I love cool school supplies and fun office supplies. Gel pens, bright post-it notes, pretty paper clips, and seriously just all of it. I’m possibly a bit addicted if the state of my desk is any indication. Raymond Geddes started out supplying Baltimore-area schools with yellow No. 2 pencils way back in 1924 and now, 90 years later, they supply a myriad of fun and colorful supplies to schools and stores across the mid-Atlantic region. They sent me some really fun, and totally useful, stuff to play with that I’d recommend to pretty much anyone who likes fun and useful stuff.

Cool School Supplies from Geddes

Gel pens from Raymond Geddes write smooth and last a long time and are just some of the cool school supplies you can find there.

I really liked these gel pens, which were the Ez Gel Pens and the Pastel Rainbow Gel Pens. They wrote really smooth and the ink goes a long way. A seriously long way. Logan got a hold of one and managed to fully cover two index cards, front and back, before I found him and there’s still a bit of ink left. So yeah, they’ll last you awhile. As you can see I put them to immediate use on my note cards for my informative speech in my public speaking class.

These super cute string dolls immediately cute-d up my desk. Julia took a real liking to them.

Even young children like to play with cool school supplies from Raymond Geddes.
Sneaky baby being sneaky.

Even young children like to play with cool school supplies from Raymond Geddes.
Julia and the string dolls are trolling reddit.

Cute ice cream erasers are some of the cool school supplies you can get from Raymond Geddes.Check out these super cute ice cream erasers I can add to my collection of super cute erasers. Yes, I totally collect cute erasers. I’ve seriously thought about dedicating a blog post to my eraser collection, but considering they’re all just sitting in an apothecary jar on the shelf above my desk I might wait until I have a little more to a post than, “Look at this pile of cute erasers I just dumped out of a jar that sits on a shelf above my desk.”

Aside from languishing in a jar, erasers make some fantastic stocking stuffers. I’m eyeballing these controller erasers for my stocking, which I totally stuff myself because if I don’t know one will and I’ll be damned if my stocking goes unstuffed.

I’ve also been eyeing these totally cute pencils to get for Claire when she does well in school. I may have been the weird kid but candy and toys had nothing on school supplies when it came to motivating me to do homework. Claire is already quite the bookworm and even asked her teacher for extra work to do in class1. She’s already obsessed with my office supplies, she likes to line them up and look at them and tell me which ones are the best, which might or might not be something I do as well. So I’m pretty sure some fun mini stampers or neat scented gel pens are exactly what she wants to find in her stocking or Easter basket.

A combination of a stylus and a pen is convenient and makes for cool school supplies every student would love.

One of my favorite things I got were these stylus pens. In the one pictured above you have the stylus on one end and the pen on the other, and I also got one that had the stylus and pen on the same end. Both are so super useful, especially when I’m using my tablet to take notes in class. I can write faster than I type on my tablet2 and it’s definitely so much easier to write with a stylus than my fingers, which are normally quite dexterous but for some reason when presented with a touch screen device suddenly become unwieldy and useless. Anyone who’s ever played me in Draw Something can attest to this.

So if you’re looking for cool school supplies, be it for stocking stuffers or basket fillers or birthday party favors, or even to just bring some fun to your desk, RaymondGeddes.com has a great assortment with great prices!

I received free items from RaymondGeddes.com for the purpose of reviewing the products. All opinions in this review are my own and an honest representation of my experience with the products.

  1. Which she apparently worded as, “I already know my letters so I’d like to do something that isn’t boring now. Thank you.” At least she was kind of polite. 

  2. Because I keep forgetting the keyboard attachment, which is one of the reasons I bought this tablet, to supposedly replace my laptop, but’s a whole ‘nother issue. 

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