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I’m marco

Do you want to buy a 3D printer at the lowest price without sacrificing quality?

First and foremost, we need to pay a lot of attention because in the last few months these machines are booming and we are witnessing an uncontrolled release of copy products from China, given that these are very delicate devices that in certain cases can cause a serious risk to the customer. the safety of those who use them is good to obtain supplies from trusted and certified dealers.

In this article we will examine the best 3D economic printers of 2019.

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What are 3D printers for?

As you well know, 3D printers allow you to print many objects in the comfort of your own home, whether these prototypes or projects downloaded from the Internet, conveniently and with full control.

For example, many people use them to independently produce accessories, small spare parts for objects, cases, figurines, and so on.

More and more projects are available on the Internet ready to be printed.

What materials do 3D printers use?

There are two main types of filaments to make our prints, and these must be purchased separately.

There are those PLA and those ABS, the former are derived from corn starch and therefore biodegradable, while the latter (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) are produced starting from oil and when heated emit fumes potentially harmful to health.

However, these latter are sometimes preferred because of their better resistance to mechanical stresses.

How to choose a 3D printer?

Only a decade ago, a 3D printer would have cost a few tens of thousands of euros, I’m not kidding, it was a technology in development and only a few industries could afford it, but things have changed and nowadays good printers are found under 500 euros. It’s incredible.

Of course, the lower the price, the greater the limitations. The substantial difference can be seen, however, in the details, with the naked eye an object produced by an economic machine and one made by an expensive counterpart may seem very similar, if not identical, but to a careful study, above all going to see the finishes and the parts in where the printer stops to start up again, the small burrs on the cheap printer will be much more obvious.

In this video the difference is explained very well, there is a direct comparison between the printing of the same object by two machines of a totally opposite price range:

As it is well explained in the video above, it all depends on how you intend to use it, if you want to create precious objects to resell in which the smallest detail is fundamental and everything must be aesthetically perfect even for a lens test For enlargement, then it is better to opt for an expensive printer.

Otherwise, if you want a high-performance machine that realizes everyday objects or in any case in the case that the tiny details are not of fundamental importance in the final product, the economic version will be fine, you will save a lot of money and you will have results amazing.

With a little patience and file work, the final product will be incredibly similar to the one made by emblazoned and very expensive machines, I assure you.

Best affordable 3D printer 2019 which to buy

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1. Anycubic i3 Mega 3D Printer, the printer I use at home


3D printer ANYCUBIC I3 Mega large print format 210 x 210 ...

3D printer ANYCUBIC I3 Mega large print format 210 x 210 …

  • 【Resume printing】 you can resume printing from the point where it was interrupted due to the accidental lack of power
  • 【Quick mounting in 3 steps】 When you first start up, simply install 8 screws and connect 3 wires, then start printing on the 3.5 inch TFT touch screen
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– Easy to assemble and use
– Excellent print quality
– Perfect to start

5 The 5 Best Economical 3D Printers (Guide 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

Here is the printer I currently use at home for my various experiments. I tell you right away that I love to print action figures and accessories of various kinds, even if not too demanding, last was a support for the Nintendo Switch.

The assembly of this gem will take you at most an hour, it is not difficult to assemble compared to other far more advanced models and the most important and complex parts such as the extruder and the base arrive already pre-assembled in the kit, a real comfort .

It is extremely easy to follow the manual, which is English but on the internet you can easily find the Italian language in pdf.

Equipped with a very comfortable and understandable touch display, in the kit you will find all the tools you need to be able to start off in a big way, including a spatula and various hexagonal keys for assembly.

Obviously, as often happens, you will also find a discrete filament reel attached to print immediately.

It is also possible to carry out personal experiments in addition to the classic projects taken from the internet.

Remember to convert your projects to STL and process them in Cura, the program designed to create files ready for printing.

As always it is necessary to do more tests with different filaments, switch between PLA, ABS and PETG to understand which one can do for us.

This printer does not disappoint, very precise even if an intermediate resolution type is used, the scraps are very few and barely visible.

It is also possible to embark on medium-large prints without too many problems, I printed a beautiful medieval castle for my son last week without any problem.

Certainly a real gem Anycubic 3D i3 Megafor those who want to start and embark on this crazy world from the main door without compromising.

Promoted with full marks.

2. ANYCUBIC Kossel Plus 3D printer, self-leveling

5 The 5 Best Economical 3D Printers (Guide 2019) "class =" wp-image-3767

– Perfect for personal projects
– Highly customizable

5 The 5 Best Economical 3D Printers (Guide 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

– Mounting screws too long

Another excellent printer currently on the market is this Kossel Plus from Anycubic, an interesting product not to be missed.

The assembly requires a couple of hours, nothing to worry about then, certainly not the fastest printer to assemble but not even the most difficult.

I am sure that even the novices will be able to comfortably juggle and in fact they will find it very amusing to assemble this Kossel Plus. It is also possible to use the online video of the manufacturer present on youtube, and you will save many worries.

Just a few light calibration cycles of the Z axis of the floor are all that the printer program will do automatically and the printer will fly on the run and be ready to carry out our work, whether they are projects pulled down from the internet or concocted new from our diabolical minds.

It is also possible to add TMC drivers to slightly silence the engines, what makes me die of these printers (in a positive sense!) Is that they are very customizable and with a little ingenuity and inventiveness it is possible to adapt them to our tastes and our needs.

Perhaps a counter to write down are the screws that are slightly too long, sometimes that can be a bit tricky during assembly, but nothing to worry about.

The print is of high quality to be part of the list of economic 3d printers, it will not disappoint anyone. This ANYCUBIC Kossel Plus is a real gem, an excellent alternative for those who want to approach this world or is already at the second or third printer, to detect a model that is already old-fashioned. (it makes me smile to talk about the « seniority » of these machines given the very young age of this technology, but we must now learn to come to terms with a world that changes at breathtaking speed and in these fields we renew ourselves very quickly.)

3. Geeetech Prusa I3 Pro B – Excellent economic printing

5 The 5 Best Economical 3D Printers (Guide 2019) "class =" wp-image-3767

– Excellent assistance
– High possibility of customization and to use materials other than PLA and ABS
– Easy assembly
– Little need for finishing

5 The 5 Best Economical 3D Printers (Guide 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

– Axle screws are not always straight

The quality of the invoice materials is excellent, it is equipped with a pdf file to manage the assembly and online video support phases. However, it is better to refer directly to these because they are much clearer to explain all the phases of setting up the machine step by step.

For the correct assembly and calibration of the Geeetech Prusa I3 Pro B it will take some free time, the most difficult part to assemble is, as always, the base, which may reserve some headaches for users less accustomed to manual work.

The results, however, are extremely satisfying and justify the assembly a little longer than usual.

The yield of the objects is indeed impressive, nothing to envy to much more expensive machines.

Unfortunately the times are very long but this is the price to pay when buying cheap printers.

It is not a plug and play tool from instant use, you need to have a minimum of familiarity with editing.

The seller on request sends the instructions translated into Italian, and these are constantly updated. The kit is full of screws and spare parts in surplus, in order to tolerate therefore also several assembly errors and several attempts.

Various techniques exist therefore to make the plastic adhere well to the glass, for example it is possible to use the cold plate with the super classic glue stick.

There is the convenient option to print directly from memory card without having to keep the PC turned on, a solution that will be useful to many, maybe to all those who do not like to keep the PC on for so many hours as those that require 3D printing .

Even at the first attempts you will get excellent results, and with a little patience you will become even better.

It is a great buy for those who want to try their hand at this world without having to pay capital.

4. Flashforge creator pro, a PROFESSIONAL monster

FlashForge 10745 3D Printer Creator Pro Dual Printer ...

FlashForge 10745 3D Printer Creator Pro Dual Printer …

  • Screen assembly and LED button use the unique module, isolation design and SD card slot on the back to perfectly avoid print interruption
  • 6.5mm hot resistant alloy printing platform with flat surface, even heat, never deform; metal support provides constant printing and is easier to adjust
5 The 5 Best Economical 3D Printers (Guide 2019) "class =" wp-image-3767

– One of the best 3D printers on the market
– Suitable for both professional prototypes and personal use
– Closed work box
– Silent and fast

5 The 5 Best Economical 3D Printers (Guide 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

– The high price

What about this printer? It is in everything and for everything a professional model, monstrous.

Probably for some it should not come right into the list of the best economic printers, but we can only take note of its quality and excellent value for money and then write a review that explains the reason for our choice.

But let’s proceed with order.

It is an excellent printer, closed type, unlike the others, this is fundamental for the ABS printing, which is notoriously the most problematic despite the great advantages that it brings with it.

It is necessary in fact for this type of printing to proceed in the best way, to ensure a constant and regular temperature throughout the creation process, to avoid the detachment of the production piece from the platform.
For the abs use the extrusion temperature is 235 ° and that of the plate is 100 °, the extrusion speed is 40mm / s and the displacement speed is 70mm / s and I keep the fan always off.

There are various tricks and techniques to allow a correct adhesion of the piece to the plate, many recommend vinyl-based packages or lacquered glass plates.
We personally think that the best solution is to autonomously cut a piece of glass of the precise dimensions of the work surface, so that it can then be easily detached to allow the ventilation and cooling of our printer.

Then proceed with the printing of another piece, and attach the supplied blue mat.

It is an excellent printer which unfortunately certainly does not lack defects, there were some design design flaws, for example with regards to the positioning of the Tunisian filaments too close to the production structure. Nothing that cannot be cured with a little ingenuity and perhaps the printing of some suitable piece.

The communities of 3D printing enthusiasts are becoming increasingly popular and allow us to confront those like us who are suffering from this new technology and want to help others to take the first steps or even better to solve the problems that arise every day in this delicate science of home printing.

The printer covers itself with the usual transparent cover equipped with special notches on the back to allow the passage of power cables for extruders and filaments.

I will not lie to you saying that it is a perfect printer, it requires a bit of personal customization and optimization, but once it has been installed it will certainly give you great satisfaction.

Print quality justifies its high price compared to competitors, the details will be perfect and there will be practically no need for filing and finishing. Work that some like because it makes the product object feel more « personal », and how to blame him.
We as 3D enthusiasts, we are also lovers of modeling the material and therefore of sculptures and tea-making. In short, we like to use our hands, and being able to work on the object fresh from our printer is a pleasure that we would never want to deny.

All in all one of the best printers currently on the market.

3d printers currently not available

Anycubic Delta Rostock, the best printer to start

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– Fast and easy to assemble for beginners
– Allows you to print taller objects than other printers
– Very silent
– Great community support
– Excellent assistance

5 The 5 Best Economical 3D Printers (Guide 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

– Assembly instructions are in English
– Speed ​​of realization a little low

Let’s start with the Anycubic, a very economical printer because it is sold in a kit to be assembled, as if it were an Ikea furniture 🙂

But don’t worry because the assembly will be extremely simple and fun, it will also help you better understand how the various parts of a 3D printer work, since this is such a new technology, not everyone knows exactly how it works, and what are the many mechanical parts that are the protagonists in the generation of our artifacts.

Even the most inexperienced users find it easy to mount and calibrate the Anycubic, being this designed for an entry level consumer group.

The precision is amazing, obviously once the printing is done we must be careful to finish off the smudges, but this also happens using very expensive professional machines, we are indeed far from a technology that allows to have finished products without any human intervention.
Often there are parts to glue or finish if you want to get more complex objects.

During assembly you may need a tester to measure the advantage of the motors and then adjust them through potentiometers, and in the case of also adjusting the screws, but with a bit of dexterity and ingenuity in a couple of hours you will have the our beautiful 3d printer ready to use.

On the website of the manufacturer and on youtube there are also videos to help in the correct assembly of the printer, from the opening of the box to the first printing.

In the box there are several filaments to start printing right away, a manual in English but full of illustrations will guide you step by step.

We certainly recommend this printer for those who are approaching the world of 3D printing for the first time, both for the very low cost and for all the support material that can be easily found on the net, allowing everyone to use it. effective from day one, without any kind of frustration.

Anycubic Upgraded Prusa i3

5 The 5 Best Economical 3D Printers (Guide 2019) "class =" wp-image-3767

– The printing plate is heated and ultra basic
– LCD panel
– SD card reader

5 The 5 Best Economical 3D Printers (Guide 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

– Slightly slower than top of the line machines
– Not very widespread compared to its younger sister Delta Rostock, less community support

The Anycubic is renowned for its precise, kind and always available assistance, receiving continuous applause on forums and online community of enthusiasts.

This is an excellent printer considering the value for money, obviously we are on another planet compared to the previous one, a much higher cost, but a proportionally larger quality. Especially if we consider the speed of realization as a fundamental parameter in choosing our first printer.

Some users plan to print one or two items a month for fun or when the need arises. Instead, there are other people who use the 3D printer on a daily basis, and therefore need much faster times to make as many prototypes as possible in the narrowest time frame.

The assembly of the Prusa i3 machine is a bit challenging, but fortunately the instructions are detailed and very clear. Unfortunately in English, so who does not chew this language will probably find it easier to refer directly to the numerous videos present online.

It is sold with a PLA filament to carry out our first tests.
It is fundamental for a correct success right from the start that there is a leveling of the printing plan, with following calibration of the extrusion height with respect to the plane, these two parameters have a great influence on the success of the prints.

Before making each print, it is advisable to carefully check the 3D design, in many cases in fact inaccuracies in the design phase will inevitably have repercussions in a poor final result and one might think that something was wrong during the assembly.

To avoid this, rely on sites recognized for downloading printing projects.

It is a good compromise between quality and price, in case you don’t want to buy the cheapest and you want to enter the world of 3D printing from the main door to live it immediately as protagonists.


5 The 5 Best Economical 3D Printers (Guide 2019) "class =" wp-image-3767

– Easy to assemble
– Huge work area size

5 The 5 Best Economical 3D Printers (Guide 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

– Difficult adjustment

The only reason why the Hictop 24V is cheap is that it is a machine sold in kit form to be assembled, if it had been ready for use we would have had to pay a lot more because the results are amazing.

It takes about 5 hours to be correctly mounted, calibrated and ready for the first print. Greater patience in assembly is reflected in better use performances.

The colored PLA is also included with the kit. The printer in question is extremely precise, surprising for a product of this range.

Noise is its downside, in fact it is not very recommended if you intend to print at night while you sleep in the same room, in which case it is better to start designing a soundproof box right away.

The positive side is undoubtedly the vast possibility of customization offered by the Hictop in spite of other brands, it allows you to adjust any parameter and the possibilities of « modding » are really several.

Pros and Cons of 3D Printing

The main limitation of 3D printing is undoubtedly time, which can be a great obstacle for those who make timeliness their strong point.
For many businesses, relying on an external press agency still remains the best option to keep time, in fact only the most expensive printers, from several tens of thousands of euro, can face complex prints in a short time.

Many 3D prints also provide for the overlapping of layers, which makes it difficult to verify the internal quality of an object, which could for example present serious anomalies between one layer and another. This is not a problem if the object in question is destined to ourselves, perhaps to make a fine show on a shelf, but let’s try to imagine a more commercial and serious use and then a sea of ​​doubts and perplexities arise.

3D printing is undoubtedly fascinating and futuristic but unfortunately still far from perfect, thanks to the entry into the market every day of increasingly low-cost devices we can certainly see a bright future for fans of this technique that has something of magic, alchemistic, and for this it fascinates us and fascinates a lot.

We must also not forget the problem of copyright infringement. With the possibility in fact to access boundless databases of objects to be printed multiply the chances of encountering copyright violations that we remember can be very serious and cause very serious legal consequences. We always recommend that you check the properties of the holder of the design rights that we are going to create, and if we intend to make a final use other than the domestic one, we must be careful not to violate any registered trademark or intellectual property.

In conclusion

The world of 3D printing is extremely fascinating, with endless contradictions and possibilities. The world we dreamed of as children in which matter takes the shape we want from a simple PC project seems to finally come true.

Our three-dimensional fantasies will no longer be tied to AUTOCAD or to other graphics programs, we will finally see what we want in our eyes in three dimensions.

For the moment the times are long and the materials available are not many, but we are sure that in time science-fiction scenarios will unfold before us, and frankly we can’t wait to see them come true.

I hope to have been helpful in your research, to the next … and GOOD PRESS!

Marco from Pro Contro

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