Benjamin Cabbagepatch. Bombadil Combyourthatch. Buttermilk Copperwire. Yeah, I can spend entirely too much time on the Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator. But let’s get serious people; this is a serious blog that reports on serious matters. SWEET MOTHER OF WAFFLES, BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH IS GOING TO BE DOCTOR STRANGE.

Marvel announced back in October there would be a Doctor Strange movie coming November 2016. Rumors have long swirled that it would be Cumberbatch portraying the comic book sorcerer on the big screen. Marvel and Benedict were mum on the movie and the casting for some time, and Ben seemed to put them to rest once and for all at Comic Con 2014 with the remark, “I don’t know if the Internet can manage my schedule and Marvel’s, but if they can, good luck to the Internet.”

In an announcement on their site on December 4th Marvel confirmed this fact, and fangirls everywhere were overcome with squeeee.

Now onto a bit of a mystery.

This is an amazing imagining of ol’ Cumby as Doctor Strange. I’ve seen it used, without credit of course, on multiple sites reporting the casting news, including i09. Who made this?! WHO?!? It’s obviously a modification of this image:

And Google reverse image search is getting me nowhere. This is frustrating, as I would really like to properly credit this image! So if you know the origin of this lovely mashup please share in the comments before I lose my mind.

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