I would be miffed that the Hunger Games franchise seems to be going the way of nearly every YA movie adaptation since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with their final installment split into two, but I just really love that there will be two movies. The wait for the final film is uncool, but there will be twice the content! I think the third and last book needed two movies. It broaches a lot of the meatier subject matter that lies at the heart of the series but is skimmed over in the first two books because of their focus on Katniss and Peeta. In the third book there’s a pull back and we see the effect of their actions in and out of the Games, and I think that deserves plenty of screen time. Also the book itself was very rushed in the end. It was a matter of pages between the final and dramatic culmination and the wrap up of everyone’s lives. It’s no obnoxious train scene1 but I did feel a bit gypped. Here’s hoping the movies expand the ending to offer a bit more explanation and closure.

Anyways, let’s watch the trailer.

Aww yiss, that’s dark. Also Donald Sutherland has gone totes crazy-eyes and it’s fabulous. You can see in just a glimpse that President Snow is feeling the uprising. Also Katniss and Gale shoot down planes with their fancy new incendiary arrows. Andrew is all into archery and stuff so I can probably get him to see this movie with me on that point alone. It worked for The Avengers.

Are you excited for The Mockingjay Lives?

  1. Sorry to throw shade at HP, but there is such a thing as too tidy. 

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  • Liz

    While I’m so excited for this movie, I’m not looking forward to its end. :( Sometimes I wish book and movie series could continue on, because I grow so attached to the story. :(

    • Ugh, I so know these feels. I hate when book series end. Sometimes it almost makes me not want to start a new series. My urge to read and enter whole new worlds always wins out, but it’s a double-edged sword because of the endings!