It’s a heat wave! The temps have been ridic since this weekend. Which is fine with me, for now. We celebrated Cinco de Mayo on Sunday because now that the weather is heating up Andrew’s work days will get longer so we weren’t sure if we’d have time to grill and get drunk outdoors today. But before all of the fun we got up to on Sunday I spent Saturday in Durham. We’ve made a lot of trips to Durham recently. My sister is there, Andrew’s sister is in Raleigh, and I love the area. But in a few weeks we won’t be making any more trips down.

Because we’ll be living there! We finally locked down a house this past weekend. I was worrying a bit because our lease here in Charlottesville is ending and I didn’t want to have to wait another 6 or 12 months until we’d be out of a lease again to make this move. But all is well. We’re close to schools and parks and libraries but also tucked away in a quiet area. I know Claire is so excited to move to Durham, she’s been asking about it since we first started bandying about the idea earlier this year. We’ll be registering Claire for kindergarten, which blows my mind, but Logan’s registration will be a bit more complex. Because he’s special education we’ll have to have an IEP meeting to see where they place him, which his current teacher would like to see him in an integrated classroom with higher functioning students. But the thing about switching states is that your destination state doesn’t have to even look at your standing IEP. They can even request all new testing and evaluation. While I’m hoping our new school district doesn’t make things too complicated, I know that with IEPs things are rarely easy.

So I’m packing for a move. Which I’ve honestly been doing for a month – even though Andrew told me it was silly to pack for a move that wasn’t for sure happening – because I knew I had to get out of this townhouse. We have 2200 square feet of indoor space, and about 10 sq feet of yard. I can’t handle that.

Sunday I made some salsa and guac to go with the amazing steak and veggies Andrew grilled up. I wanted to share his recipe for grilled carne asada but he was positively scandalized by the suggestion. Share the grill master’s secret recipes?! Never! So I settled on a picture of raw meat. That’ll do it.

After a fantastic meal we decided we needed a dip in the pool. The water was still a bit chilly, but since it was so hot that wasn’t so bad.

Monday night no one felt like cooking, not even the kids who you might think would enjoy the opportunity to mess with the stove, so we went to one of our favorite local Mexican restaurants, Guadalajara! Shrimp quesadilla for me, because I know what I like and that will never change. If a Mexican restaurant doesn’t have shrimp quesadillas I get up and walk out. That’s not true. I get all flustered and try to search the menu for something else I might like and usually end up ordering something I pronounce wrong and hate. But that’s okay, because Gaud always has shrimp quesadillas.

When we got home it was still so nice out we decided the best course of action was to force the kids to play until they were ready to fall in bed. Works like a charm.

What did you get up to this weekend? Did you do anything for Cinco de Mayo?

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  • Yay for new homes and adventures in a different state! It’s a shame that I live in New Mexico and all I did for Cinco de Mayo was eat a burger and fries with my husband (but they were really good). In our town square there are markets and traditional Mexican clothing & dancing on the 5th, but we spent our evening with Netflix. I should have at least gone out to get a quality margarita :) Also, your children are beautiful (great photos)!

    • Honestly if it weren’t for the fact that I really, really love any excuse to eat Mexican food we’d probably do nothing for Cinco de Mayo as well. We don’t even drink margaritas anymore, just have a few Dos Equis with dinner and call it a night. Thank you so much!

  • I don’t celebrate Cinco De Mayo, because I’m not Mexican. I am half Salvadorian and White. My dad comes from El Salvador in Central America, so the holiday holds no meaning to me. It never has. Just another day.

  • TC

    Good luck with the move! I hope that goes without any complications. Moving is certainly stressful, but once it’s done, you’ll be relieved it’s done! :D I moved from one neighbourhood to another, and that was bad enough, but moving to a different state or a country? Oiiii.

    I didn’t do anything for Cinco de Mayo, but it looks like your celebration was a blast :) All the food looks yummy!

    Thanks for sharing your children’s photo. They all look beautiful ^^

    • Thanks! I can’t wait until this move is over.