πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Ears Caps (for Sleeping Very Well) –

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Ears Caps (for Sleeping Very Well) –

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The first time I used i earplugs anti-noise, I seriously thought I had reached the nirvana

I have no words to thank the inventor of these little ones soft irreplaceable allies of laziness and idleness: earplugs for noise reduction.

Below is a definitive guide for identifying the perfect caps

I was at university and I shared a house with four wild beasts with little desire to study and a lot of attitude to the casino and to thenoise pollution unmotivated.

And you know, to live happy is essential to sleep well.

Unfortunately, the penniless outposts often have to settle for makeshift lodgings converted to houses, into old buildings of historical centers of cities of art, lacking therefore in sophisticated building arrangements.

And it also happens that the walls between the chambers are thin plasterboard panels.

From my bed I could in fact talk to the neighbor without needing even to open the door. Any noise from the house seemed to resonate a few meters from me, it was like living in a surreal tale by Dino Buzzati.

Imagine what this meant for an only child inhabited in the bliss of a very quiet room in the quiet provincial house of their parents …

The beginning of a great adventure

Hearing to complain for the umpteenth morning in a row, my pragmatic classmate replied: « Fann casino? Embee! Accatat ‘and earplugs« .

I imagined up to that moment that ear plugs were a very invasive object and good only for those who play the drums or work on construction sites.

In addition I was afraid that they could get me allergies, or worse still get stuck in the ear canal forcing me to ridiculous rides to the emergency room … πŸ™‚

So it was that I took courage and went to a pharmacy to buy my first pair of ear plugs to sleep. Without imagining that from that moment on they would become mine best friends for life.

In fact, I began to use them not only in bed, but also to study, read, use the computer, it was the best thing that had ever happened to me.

There quality of my sleep incredibly increased.

I had found the final solution.

Before I slept severely with continuous sudden awakenings – literally it was as if I lived in a city under the danger of night bombings – I started to sleep 8-9 hours straight.

I felt like the little Buddha. Finally rested.

If you want there is a link to a guide for work caps on this site.

My life together with earplugs

Similarly the quality of my concentration level increased and attention.

Even studying became much easier.

The first pair I bought were the very common 3m stoppers, the yellow ones that are found everywhere, but it was impossible to wear for more than 8 hours straight without feeling any discomfort in the ears.

I started testing other brands, then the internet came and gave me a way to become a real one expert in the field.

I discovered that there were a lot more models comfortable and much more effective.

I could finally experiment with the absolute silence of which John Cage speaks.

I have a very low level of attention and the earplugs anti-noise really do miracles to help me with concentration.

In the meantime, alas, I have never again enjoyed the quiet of my father’s house.

These fantastic sponge friends were then really very important to avoid troublesome neighbors, dogs that are too lively, engaged in snoring, couples engaged in very loud sexual marathons, bars and clubs suddenly opened just below the house, children with the afternoon vice of karaoke, construction works, public street events.

Best earplugs for noise reduction:

In this guide I will help you choose the best ear plugs for your lazy needs.

There are three fundamental criteria for choosing earplugs:

  • isolation from external noise
  • comfort
  • reusability

We need a couple of caps that stay in our ears in an excellent way, ideally we should not even realize their presence in order to sleep peacefully without disturbance.

At the same time, however, they must isolate as much sound as possible, or be very dense with material.
At higher density, however, sometimes it corresponds to greater thickness, and to greater thickness, less comfort.

The issue of noise isolation is relative.

  • We can search for a in isolation complete 30SNR>, for total peace, the silence of little buddhas I mentioned above.
  • Or you can opt for lighter insulation <29SNR, to hear the sounds that interest us during the night, if needed. We think of those who live with small children or elderly people in need of assistance.

The coefficient we will have to pay attention to when choosing our caps is the SNR. The higher the SNR number, the more there is sound isolation, very simple. Ideally between 30 and 34 SNR is the ideal number for strong insulation. Insulation under 20 SNR is not enough.

  • Another factor to consider is the reusability of our caps. We wouldn’t want to use a new pair every night, would we?

Let’s start from the base: the 3M

These are the great classic, the caps you will find in the pharmacy, the most famous, with a protection coefficient of 29 SNR.
They are honest plugs, easy to apply and comfortable to hold up, but the insulation coefficient leaves something to be desired.

The Calmor of Artsana. Natural but not insulating

Thanks to the fact of being in wax, a completely natural material, ultimately they are really the most comfortable to wear, you will seem to have nothing inside your ear.

But the level of isolation is far less, we are between 23 and 28 SNR.

I’m recommended for those who do not have a particularly light sleep or who should be available for some reason during the night. That is, if they call you during the night while you are on these caps, you will wake up.

The application is peculiar, because unlike the other caps, the seek ones must be modeled between the fingertips and inserted into the ear canal, in which they will naturally adapt.

The Hearos, comfortable and time-proof (Best Choice)

Here is the RE of caps: Hearos. My favorite brand, the one I still use thanks to convincing compromise between comfort and sound insulation.

They are in fact surprisingly comfortable despite the level of protection they provide: well 32 SNR! Very close to the maximum level of protection. But I can assure you that they are the most comfortable at this high grade of SNR.

Unfortunately they are not very famous in Italy, in fact you will not find them in stores, but you can buy them on Amazon Italy, which makes them arrive directly from its branch in the United Kingdom.

I Moldex. With these, nuclear bombs won’t wake you either

This is the model for those who have a really light sleep, I used them in a very stressful time when I had nerves on the skin and suffered from an incredible insomnia. When I finally managed to fall asleep the slightest stimulus was enough to wake me up.

These caps saved me.

I recommend them to those who need extreme protection.
They are slightly less comfortable than Hearos and recommended for those with a longer ear canal. But they guarantee a well protection 36SNR which I assure you is really a lot, you will hear practically nothing. Only the beat of your heart. However you will sleep like mummies!

Caps for musicians and listeners of loud music

Ear plugs are also useful for concerts with decidedly too high sound levels, to avoid having to lose your hearing before time.

Many indeed believe that ears they are indestructible objects, in reality they are extremely delicate apparatuses containing an inner structure that once they have been damaged can no longer be reconstructed.

Not even the best ENT in the world in the best American clinic will give you back your ability to listen to certain frequencies, the loss of hearing is in fact irreversible.

Difference between caps for sleeping and caps for musicians

So no matter how beautiful the music you are listening to, or how drunk you are, if you start feeling annoyed or ringing in the ears or if for some reason you are too close to a concert box, do yourself a great pleasure and wear a pair of caps.

The Alpine stoppers are the ones I recommend for those dealing with loud music, absolutely the best, in fact there is a difference between earplugs for sleeping and those for musicians.

  • THE sleeping caps deadens the frequencies in an uncontrolled way, what does it mean?


They are not made to listen, they are made to sleep and not to be disturbed, if you try to listen to the stereo while wearing them you will hear everything muffled and horrible. This is because they are very soft medium and high frequencies, which are those that most disturb sleep.

  • THE caps for musicians seek instead of filter the sound evenly and simply lower the amount of decibel that enters your ear canal, preserving its musicality and homogeneity. So leaving you the opportunity to enjoy music and distinguish sounds.

Your passion for music will thank you in the coming years when you preserve a clean listening over the entire acoustic spectrum.

In conclusion

But remember: none of these earplugs can do wonders, that of absolute silence was a hyperbole, an exaggeration. πŸ™‚

Although there are very effective models that can block very high decibel levels, do not stop very low frequency noises and sounds.

For example, the sub woofers of a reggae system in Jamaica will still penetrate the acoustic protection and will be noticeable in a certain way.

But trust me, even though I never slept on the beach during a party in Jamaica, I went very close … and I can assure you that the best models have been able to preserve my sleep.

I hope you find this guide helpful, it is not easy to find the right product for your needs the first time you start searching and you are very inexperienced, but with a little patience and someone like me who can advise you on based on his experience, everything becomes easier and more automatic.

Greetings boys and girls, and good sleep!

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