I’m back with another Loot Crate unboxing. I didn’t post about March’s Loot Crate because I honestly didn’t have anything good to say about it. It was a spy theme and besides a kind of cute James Bond tee shirt I found the contents to be rather immature. I literally gave all of the stuff to my kids and they were happy. I considered cancelling my sub, but it was only my third box and as a subscription box vet I’ve learned that giving up after one box will come back to bite you. And I’m glad I got the April box because it definitely contained some of my favorite stuff so far, but it was smaller than previous boxes.

From left to right:

Princess Bride playing cards from Albino Dragon

Sweet gracious, yes. I love The Prince Bride and with kids running amok we never seem to have a full deck of playing cards. I immediately put these up on a shelf so they’re around for those occasions when we have company over and we’ve exhausted our board game supply (rare, but still nice to have).

Stark Direwolf 4GB USB Stick from Custom USB

I’m more of a Baratheon girl myself, but this Stark Direwolf USB stick is pretty cool. 4GB isn’t a lot of space, but it’s enough to move stuff around, and isn’t that the point of USB sticks?

Game of Thrones magnet set from Dark Horse

I’m always on the look out for decent magnets. With all of the stuff we have on our refrigerator, from kids’ art projects and school notices to coupons and pictures, decent magnets that can hold up are kind of hard to find. These ones are nice and heavy, not like those magnets that feel like they’re printed on tissue paper and can’t even hold one thing.

9 3/4 luggage tag from BioWorld

This is pretty cool. It’s a Harry Potter themed luggage tag that’s great for making your bag stand out at luggage claim. There’s a place on the back to write your name and information, as one would expect, so it’s just as useful as it is cool.

Dungeons & Dragons tee from Wizards of the Coast & Loot Crate Labs

Aww yiss. I love D&D and though I haven’t had a chance to play since college I’ve got big plans after our move to Durham. I know some people in the area who have a good campaign going and there’s always dnd.meetup.com for finding a group to join up with. So basically I’m going to start rocking this shirt.

RPG Bowtie from Black Tie Geek

So the guide that comes with the box said this bow tie was made by Spotted & Tied, but the tag on it says Black Tie Geek, and they are the ones that made the Space Invaders tie in the January box. This is a nice red bow tie with a golden griffons and jewels print, but Spotted & Tied ties are $85 a piece, and honestly this doesn’t feel like an $85 tie. I’m thinking the guide was a misprint and this one is from Black Tie Geek as well. Which it is a nice handsome tie. My husband would rather be strangled than wear a bow tie, which is okay because he’s got a beefy neck1. Logan has taken a liking to this bow tie, like pretty much all bow ties he’s ever seen, so it’ll go to him. Definitely thinking of some awesome Christmas cards.

Inflatable Crown by Loot Crate Labs

I didn’t get another good picture of this because the kids pretty much immediately claimed it. It’s a cool little inflatable crown, but it doesn’t hold air that well. Kids love it and have already incorporated it into their imaginary play. I believe it’s most recent use was to crown Logan as king of the Build-a-Bears. Much fun!

So yes, while there wasn’t as much in this box, I did like all of the things in this box, so that’s a win in my book.

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  1. And I mean that in the best way possible, I love his wide shoulders and footballers muscles, but they’re not very bow tie friendly. 

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