As was recently highlighted on Geeky Mama, the third Kingdom Hearts game may have some very special new characters thrown into the mix. In addition to those from Star Wars, there’s a strong possibility the game could feature familiar faces from the Marvel universe.

Of course, we’re talking about superheroes and, as anyone who’s followed Marvel’s moves over the past decade knows, this means there are a lot of options available. Why? Because the world has become incredibly familiar with superheroes through the release of a slew of comic book-based films. With Kingdom Hearts III inching closer—there’s no release date yet, though—it only feels right to begin speculating who the game’s special guests may be. For the sake of not getting crazy with it, let’s focus on who from Marvel should appear in the title.

Spider-Man, one of Marvel's most popular comic book superhereos.


Perhaps the most popular character in all of Marvel, it only makes sense that Spider-Man would appear in this game. And more so than most of his contemporaries in the comic book universe, he also has very popular enemies/supervillains looking to take him down. It’s for those reasons alone that Spidey should be in Kingdom Hearts III, but then look at the games in Spider-Man’s own franchise, which have been frustratingly unfun. OK, some of the ones in the ’90s were enjoyable, though the side-scrolling/beat-’em-up aspect did get repetitive after a while. Still, they’re way better than almost everything we’ve seen of Spidey since, except for the 2002 game Spider-Man: The Movie. Basically, the web-slinger deserves to be in a good title again, case closed.

The Avengers (specifically The Hulk)

Second to Spidey, the members of the Avengers are Marvel’s hottest commodities. And like the webslinger, everyone from the Hulk to Iron Man will remain popular in the coming years, thanks primarily to the ongoing film series. Not to be repetitive, but it’s a point worth repeating and holds true for everyone on this list: the Avengers are hurting when it comes to gaming. The sole exception is the Hulk, whose 2003 game was just OK. According to Metacritic, the Hulk (on PS2, in particular) has a 71/100, and that’s fine, but Bruce Banner’s angry side should have a more enjoyable game. And that goes for everyone else in the Avengers, for that matter.

The X-Men

In terms of crew-based movies, the Avengers definitely have more going for them than the X-Men. No one in the Avengers has had a bad film, relatively speaking, but the same cannot be said for Professor X’s team. They’re getting better, though, what with the complete disregarding of the Origins idea and the success of this year’s Days of Future Past. Given that film’s acclaim from critics and fans alike, you have to imagine that the developers behind Kingdom Hearts would want to ride that wave. Or, and this is probably more likely, they would want to have fun with the basically never-ending list of possible X-Men cameos.


OK, this one may be a bit of a stretch, if only because Blade comes from such a darker narrative than anyone else on this list. That being said, it’s not like Kingdom Hearts has been overly childish so far. So, why not give the third game an even more sinister feel with this vampire-hunting badass and, more importantly, give him the video game love he deserves. In fact, it’s worth noting that the only recent and relevant gaming option out there for Blade appears in the slots at Betfair, where he and other Marvel characters have expanded to another audience. Thus, if the comic book company has been able to increase interest through collaborating with that gaming platform, it only seems right that they would do so with Square Enix and, by extension, Disney.

This is a guest post by Don Richmond. He’s a longtime fan of Marvel, video games, and film. When he’s not writing, talking, and thinking about those topics, he’s spending time with his family and two dogs, Frank and Chance.
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  • I actually have to agree with The Avengers as there has not been any games featuring them or even about them. As for the X-Men, oh man, I don’t think I remember the last time I watched their movies or even seen anything about them. I think the whole new X-Men movie was literally one big hype and immediately died out after. Perhaps Kingdom of Hearts should bring the Avengers and the X-Men on. I think it would be a pretty BOMB game :D

  • Gian Torres

    Spider-man is a must as well as Big Hero 6. If they really want to go out on a limb, they should try using the 2099 universe in a future game.