a second, which is perfect as we’re running late about 92% of the time.

There are also quite a few glorious days when I don’t have to go out in public. I can watch the kids jump on the bus from the front door then close it on the world for the next several hours and all is good and right.

Basic Uniform

Leggings and tee. I actually do wear leggings and a tee shirt out far more than I would like to admit, but that’s usually only when I’m pretty sure I’m not going to run into someone I know or who apparently knows me but I really don’t have any idea who they are. Hoodie necessary because now and then I get really, really cold but I know not to touch the thermostat because within twenty minutes I’m back to normal.


Because I really don’t have to leave my house for a chai. Celestial Lattes makes a great chai concentrate. Their Dirty Chai and Mountain Chai are ah-mazing, mixed with pumpkin eggnog and it’s basically ambrosia. Of course I drink it out of my panda mug because I am an adult and I get to do whatever I want.

Chromebook and Kindle

I actually really like my Chromebook. I still have my desktop for when I really need it, and I use it pretty much everyday because that’s where the Photoshop and The Witcher 3 live, but I’m pretty happy with replacing my laptop with a Chromebook. It’s super fast, super light, and does what I really want to do when I’m sitting on my couch binging Netflix, which is pretty much waste time on Imgur and Pinterest while occasionally checking emails. I also love my Kindle Paperwhite. I’m kind of against e-readers that are too fancy, like the Fire or the Nook, because I already have a tablet and I bought an e-read to read stuff electronically. I just prefer to have a device specifically for reading books and I do find that I’m less distracted and read a lot more when I do.

Kate Spade 2016 Planner

Yeah I’ve kind of fallen into the planner craze as well. I just love it. My 2016 Kate Spade planner has been fused to my hand since I got it. I’m having a lot of fun filling in upcoming dates and such, and I actually get things on my to-do list done and schedule my time better when I have to actually write it all down and can hold it in my hand as a physical reminder.

Bare Minimum Beauty

If I’m not leaving the house I’m not wearing makeup. It really is that simple. I know plenty of awesome chicks that’ll do their hair and makeup no matter what, but I’m not one of them. I use argan oil in my hair every day because I really love how healthy it makes my hair, which is ironic because I’ll just pile it on top of my head and wrap a hair tie around it. But hey when your hair is shiny you can call that a “messy bun”. I also use the Urban Decay Naked BB Cream because even though my NARS tinted moisturizer is lightweight, this is even lighter. I can rub it on and forget about it.


Because it’s my life and I like slippers.

So there you have it, a breakdown of how you can cosplay the Geeky-Mama. Because I’m sure that’s exactly what everyone wants to do. What would be the most important part of a cosplay of you?

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  • Dude, I’m totally going to have to try on a pair of these trouser cut pants you speak of. I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but from the sounds of them they may work for me.

    I love Hope In A Jar. It’s the only moisturizer I’ve found that doesn’t cause a reaction on my face. Everything else I look like I fell asleep on a tanning bed.

    I really want to put together a Pandora’s bracelet sometime as well. There are so many cute charms for them, but they are also expensive. BLAH.

    I fully agree with you on the e-reader issue. When I had my NookColor I found that I was using it more for it’s tablet function and never reading. I have my iPad, but I rarely read on that either. I get distracted by all the shinies.

    Feel free to send your extra mugs my way ;)