I miss blogging here! I converted CoriCee.com into my portfolio I’m not actually really blogging anywhere anymore. So it’s time for a revival! After all this domain’s fifth birthday just passed on August 18th. So, I’ll get things rolling with a 5 Fandom Friday.

5 Fandom Deaths I’m Still Upset About

Everything in this post will be after the jump because I don’t know y’all’s lives and I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone.

1. Snape

I loved Snape. From the first time I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in 5th grade when the books first made their way stateside. Snape was dark and mysterious and didn’t put up with whiny Harry Potter’s shit. I liked that.

I knew all along he was definitely against Voldemort, no matter what. Even when my twin sister and our friends, as full grown, supposedly adult college students, waited outside of a Barnes & Noble for a midnight release of Half-Blood Prince and then spent hours devouring the entire thing together just to reach the end and find that Snape killed Dumbledore, I knew. I told them all right then and there: Snape had to kill Dumbledore. That hand thing was killing him and Snape had to prove to a doubting Voldemort he was really, really for serious about this whole Death Eater thing. While my sister and friends were haters, that was okay. I had my vindication when Deathly Hallows revealed my suspicions to be exactly right, but then Snape was killed. Thanks. I know his death was necessary, I know he was the third piece of the Hallows, the one who died for love, but dammit why not live for love!

Honorable mentions from Harry Potter: Hedwig, Dobby, Fred, Remus & Tonks, Harry Potter’s son’s street cred with that goofy ass name.

2. Bobby Singer

WHYYYYYYY????????? After all those boys have been through, and all of the good they have done, why did they have to lose the one person that loved and cared for them unconditionally? I believe John Winchester did his best, but he was consumed by his wife’s death and he definitely put it above his son’s best interests. Bobby didn’t. Bobby knew the importance of their work, knew the boys would grow up to be hunters, and I believe because of this he tried to help them act like normal kids now and then. He still did everything he could to make sure those boys felt love and care, and he did it so well!

So of course they had to kill him. Why let the Winchesters have anything good in their lives?!
Honorable mentions from Supernatural: Jo, Ellen, and Charlie. Can’t have strong women either!

3. Moms

Look, moms dying just isn’t cool. Both as a daughter and a mother it just terrifies me. There are a few mom deaths that have really, really stuck with me.
Joyce Summers

Joyce was a great mom and took being the mother of the Slayer and having a fake daughter that was really the Key in disguise pretty well in stride. Thanks for ruining everything, Joss.
Littlefoot’s Mom

Kids these days get sad when their crush leaves their favorite boy band. You know what made kids in the ’80s and ’90s sad? Parents dying. Because apparently what kid couldn’t use a bit ofsoul-crushing-heart-breaking trauma before their 10th birthday?
Mama Bear from The Bear (L’Ours)

I remember watching this movie pretty often as a young child, and absolutely bawling for every single second. If you haven’t seen it, consider yourself lucky. The mama bear dies in a rock slide and the cub is left to fend for himself until he’s taken in by an older male bear and they have adventures and grow and love and all of that. The movie is beautiful and warm and touching, if you can make it past the first five minutes without your heart melting into your abdominal cavity and killing you.

4. Beth March

Mom used to read to my siblings and I every night, and one of our favorites was Little Women. After every reading we would all decide which March sister we were most like. My older sister was always Meg, of course. My twin sister and I would argue about who got to be Jo. Mom would usually settle it by declaring both of us Jo, though if one was being particularly ornery she’d saddle them with Amy, the youngest sister we all disliked as a spoiled brat. And our brother was Beth. After all she dies, so giving her character to the boy who would really rather be doing anything but listen to his sisters argue about Little Women made sense. But Beth’s death was heart wrenching for us. Every time we read the book with mom we’d debate skipping over that part, but in the end we’d read it because Beth deserves it. We’d all cry, even mom, and I don’t know why we did that to ourselves. Obvs mom is the one who taught me take fandom abuse like a pro.

And then they made a movie and that was great until this scene and we all cried all over again. I cried compiling these gifs.

5. Thorin Oakenshield

I read The Hobbit before the Lord of the Rings trilogy because I had the good luck of having a mother and older brother who had read them all by the time I was interested in them and they told me to read it first. While reading Hobbit first helped make sense of plenty of what was happening in the trilogy, it also helped to steel my heart. Yeah Boromir’s death was sad, but do you remember when we spent an entire book following a dwarf’s quest to reclaim his rightful throne only for him to die? Yeah, thanks Tolkien. The movie definitely made things worse because they had to turn it into a trilogy, and they got Richard Armitage to play him, and it’s like you were forced to become more attached to Thorin. Thanks, Peter Jackson.

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  • antigone78

    “Harry Potter’s son’s street cred with that goofy ass name”


    Also, when Bobby died I was so heartbroken. I loved that man. So I didn’t watch most of the next season till it was almost over then CHARLIE!? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME, SUPERNATURAL!?