I was sent a free bracelet from Lorie’s Bangles to review and blog about. My opinions are my own and an honest representation of my impression of the product.

Gorgeous European Bracelets and Murano Beads

I love Pandora bracelets and charms, but let’s be honest. A lot of what you’re paying for is the Pandora name brand. While I know there are more affordable options for European charms and Murano beads out there, it can still get expensive when you’re paying per charm and having to design your bracelet yourself. Lorie’s Bangles allows you to shop for already made bracelets, that you can customize for size, colors, even by interest and passions! For the cost of what some charms cost elsewhere you can get a beautiful, custom-made bracelet with charms from Lorie.

Lorie is a disabled stay-at-home mother of three. She began making European bracelets as a way to cope with her daily pain. After making so many she ran out of friends and family to share them with she began to sell them locally. Now she’s branching out to e-commerce to offer these handcrafted, customized bracelets.

My bracelet was delivered quickly and came in beautiful packaging with a handwritten letter. It was obvious care had been taken in the making, packaging and shipping. I love the bow and the pretty washi tape, it’s little touches like that you don’t get from big chains.

When I opened my bracelet I literally gasped because it was so pretty. I had told Lorie about my interests, causes that were close to my heart, and my favorite colors. She put together a wonderful bracelet that’s so perfect and special. I like every single bead on the bracelet. I really love that it was custom designed because it’s far more cohesive in color and balance than I would have accomplished on my own.

My favorite beads, though I seriously love them all (something I unfortunately can’t say for my Pandora charms), are the autism heart, mom heart, and the purple awareness ribbon for pancreatic cancer. We lost my grandmother to pancreatic cancer in February this year, and today would have been her 76th birthday. So it feels extra nice to have such a lovely charm on my wrist.

My bracelet is the standard 7.5″ in sterling silver. It fits my wrist nicely, not too snug but not falling halfway to my elbow. I’ve been wearing it all day, everyday for the last few days and it’s very comfortable.

I’m sorry this post is getting so image-heavy but I just couldn’t stop taking pictures, it’s such a beautiful European bracelet!

You can see the selection of premade bracelets which are all lovely. If you like something you see but want it in a different size or tweaked a bit, Lorie can help you with that. She can customize bracelets for you and like her saying goes, no wrist is too big or too small. I can’t recommend the beautiful work Lorie does enough, be sure to check them out!

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