I was sorting through the myriad of artwork and papers that come home in Claire’s folder everyday when I noticed a pink slip with a list of names. Oh dear. I had forgotten about Valentines. In all of the Valentine crafts and baking I’ve been doing for the last two weeks with the kids I somehow completely forgot about Valentines for their classmates. In my defense this is our first year in school, and we have Claire and Logan both in at the same time1.

I thought about going out to the store tomorrow to hunt down some Valentines, but the idea of picking over whatever was left from the parents who actually remembered this venerable rite of school days was rather unappealing. I’ve had these shipping labels for a while now, and we’d just bought a bag of fun sized M&M’s for math practice, so I decided to make some Valentines instead. Customized and free? Sounds great!

Download the Microsoft Word templates below.

Print them out to turn any fun size candy into a quick and easy Valentine!

Click on the picture to download!

  1. Claire goes to pre-kindergarten and Logan is in a special education preschool classroom. 

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