My twin sister and her husband and two daughters have been visiting us for about two weeks now, but it’s time for them to head back to Texas. I always love to see my family, especially since we’ve all been flung all over the world for years, but it’s always hard to say goodbye.

The last week they were here visiting we went to see the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, a few trips to our favorite library, and spent a lot of time in our backyard playing in the pool and sprinkler. I know, so exciting.

I love the Museum of Natural Sciences. I love museums in general, but I love this one. There’s so much to see. We’ve been to visit three or four times and there’s still something new to see. Not to mention they have new exhibits and classic exhibits that keep things interesting. Lilly loved wandering around, and obviously my brother-in-law Will loved chasing after her. Also we learned the name of the soil in North Carolina is Cecil, which is also our brother’s name. He was supposed to be Alfred Cecil III, but my mom refused to name her son Alfred. So she just went with Cecil. My dad’s family is from North Carolina, Fayetteville to be exact, and they’ve been around here since they came off the ship back when America was a bunch of colonies. Not that surprised we’d end up with a name in our family that’s as old as dirt.

The kids are always drawn to the train table at the library by our house, but Logan also spent some time on the computer playing educational games. A bit different from Skyrim and Scribblenaughts, which he plays on my computer. He did make a friend, which was awesome. Logan can be hit or miss when it comes to playing with other kids, but the young man sitting next to him noticed he was having trouble with the game he was playing and leaned in to offer some help. Logan graciously accepted it and even said “thank you” as we were leaving. My heart did that funny thing where it melts and soars at the same time. Autism is something you can really pinpoint just by looking at someone, and while most adults understand he has special needs as soon as they hear him talk1 it’s harder for kids to get it. Sometimes I worry how Logan will manage as he grows up. This wasn’t one of those times.

The last night they were here we had fun playing with some sparklers left over from the Fourth of July. Claire and Kaison tried to write their names, they drew hearts, and of course my brother-in-law made the Eye of Sauron. The geekiness runs strong in this family.

Before they left to head back home to Texas we spent the day lounging around. Claire and Kaison made some friendship bracelets together (pictured above is Kaison’s). I love that they have friendship bracelets. I remember my sisters and I spending hours every summer making dozens of them to wear and share with friends. We’re all going to miss them so much, but we’ll see them again soon.

Who do you love but wish you could see more often?

  1. His speech is almost nonexistent, and what he does say he says with a mix of signs and word approximations that aren’t exactly easy to understand. 

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