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I posted before about Julia and Lilly’s birthday party and Lilly’s super fun smash cake session, but as I was editing the rest of the photos from the shoot I just had to post about them again because I love these pictures. My little baby niece is growing up so fast and I’m so delighted I got to capture these moments with her.

I just love Lilly’s adorable facial expressions. I could eat those little cheeks right up. I think towards the end it became more of a sensory experience for Lilly. She had so much fun squishing the frosting.

Tips for a Smooth Smash Cake Photography Session

  • Do it on an easily contained and cleaned surface. We actually shot this in my dining room on my dining room table. We pushed it up against the wall and stationed a parent on either side of it, with me in the front. No escape for the roving toddler, but still contained and it all wiped up in a minute.
  • I drooled over smash cake photography pictures with babies in tutus and pearls. Until my sister pointed out how hard it would be to clean cake out of tulle. So we took some pictures of her in a cute outfit before the cake, but swapped her into a simple cotton romper for the actual smashing. So I definitely suggest something that’s easy to put on and easy to stain treat.
  • Let them have fun. The whole point of the smash cake is to let the birthday girl or boy go a bit crazy. I remember looking at pictures of myself and my siblings on our first birthdays, sitting in our high chairs with an entire cake in front of us, our faces plastered in frosting. You couldn’t help but laugh at the unbridled joy.

Have you done a smash cake photography session? What are your tips or questions?

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