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I am Marco, I am a fanatic beer taster and frequent visitor to all the best pubs in the Marche.

Being able to sip a draft beer while watching your favorite Netflix series sprawled on the sofa at home is definitely everyone’s dream.

Even better is being able to invite your friends and enjoy the pleasure of a beautiful blonde in company knowing that you are not making any concessions on quality and that you are savoring it as if you were in a pub.

To satisfy this dream it is not enough to buy simple cans at the supermarket.

We need the best beer tap from home.

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Any true connoisseur knows the difference between the taste of a beer sipped from a bottle and the respective draft version.

Although for obvious reasons of money and space it is not possible to have pub-tapping systems at home, it is possible to get very close to professional results.

Regarding the draft beer you have to take into account two things that are considered valid by many:

  • in the stem there is less space for the air than the bottles, so the risk of oxidation is much less.
  • many breweries keep the barrels cool before selling them, it is not the case instead of the bottles, giving the beer that freshness that many are looking for when drinking.

Is draft beer stronger than bottled beer?

The answer is no, the reason why sometimes you feel a slight headache when drinking on tap is that inside of this nitrogen is present, a lighter than air gas, this means that it enters the bloodstream more easily and salt to our brain first, giving us a slight feeling of dizziness.

However, this does not mean at all that draft beer is harmful to our health.

Why buy a tap?

The home tap allows you to have the same quality in the home as you would expect from a pub (in some cases even higher …).

Through the peeling it is possible to dispense the beer by means of a strong flow of carbon dioxide which pushes the alcoholic liquid through the so-called « spine », hence the name.

A correct tapping results in a proper foam cap depending on the type of beer, for example high and abundant in the German one, balanced in the Belgian one, very fine in the Irish one.

How to tap beer?

A perfect beer should be tapped by tilting the glass under the tap and letting the beer come down slowly and without interruption, until the foam comes out of the rim.

The glass should never come into direct contact with the dispenser spout.

🇬🇧 The English they open the faucet just before tilting the glass. In this way it is possible to avoid the creation of the foam.

🇩🇪 I German instead they love to draw a small amount of beer first and then wait for the foam to reduce, then re-spark again.

🇳🇱 The Dutch they simply leave the beer tilted and allow the foam to form naturally, removing the superfluous one with a spatula.

Best beer dispenser from Casa 2019, reviews

1. Krups VB6505 The Sub, beautiful and minimal

🥇 5 Best Spallers From Home 2019 (Incredible Beers)

Great design
Convenient for small situations between friends

🥇 5 Best Spallers From Home 2019 (Incredible Beers)

It makes a lot of foam at the beginning of the stem

This tap is one of the best and among the most prestigious ones currently available on the market. Developed in collaboration with Heineken and conceived by a great design expert like Mark Newson.

The appearance of this dispenser is inimitable and elegant, perfect for those who want to have a product at home that is first and foremost a feast for the eyes and not out of place in a hi-tech home environment.

Equipped with low power consumption and high performance, it is an ideal option for those who want to always have tapped beer available without having to pay their electricity bills.

Rechargeable through 2-liter drums, the following refills are available: Heineken, Birra Moretti Baffo d’Oro, Affligem, Pelforth, Desperados, Tiger, Wieckse Witte, Brand Up, Brand Weizen, Amstel Radler, Sol and Cruzcampo.

Each refill guarantees 15 days of freshness from the opening of the stem.

The temperature is assured at 2 degrees centigrade constant.

Just load the Tor into the Sub and let the beer reach the ideal degree of cooling before you can serve it freely.

The fact that you use small 2-liter drums-refills allows you to always have a fresh beer minimizing waste and making it excellent even for small dinners with friends, the problem often with these taps is that they should preferably be used in contexts where a large beer consumption since the barrel cannot be kept gassed over and over once opened and has a range of days to be consumed.

The beer is dispensed at 2 degrees, therefore at a temperature lower than that of the refrigerator at home. This ensures a greater sense of fulfillment when drinking.

It is advisable to keep the barrels in the fridge before using them in order to have a cold beer immediately when you decide to tap it.

2. Philips HD3620 / 25 quality and savings

🥇 5 Best Spallers From Home 2019 (Incredible Beers)

Great design
Display full of features
Large selection of beers available
Capacity of 6 liters

🥇 5 Best Spallers From Home 2019 (Incredible Beers)

Not very easy to find drums

The Philips HD3620 is another great product for those who want to embark on the world of home stapling.

The durability of the stems in this case is assured for 30 days, in fact they are 3 times larger than the Sub with 6 liters per refill.

This huge capacity makes it more recommended for large parties and contexts in which there are many people.

The stripping system that guarantees is very satisfying and fast even if sometimes it may not be easy to trace the useful drums for recharging.

The appliance is very solid and has a display to check the quantity of beer left inside the drum.

The soft and elegant design makes it perfect also as a furnishing object, blending aesthetically into any home.

The quantity and above all the quality of the proposed beers is really interesting.

You need only to rest the stem inside and wait for the time necessary for the temperature of the liquid to reach 3 degrees, so you are warned by a green LED and you can immediately start pouring.

3. Krups VB700800, the best of the best

🥇 5 Best Spallers From Home 2019 (Incredible Beers)

Great design
Higher power
30 days of freshness of the stem
5 liter barrels
Display full of features

🥇 5 Best Spallers From Home 2019 (Incredible Beers)

A little high price

The Krups VB700800 is a fantastic tap for those who have really high tasting needs and don’t want to pay attention to costs.

The high price, however, is justified by the great quality of the materials and by a technology that allows the preservation of the drums for a good 30 days without losing freshness.

Assembled entirely in thermoplastic, in an incredibly modern and dynamic design, perfect for being in the center of your living-room.

It uses 5 liter drums, which makes it perfect for big parties with friends but also for everyday home-made drinks. The only problem will in fact be to resist taking a sip of beer every time when it is held in front of him all the time in the kitchen.

Not recommended for those who prefer to stay sober most of the time …

It is advisable to tilt the glass each time as the master brewers recommend to get the right level of foam.

The display indicator also allows us to verify live the right degree of cooling of our beer and to be able to deliver it always at the desired temperature, which in this case is not fixed but adjustable, allowing to adapt the needs of the specific type of beer that we’re going to load.

The aroma of beer is guaranteed unchanged for a month, without losing freshness and flavor.

The capacity is 5 liters and the drums are the most common ones available on the market, even in some supermarkets of big cities. The barrel loading and unloading process is simple and fast, it does not require any previous experience to load our favorite beer and start drinking immediately.

Inside the packaging in which it is sold are available all the accessories needed to immediately connect the keg of beer to our dispenser, making additional costs unnecessary.

The tray allows the beer to drip comfortably once it is poured, and to lay more glasses at the same time.

4. Koenig BW1880, best price quality

🥇 5 Best Spallers From Home 2019 (Incredible Beers)

Good value for money
Simple design

🥇 5 Best Spallers From Home 2019 (Incredible Beers)

Design perhaps too anonymous for those who love to amaze
To remove the cover of the drums you need to equip yourself with a screwdriver

A nice tap for those who don’t want to spend too much and have the luxury of beer at home or at the pub.

The main feature of this dispenser is that it allows the assembly of the classic supermarket drums, in fact it is compatible with the 5 liter universal drums.

The cooling system is integrated and the temperature is adjustable from 12 to 2 degrees, while in other models like the Philips this is fixed at 3 degrees. Another point in favor of Koenig.

However, we must remember to add water to the tank where the drum is placed, in this way it facilitates and speeds up the cooling.

Just let it cool for example for a night and the next day it will be at 5 degrees, ready to be tapped and drunk.

The beer comes out very clear and cold, at the right temperature for a « causal » tasting with one’s friends.

Equipped with a LED screen on which to read all the information on storing and tapping the beer, it is equipped with a removable droplet drawer which is very convenient when it comes to cleaning.

The design is interesting, it looks like an elegant coffee machine, even if it is more anonymous than the others.

It is possible to adjust the level of CO2 delivered, we recommend doing many experiments before discovering the ideal balance to your palate, in fact some prefer a beer with more carbon dioxide, while others with less.

It will be a pleasure to carry out these experiments as the end result is always pleasant and welcome.

Perfection cannot be expected from this product as if it were a real Irish pub, but at such a low price it would be too much to ask.

Furthermore, supermarket drums are not pressurized, whereas pub barrels are normally pressurized.

The trick is not to open the whole valve, because it does not need to saturate the drum with CO2.

Overall it’s a good product at a good price, but certainly not at the level of high-end competitors.

5. Bar @ drinkstuff, the economic alternative

🥇 5 Best Spallers From Home 2019 (Incredible Beers)

Nice and effective design
Economical solution for parties and bars

🥇 5 Best Spallers From Home 2019 (Incredible Beers)

The closing cap is not perfectly hermetic
Economic dispenser that does not « pin », does not add CO2 but only serves frozen beer

For those who want to spend very little and have a nice product to keep beer cool and amaze their friends, the @ drinkstuff bar is certainly the best solution.

Ideal effect design for the holidays, it’s a feast for the eyes, it looks like a vintage blender.

Obviously it does not allow to mount kegs or loads of beer, but simply the liquid is loaded inside the container and is cooled through a removable cooling chamber in the center, where the ice must be previously loaded.

Containment capacity of 3 liters, produced in plastic but very solid.

A friend of mine also uses it in his own bar, he bought 5 of them and serves beer at some tables taking advantage of the scenic effect.

It is obviously an economic alternative more suited to party contexts than to the actual tasting by connoisseurs, in fact the beer is not tapped by carbon dioxide but simply kept fresh and dispensed at the right time.

6. Klarstein Hopfenthal

No products found.

🥇 5 Best Spallers From Home 2019 (Incredible Beers)

Futuristic design

🥇 5 Best Spallers From Home 2019 (Incredible Beers)

A bit noisy
The clamp to open the stems is a bit delicate and tends to break

Equipped with the PerfectDraft system without the use of carbon dioxide, it keeps the beer refrigerated at a constant temperature of 3 degrees Celsius and allows you to tap any 5 liter common beer barrel.

Aesthetically beautiful and refined, little noisy and consumes only 72W.

It takes about 5 hours to cool a stem from room temperature, a little less than competitors, some need as much as 12 hours to bring the beer to the desired degrees.

The barrel of beer must be opened and inserted into the pin which allows it to be kept constantly under pressure.

Beer maintains an acceptable quality for a week before it is no longer drinkable.

In the package there is everything necessary to connect the drum to the tap, internal tubes, pressure fitting, washing tube.

The instructions in Italian are unfortunately not present, we must be satisfied with those in English or German.

Here’s how to use it:

  • First you need to uncork the drum on the upper side, so you need to remove the protective gasket with the aid of a screwdriver or pliers, then you have to place the gasket supplied with the Klarstein Hopfenthal, and connect the barrel of draft to the dispensing unit, then insert the draft tube connected to the tapping unit.
  • Then it is necessary to lock the tapping system and insert everything in the dispenser connecting it to the base of the lid. Finally you can close the lid and wait for the temperature to reach 3 degrees.
  • It is then necessary to decide the preferred pressure using the appropriate pressure knob and finally you can pour and enjoy the beer.

The downside is that it is a somewhat noisy product and the quality of tapping is not on a par with more prestigious competitors like the Philips.

All in all, however, it can go for those who are satisfied with normal results and do not want to spend capital.

How to choose the best dispenser

There are some basic features to consider when venturing into a tap.

First of all, it is essential that beer can be tapped using the right level of carbon dioxide.

To get the right degree of sparkling and beer taste.

  • Cooling and storage
    While the wine can be safely drunk at room temperature and even lends itself in some cases to be consumed hot (let’s think of the vin brûlé), the beer does not make any lukewarm sense. Indeed, it loses all its refreshing power and any taste characteristic.
    This is the reason why a cooling system is essential that always keeps the liquid temperature around 3-7 degrees.
    Some staplers then manage to keep the beer fresh and fragrant for up to 30 days, avoiding waste if the stem is not finished immediately. In fact, not everyone happens to always have a house full of thirsty friends whenever they feel like opening a new trunk.
  • Handle
    The handle of the dispenser is another fundamental aspect for correctly pouring the beer and obtaining the desired degree of foam. It is important to have an economic and manageable one that makes the verse immediate and simple.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning
    In order to guarantee the operation and long life of our appliance, it is essential to use some maintenance products that must be used instead of kegs to carry out some cleaning cycles, at least twice a year.

In conclusion

In these years the consumption of beer in Italy has multiplied, if before we were a country of fanatic producers and consumers of wine we now become every day more and more passing drinkers and careful connoisseurs of blondes.

The market of made in Italy craft beer is increasingly vast and receives great consideration abroad.

Drinking beer is an irreplaceable pleasure, and we must also remember that it is generally appreciated even by those who do not appreciate too much other heavy spirits. This makes it in pole position as a favorite drink in revelers where you have to meet the tastes of more people who don’t know each other in advance.

I happened several times to make a great impression at home by showing off my Krups VB6505, in fact this type of device is not widespread at the moment in Italy and always leaves guests pleasantly surprised that they will begin to bombard with questions and ask where to buy one for your own home.

It doesn’t often happen that a product shown to my friends has such a success, but it had to be foreseen given that the spillers for beers are automatic synonyms of convivial and festive environments. Just look at them on the table as soon as you enter a room to associate them directly with the classic pub atmosphere, you join a dart board and you will have a corner of England in your living room.

The only real problem with these objects is that, I assure you, they lead to a massive dependence, it is in fact almost impossible to avoid a sip every night as soon as you come back from work, you will be automatically go near the dispenser, hold a nice clean glass and pour the your dose of blonde to spoil you a little.

The secret of every self-respecting hedonist is to know how to pamper himself in his vices without forgetting quality.

I hope this guide to the best home beer taps has been helpful and that you can find the best one for your next needs and become the king of garden parties during next summer.

Greetings from Marco and the next one!


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