So over on the League of Legends forum a board was posted titled Open Letter to Parents of League of Legends Players.

The Crux of the Open Letter to Parents of League of Legend Players

The author’s issues lie with the consequences other players might face if a young player suddenly AFKs because mom or dad have decided it’s time to do homework or eat dinner with the family or go to bed so they can get up on time and actually learn something in school. Or something super lame like that.

This is an online game. In most cases, your child is playing with real people. Please take a moment to understand how this game’s person-to-person interaction functions.

While it is admirable that you are teaching children some responsibility to schedules, please stop neglecting to teach them responsibility to other people.

If you have given your child a strict cutoff time for play, do not allow him to begin a game if he has less than an hour left.

First of all, I just rolled my damn eyes so hard I think I might done permanent damage to my superior oblique. Child, and I am 94% certain this is a child or someone barely past the age of adulthood but certainly having never been tasked with molding a tiny human into a productive member of society, I do not give a shit about your online video game. And that is coming from a veteran of not only video games but MMOs that require significant amounts of team work. WoW 40-mans were the heyday of my endgame raiding. You think getting 25 people to be in the same place at the same time and not have any bio/lag/personal issues is a toughie? Double it and come talk to me. There’s a lot of pressure when 39 other people are depending on you to show up when you say you will, and I can 100% sympathize with losing a battle simply because another player flaked, but none of that shit matters when it comes to parenting.

Luke Plunkett over at Kotaku seems to have entirely missed this point. He’s all like, “Hey this is kind of sensible. Teach your kids to be mindful of others.” But I’m all like, “Are you fucking kidding me?” If a teenager starts a game that requires a thirty to sixty minute commitment ten minutes before he has prior responsibilities then he isn’t going to get to finish that game. His responsibilities will come first and maybe then he’ll learn to respect other people and their time. The issue is not parents doing what parents are supposed to do but in fact shitty teenagers. Which to be honest most teenagers are shitty. Not in a purposeful way, but in a “My brain isn’t fully developed and I just don’t get it” way. I was that way when I was a teenager, big time. There are things I look back on and just shake my head because I just can’t even with myself.

The OP of the forum thread offered these helpful tips:

  • Bedtime in 30 minutes? Don’t allow him to start a new game.
  • Dinner in 45 minutes? Don’t allow him to start a new game.

If a game is in progress, do not interrupt it unless it is an emergency. You are affecting up to 10 people, not just your child.

No. All of this no. Here’s how it should read:

  • Bedtime in 30 minutes? Well if you’re playing an MMO and have a bedtime then you’re old enough to manage your own time and yet still young enough to do as you’re told so you should make better choices and not start a game right now.
  • Dinner in 45 minutes? Your parents bought that damn computer and pay for that internet and you will listen to them and eat dinner with your family so don’t even think about starting a game right now.

This is just a video game and stats are not more important than you learning to effectively manage time, personal responsibilities and maintain commitments to other people. Sorry others are affected by you learning that the hard way, but try to do better next time.

Here’s my closing point: Life is more important than a video game and so are real world commitments and that is how I will raise my children and if you can’t comprehend that then you need to play with team mates who don’t have bedtimes. I want my kid to be successful and happy and go on to do great and big things, and your stats in free to play game are dwarfed in comparison. Don’t take issue with parents parenting, OP, take issue with your teammates. They’re the ones being disrespectful of your time and energy.

Also, this Penny Arcade comic, because exactly.

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