I got my Loot Crate last week but we’ve been laid up with a stomach bug in these parts. I don’t know why I waited so long to subscribe to Loot Crate. I’m kind of addicted to sub boxes, so you’d figure a sub box with geeky awesomeness would be way up on my list. To be honest I assumed that the stuff I’d get would be trinket sort of stuff that’s only good for clutter and I certainly don’t need help acquiring that. I finally caved and ordered my box for February and I am very pleasantly surprised. Not only did I get stuff I can actually play with and use and enjoy, I got a book. That’s basically like sending me a jar of Nutella. I’m hooked. I’ll order Loot Crates from now until they physically force me to unsubscribe.

Ready Player One: A Novel

I’ve actually already read this on my Kindle, and bought it in hardback because I totally have tons of room on my overflowing bookcase. </sarcasm> Books are my crack, I always want more. Even duplicates. Now I have a copy of this book that I really enjoyed reading that I can safely lend out to people and if I don’t get it back it’s not that big of a deal1.


So Superfight is a card game comprised of two decks: one contains characters like zombies, pageant queens, former presidents; the other contains situations and attributes like armed with a flamethrower or superspeed. You use these two decks to create your fighter and then argue about who would win in a battle. Now that I have the exclusive Loot Crate deck I kind of had to order the core game and now there are all these expansions I just have to have and look at that I have a new addiction.


My son Logan loves these little Hexbugs and they kind of weird me out so I was quick to pass it off to him. He’s had a lot of fun watching it do whatever it is that it does, I don’t know, I don’t want to know. I’m sure it’s great but I think it’s squicky.

Mini Munny Vinyl Art Figure

I once bought one of these in an insomnia-induced Funko Pop! buying frenzy and when I got it I was so confused. Why would I buy a blank figure? What does this mean?! I guess it means that my sleep deprived brain was desperate for a creative outlet because these little guys don’t seem like much but they are so much fun. You can do so much to them: color on them; decorate them; dress them up; make them look like your enemies and then force them to kiss pictures of Dick Cheney. Or you know, whatever. But then you can just clean them off and start over! Or put them on a shelf to always admire. This little mini dude is a welcome addition and sure to be lots of fun. Now to think of something to do with him…

Firefly Online ship

I’ve had my eye on the Firefly MMO for a while, and the February Loot Crate came with a code to redeem for a nifty spaceship. Now if they’d just hurry up and release the game.

Manny Peter’s Waka Waka Poster

A Pacman poster by Manny Peters who does tons of awesome work.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Dice

I’m not sure why I would need dice for a game of rock, paper, scissors. After all most of us have all of the required equipment with us at all times, which I think is one of the reasons for the game’s popularity. This is kind of what I meant by useless knickknacks, but considering the fact that it’s one thing and it’s really not even useless, I’ll take it. And add it to my dice collection. That sits next to my eraser and washi tape collections. Yes, that’s also what I meant by I didn’t need any helping amassing more stuff that some would consider clutter.

Overall I enjoyed the contents of this month’s Loot Crate and I’m pretty excited to see what’s coming in March! Want to check out Loot Crate? I’d really appreciate it if you signed up with my referral link!

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  1. The person that didn’t return will just have to avoid me for the rest of their life because I never forget a book and I will end you

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  • OK you’re not the first person to mention Ready Player One. Maybe I’ll check it out one of these days. Seems like a book I’d need to take my time with.

  • Cat

    That’s a nice box of geeky stuff! I had heard of Ready Player One and was thinking of looking into it. I also like the idea of the blank figure because it’s probably really fun to decorate :) I really like the Pacmac poster too!

    I got one Loot Crate box in December, and it was a Batman themed one, which was awesome. However, I already have too much nerdy merchandise, and I know it’ll just pile up each month. I decided not to stick with it, but I can see myself ordering another box later!

  • Loot Crate looks so snazzy! I especially like that card game, Ready Player One. I may have to pick that up “just because”. :)