Maybe. It’s been nine years since Kingdom Hearts II and in that time entertainment juggernaut Disney has acquired not only Marvel, home to the likes of Iron Man and the Hulk, but also recently the Star Wars universe. The Kingdom Hearts titles are classic Square Enix/Disney crossovers that brought characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck toe-to-toe with popular Final Fantasy names like Cloud, Sephiroth, and even the adorably long-eared moogles. According to a Kotaku interview with Tai Yasue, co-director and game designer of Kingdom Hearts III, the Marvel and Star Wars universes are “not off-limits.”

“Yeah, I can’t go into specifics, but there’s a LOT of new Disney stuff and we have our plates full,” said Yasue. “Theres a lot to consider – we’re looking at all of Disney, the new ones as well, they have a lot of pull and draw.

“We have to come up with a world that has a lot of originality. We want variety in our new Kingdom Hearts, so we don’t want too many of one sort of world, that would look the same. For each world there has to be some meaning for it, in the plot; in Birth By Sleep, for instance, in the Cinderella scene, the characters learn something specific by relating to Cinderella. Also, gameplay-wise, is that world something that would make gameplay fun? There’s a lot I can’t say, but there’s so much to consider.”

I know plenty of people hate the idea of live-action characters being thrown into the mix, but I think they did pretty well with Pirates of the Carribean in KH2. It’s a mash up of Disney and Final Fantasy character, let’s be serious here. If Winnie the Pooh and Tron can be in the same video game, then I definitely think there’s enough room for Thor and Vader. Also, I really want Asgard to be on of the worlds and Loki to be an antagonist. I would play that game so hard.

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