My niece, Lilly, turned one-year-old on the 10th, and Julia will turn two on the 16th. To celebrate we had a birthday bash for the girls on Saturday the 11th. Before the big party though we had a super fun smash cake photo shoot with Lilly.

Lilly had so much fun smearing that cake all over my dining room window. Her face and hands were stained pink for the rest of the day. It kind of made me wish we’d done Julia’s smash cake before her birthday so I could have actually gotten some decent pictures of her in all of her cake-covered glory.

We went pretty simple with setting up the girls’ party. It was a “fun in the sun” theme, and we picked a bunch of bright colors to coordinate. There was talk of homemade cakes and cupcakes but that definitely didn’t happen. Too much fun to be had visiting with family. So we picked some up from the grocery store and everyone was happy. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and veggies for the main course, and of course my sister made our mom’s ridiculously amazing macaroni salad for which I’ve never bothered to remember the recipe1. I threw together a veggie and fruit tray for people to snack on before lunch was ready, and I made this phenomenal fruit dip that was so simple but tasted just divine. Claire had fun helping me dip pretzel rods and wafers in white chocolate and sprinkles, and she did a great job making them look all spiffy and cute. Logan got to stir up some of this cake and sprinkles popcorn, and most of it made it into the bowl to be served and not directly into his mouth. I don’t know if I could have said the same if I had made it.

I have to say the best thing I did at this party was prewrapping the plastic utensils in napkins. I saw it on Pinterest and decided to give it a go. I left out extra forks and spoons in the centerpiece on the table2, but those were really only used for snack plates. At actual lunch time it was so easy to have a vase filled with prewrapped utensils, shown at the bottom left on the image above, for people to grab at the end of line of food.

The guys had set up the kids’ pool, as well as a new baby pool just for Lilly, the sprinkler, bubble maker, and they made a slip and slide. The slip and slide was definitely the most popular attraction, and it was cinch to throw together. They went over to Lowes to get some plastic sheeting, which was bigger and longer and sturdier than the slipe and slides we saw for sale, and used some of our tent stakes and there you go. For about $10 we had a super fun slip and slide that is now rolled up and packed away for whenever we want to play with it again.

The girls had a ton of fun opening presents. Lilly was kind of interested in pulling at the paper, but her older sister, Kaison, was happy to help. Julia was determined to do it all herself, and she was mostly successful at that.

Overall it was a great time for the whole family. We loved spending Lilly’s first birthday with her. I can’t believe that little chubster is already a year, or the fact that my own babe is now two! Julia is our last, so all of her firsts, though we’ve gone through them before with Claire and Logan, are kind of special. Those last firsts, they’re bittersweet.

  1. And you can’t just ask for it apparently because it’s so super secret and I should have paid attention when I was a teenager and our mom had us make it every weekend in the summer for cookouts. 

  2. Which I made by sticking a smaller vase inside of a larger one and filling the cavity with candy. Which of course was eaten because my friends and family are a bunch of wild animals. 

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  • macie

    The wrapping utensils idea is such a good one. How did you wrap them? Did you just tuck them or tie them? The smash cake photos are just tou cute, did you find a pattern to match her outfit?

    • I tried just tucking them but that just seemed to be make the napkins wrinkle and bunch. I ended up tying them loosely with purple curling ribbon. It was easy to slip off but held things in neatly. And I actually made the pattern of ice cream and polka dots to match her outfit. The entire shoot and card design was so much fun.

  • Ashlee Prisbrey

    very very cute!

    • Thank you so much!