Mother’s Day has come and gone and I’m still in awe at how quickly this year is passing. It’s almost half over, mind boggling. We had a nice quiet weekend. I’ve spent so much time recently getting everything packed and organized for the move on Friday that I decided a moratorium was in order. I’ve had enough of boxes and tape and bubble wrap. So this Mother’s Day weekend, because yes I bogart the entire weekend, we did everything but pack.

Saturday we lazed around the house. I’m reading Attachments by Rainbow Rowell with the NovelTea book club on Facebook and it was nice to dedicate a good chunk of time just sitting and reading. In the early evening we headed down to the Downtown Mall. The kids had fun just walking and looking at all of the shops and listening to the musicians that set up, as they always do. We’ll miss Charlottesville, it’s a good area, but I know we’ll have a lot of new and fun places to explore in Durham. Also, I’m a little peeved Lewis Black is coming to the Jefferson on the day I have to be moving. Lame.

For dinner we ate at Yearbook Taco on the far end of the Mall by the ice skating rink. The food was good, service was great, our kids got very restless and I wish there had been more space for us to sit on the patio, but if you’re looking for great and quick Mexican on the Mall, Yearbook is the place to go. I got the five taco deal, with two fish, two shrimp, and one steak. I had the fish tacos served “traditional” with cilantro, red onion and lime, and the shrimp and steak “gringo” style with cheese, lettuce, sour cream and red salsa. The meat was cooked perfectly and everything was delicious. Also they had this awesome Umbridge salsa that was ridiculously spicy but rather tasty, too.

Sunday was equally lazy. I slept in, as is my right on Mother’s Day, and the kids woke me up around 9am while Andrew was making breakfast. After breakfast I spent some time organizing my washi tape before packing it away, as a normal person would do. I need to either get another tray or figure out some better organization for my washi collection that’s still growing for some reason.

After breakfast and some alone time Andrew and the kids surprised me with gifts. Claire had made me a picture frame at school, and Logan painted a pot and planted some sort thing inside it. Andrew got me a new Michael Kors Jet Set Travel tote in the navy stripe, which I may or may not have hinted at somewhat heavily. Now it joins my growing collection of Jet Set totes, which are in my opinion one of the best out there. Perfect size, great shape, and so many great colors. A friend dropped off daffodils on Saturday and Andrew gave me some potted tulips to plant at our new house1. All so sweet, except that I’m already killing those damn tulips. What’s the opposite of a green thumb? I have that. And google. But I’m not getting a lot of helpful advice about why these tulips’ petals are dropping at an alarming rate or why it’s suddenly drooping. I’m not ready for the responsibility of plants, why do people do this to me?! I can’t keep things alive! Except three kids, but I’m still not entirely sure how that happened.

How was your Mother’s Day weekend?

  1. Barely visible behind my new tote, because I’m trying to hide my shameful plant care. 

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  • Sounds like you had a lovely Mother’s Day! The travel tote is gorgeous, I love the stripe pattern!

    • Cori

      Thanks so much! I definitely love the stripes, too.

  • Sounds like a lovely Mothers Day! You were very spoilt ^^ The travel tote is so lovely! It would go great with any outfit.

    Amy x |

    • Cori

      Thanks! I do love how neutral this tote is, also has a fun nautical feel I thought would be perfect for the summer.