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You will agree with me when I say:

Making Christmas gifts is the most stressful activity of the year.

Disclaimer: this is not the usual boring list of Christmas gifts to give to your girlfriend, we will treat you with original, cool, useful and interesting gifts, to make a great impression and be remembered forever.

If you think about all the family reunions, binges, and breaks from work, the Christmas holidays can really lead you to nervous exhaustion!
To the numerous gifts for relatives, trying to satisfy everyone’s desires,
it adds up to the stress of having to think about what gift to give to your girlfriend.

Original gift ideas for the fiancée, the definitive guide

Bright unicorn slippers

You know, there is nothing fashionable in this 2017 like unicorns, these fabulous characters of the fantasy have been the protagonists of the current year. Many stars, VIPs and influencers have gone around sporting unicorns in the most diverse shapes and sizes. There is nothing cooler than giving your girlfriend these unicorn slippers, for those who want to stand out from the crowd and make a truly surprising and ironic gift.

Philippe Ferrandis bracelet

To continue our list of original Christmas gifts, we have a beautiful colorful gold bracelet from the Parisian Philippe Ferrandis jewelry company, which combines the touch of eccentricity typical of Christmas with the value and classicism of gold.

Daniel Wellington elegant watch

A beautiful and extremely elegant Daniel Wellington watch, for women who love a classic style.

Gripoix Paris bracelet

Gripoix Paris Women's Bracelet Gold Plated Green Glass ...

Gripoix Paris Women’s Bracelet Gold Plated Green Glass …

  • Based in Paris, not far from the small teams of artisans of the original atelier, gripoix produce each unique piece using the Augustine gripoix technique developed in 1869 called « xe2te de verre or glass paste.
  • honored a rich heritage of a glass craft atelier, costume jewelers gripoix Paris develop a game of contrasts. From geometric shapes, oval mirror with industrial to organic irregularity of hand-cast glass cabochons, each piece reflects the sober elegance of the Maison.

The Gripoix Paris bracelet, for girls who prefer minimal style without leaving luxury and exclusivity at home.

Reisenthel cosmetic bag

This year too, therefore, you must be asking yourself « What gift to my girlfriend for Christmas »?

It is important to look good.

Even if you are among those who do not give Christmas presents to all their family and friends, it is difficult not to be a prey to feelings of guilt and finally give up buying a gift at least to the people you love most and close to you.

After all, giving gifts makes us feel good, watch the face of another person light up for a gift that we have chosen so carefully is one of the most rewarding emotions that can be had in life.

Shopping during the Christmas holidays, however, leads us to forget the actual pleasure of giving gifts. The packed shopping centers, the impossibility of finding parking, the Christmas songs resounded ad infinitum like ubiquitous catchphrases, endless rows of people, bad weather, screaming children, this is what happens especially if we are reduced to buying gifts at the last minute.

The good news is that there is no reason to have to deal with these Christmas dramas in 2017. Online shopping is finally much easier and more fun, with competitive prices, delivery directly to home, and a selection of products and offers not even imaginable until a few years ago.

If this sounds like an interesting alternative you can sleep peacefully now knowing that there is me, Mimmo from Pro e Contro, to provide you with assistance and psychological and spiritual support to identify the best gift to give to your partner this year.

That you are looking for a Christmas gift for your girlfriend, your wife, your mother, your sister, or even a simple friend, this list is the right place to find an interesting option and make a great impression next Christmas.

This from the Reisenthel is a really ingenious and well-designed handbag-beauty, down to the smallest details. Is fantastic. She has lots of zips, separators, and rooms, my friends are crazy about them. They were the ones who advised me.
You can keep all the necessities of the separate make-up inside without creating confusion.
When opened it can remain open vertically and can be hung. In my opinion this is the most interesting part of the product.
The materials are excellent, and the beautiful colors make it a perfect gift to give to your girlfriend.

What are Christmas gifts?

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Christmas gifts are a tradition that goes back many years: nowadays it has become normal administration to give objects to your friends and relatives, or to your fiancée, as a testimony of affection and to celebrate the Christmas holidays. The birth of baby Jesus.

The exchange of gifts is an old habit dating back to the modern Christian tradition: for the early Christians, Christmas day was not significant, it was not a sacred day. The tradition of the exchange of gifts must therefore be traced immediately after the birth of Christ and in particular to the gifts that the Magi brought according to the Bible to the cave for the birth of the Lord: gold, incense and myrrh.

Thanks to the modern Christian tradition in the European states during the Middle Ages they began to give small children small gifts so that they associated these to the birth of Jesus, considering it a moment of joy for the whole family.

The birth of the culture of the gift therefore originates in the religious tradition, although over the centuries it has become increasingly consumeristic, losing the meaning linked to the ancient tradition of the old Christian practitioners.

It was precisely the first settlers in America who secularized the culture of gift and gift, making it become detached from the religious characteristics deriving from Christian religious culture. Thus it was that, from a Coca Cola testimonial, the figure of Santa Claus was born, St. Nicholas, also known as Santa Claus.
It then became common to give gifts to children during the Christmas holidays.
And over time these became foreign to a family custom, and even giving a gift to their girlfriend became a standardized habit.

Why do we still do Christmas gifts today? The reasons today are two: one is that of the religious tradition that despite everything is still perpetuated, the second is that linked to the increasingly rampant consumer culture. The gift represents a thought, a gift that one person makes to the other, according to the human culture of a joy linked to a reciprocal exchange between individuals.

Look for something original, think about what it is can do last year, what you can do in the future, he thinks what to give for Christmas and when and where to buy the ideal gift for every woman.

How do you find a nice gift?

Thinking of a nice gift for your loved one can be difficult, it is not always easy to buy something that will satisfy the tastes of our better half, so how can we do it?

What rules to follow to really make sure you always get the best result?

Well, it’s easy, when you find yourself dealing with a woman the first thing to take into consideration is that girls are above all susceptible to emotions, they are creatures that react to emotional and sentimental inputs.

It is therefore fundamental to have in mind one of the fundamental aspects of the search for a gift: the emotion. Ideas and thoughts are communicated through emotions.

What is more beautiful than transmitting our love through something that will materialize directly in the hands of our girlfriend? This is why gifts like the ones presented in this list will without a shadow of a doubt satisfy the most intimate and particular needs of any girl.

Here’s what a friend of mine told me when I asked her what I could give to my girlfriend last Christmas, I paste her mail.

Why don’t you give her a pair of earrings or a bracelet? From Swarovski they have so many nice things and you don’t go to spend so much.
My boyfriend gave me expensive bags but it was already a year and it was the gift for the first Anniversary, the same for the second one, given to me for Christmas the following year and in any case we are even bigger.
Make it a thing thought more than expensive, that we women like the fact that you have thought about what we can give you and you are committed to it.

As you can see, women are very happy to see that we are really committed to them, it is not essential to spend a lot of money, the important thing is to show that behind the gift there has been a search, some time spent, some attention. So what are you waiting for?

The world of Christmas gifts is truly fascinating, including the reindeer of Santa Claus, the elves, toy laboratories at the North Pole, whether you are looking for the best low-priced, original, or whatever gift, the important thing is always acquire the skills of professional gift-makers by leveling and increasing their skills every year. It is not surprising that faster and more capable giftmakers will be able to become OPs and take control of this world.

Between one gift and another it is good not to forget to hydrate, fundamental and of undoubted importance. Only by developing athletic abilities that are superior to the norm will you rush to the shopping center and anticipate other buyers always positioning yourself on the highest steps of the podium.

It is amazing what you can do with a lot of training and a complete view of reality.

In conclusion

Making Christmas gifts to people we love is truly a possibility of unrepeatable personal fulfillment and joy. Especially if we have the opportunity, as in this case, to show our love and affection to our girlfriend or wife.

The possibilities are many, and sometimes you literally risk going crazy if there is no guide to help and shed light on a vast and unlimited range of products dedicated to women.

While for men the gift possibilities are more confined to DIY and individual items, fashion fashion, jewelry, make-up, kitchen accessories, etc. etc., the female world has really no limits.

If you want to make your girlfriend happy for Christmas, I suggest you choose a gift from this highly original list, I’m sure you will make your woman happy and you will surprise her like never before.

Happy wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Merry Christmas.

To the next guide!


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