Have you been excitedly anticipating the trailer for the new Avengers movie due out in May? Well, the teaser was slated for release on the 28th but it was leaked online last night, and of course Marvel had a little something to say.

Oh Marvel, you so funny. While the video was being stripped from unauthorized sites, Marvel has apparently decided to roll with the punches and release the official video on YouTube.

Aww heck yes!

What up Ultron/Pinnochio comparison. I wasn’t paying that much attention to Ultron’s1 opening dialogue, busy looking for glimpses of Loki, until I heard the song. It’s eerie and soft, but that first line jumped out at me. The lyrics:

I’ve got no strings to hold me down,
To make me fret or make me frown,
I had strings but now I’m free,
There are no strings on me

If you’ve been on a classic Disney movie binge like I have with my kids you probably already know this is the beginning lines to Pinocchio’s song, I’ve Got No Strings. There are obvious parallels between Ultron and Pinocchio. Ultron is a “living automaton” and Pinocchio is a living puppet. Ultron – who in the comic books was created by Hank Pym, portrayed by Michael Douglas in the upcoming Ant-Man, but in the movie it will be Tony Stark who created him – rebelled against his “father” and causes trouble, again like Pinocchio. I just hope that in this retelling of the classic Loki is the Blue Fairy and Ultron has to rescue Stark from the belly of the Hulk.

Speaking of Hulk, the Hulkbuster suit is fantastic. I love that it’s like an outer shell for the original Iron Man suit.

Hulkbuster suit for Iron Man in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'.

I would say the only way to improve the trailer would be moar shirtless Chris Hemsworth. Srsly.

  1. Voiced marvelously by James Spader, but he does everything wonderfully and we should just give all of the roles in the world to him. Even the female ones. Especially the female ones. 

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  • I love, love, love the Avengers films. Both The Avengers (most of all, because of the heavy hand of Joss Whedon) and it’s satellites. I’m sure this film will be fantastic, too, and nothing says lovin’ like shirtless Chris Hemsworth — still, what struck me about this trailer was how very Transformers it is. I’m not especially well-versed in Ultron, I know my basics, but I was a bit sad to see them just fall back on such a cheap grab at ticket sales when they already have a winning formula.

    But trailers can be deceiving (Jennifer’s Body comes to mind), marketing sometimes takes a dump in the trailer for a perfectly good film, but either way I’m excited for it. If Chris Evans could just walk away a bit slower, that would be awesome. :P

  • I so love the Avengers. Reminds me of South Africa because i watched it on repeat on the flight there! Along with Iron Man 2! Best 12 hour flight ever. And i second the more cChris Hemsworth shirtless…. just i general.. more!!


  • I haven’t watched the trailer yet, but it sounds awesome. The parallels between Ultron/Pinocchio sound interesting, including the song.

  • This is so not my genre of movies. But who knows, it could be interesting if I took time to understand what it’s about. I mainly see thriller/drama/horror or things like that. Some fantasy if they’re good (LOTR for example).

  • A bit like Frankenstein too, maybe? Because it looks scary. But might be a good movie to watch. I can’t go to the cinema, but I can wait for the DVD to rent or buy.

    And Marvel was funny!


  • I really enjoyed the first Avengers movie and I loved (almost) all of the other Marvel movies that have come out so I am excited for Avengers 2! I hadn’t realized that the trailer had come out already but it looks so good! I’m excited to see what they will do with the Pinocchio comparison – I really like that!