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Hi, I’m Tony

You will agree with me about one thing:

There is nothing more important than the health of your children.

Aerosol is undoubtedly one of the most widely used objects because it is tested and effective.

Not everyone, however, actually knows how to use it correctly and what is the best device to buy to guarantee maximum quality. Watch this video to get a first idea on the working principle.

When we talk about physical well-being, we certainly can’t pass up and we must ensure an effective and precise product.

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How to make aerosol? How to use?

Aerosol is certainly one of the most famous and suggestive treatments that affect our imagination during childhood. Who of us was not fascinated by this « strange machine in which we breathe »?

Even those who have not followed long treatment cycles with this device will surely be familiar with its form and its use.

But many wonder: how does the aerosol actually work?

The aerosol to be really effective must be used well, without being considered as a magical contraption capable of solving every type of respiratory ailment with its simple application to our face.

It is obvious that this type of therapy is perfect not only for children but also for adults who want to solve their breathing problems.

The aerosol allows us to inhale as accurately and effectively as possible carefully selected medicines that will intervene on the airways. It is excellent for oily or dry cough, sinusitis but also much more serious diseases such as bronchitis or pneumonia.

To use the aerosol you must clearly choose the most suitable drug for our needs and then mix it in the necessary doses indicated by our doctor, then obviously you have to inhale the solution until the last drop, to make sure of its effectiveness.

The elements that make up the aerosol are the mask, the ampoule and the air diffuser. Together they provide relief to the nose, mouth and lungs.

Let’s look together how these parts interact synergistically with each other.

The mask is usually placed carefully at the nose and mouth, and serves to convey the drug to the airway.

Inside the ampoule instead, made of glass or plastic depending on the value of the device, the desired drug is inserted which will hopefully be responsible for our care.

The compressor serves instead to emit the air necessary to make the drug rise from the ampoule directly to our nose and to our mouth, inhaled by means of the mask.

The best 2019 aerosol, Reviews, Opinions, Prices

Air Liquide Nebula – Best in Absolute

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Aerosols to Breathe Well? (2019)

– Lightweight and small
– Compatible with all types of drugs
– Fast
– Equipped with a pediatric mask
– Integrated nasal wash

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Aerosols to Breathe Well? (2019)

– Slightly noisy

Nebula is perhaps the best aerosol currently on the market.

The value for money is impressive and the reviews on amazon are wasted, in fact many users are happy with this choice.

The mode in which it operates is a compact piston, which guarantees immediate and fast usability at a significantly lower price compared to an equal ultrasonic model.

Nebula is the right aerosol device if you want to buy something that can be used both by the little ones and by the adults of your family, inside the box once discarded you will find a perfect and ergonomic pediatric mask for the face of the little ones.

The flagship of the Nebula is the possibility of having included in the price a device that allows the nasal washing of newborns. This is useful for rhinitis or other respiratory treatments. No doubt a real plus.

The price is quite competitive and puts it one step ahead of the others.

Perhaps a bit noisy compared to ultrasonic models, if you are very sensitive to noise it is better to bet directly on other products.

Laica MD6026 – Best Ultrasound Aerosol


Laica MD6026 Portable Ultrasound Aerosol for Adults and Children ...

Laica MD6026 Portable Ultrasound Aerosol for Adults and Children …

  • Effective for tracheitis, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and allergies; furthermore it can immediately alleviate disorders caused by colds and allergic irritations and attenuate the cough stimulus
  • Easy to use, extremely fast and silent, it is suitable for adults and children thanks to the 2 different masks supplied
πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Aerosols to Breathe Well? (2019)

– The best ultrasonic aerosol
– Quick and effective
– Very quiet

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Aerosols to Breathe Well? (2019)

– Given its ultrasound technology it is not compatible with every drug on the market

The best alternative to ultrasound is certainly this MD6026 from Laica.

Ideal for use by adults and children, most likely the best ultrasonic aerosol present on the market right now.

Fast and 100% effective, very easy to disassemble and wash, it certainly makes it one of the most hygienic models of this guide.

In the kit there are two different masks with different sizes.

Unlike the Nebula infrasound technology makes it extremely silent, perfect for those who are easily disturbed by severe sounds. Very handy and light, it does not present any obstacle of use even to novice users.

If you are new to the world of aerosol and want to start in style, this is definitely the recommended product.

Air Liquide Bimboneb – Best for Kids, with pistons

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Aerosols to Breathe Well? (2019)

– The best for children
– Fast and effective
– Robust
– Silent

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Aerosols to Breathe Well? (2019)

– It is not equipped with a mask for adults

If the aerosol is to be used mainly by children, there is no doubt or reserve, you have to buy Bimboneb, which as defined by the name is designed and designed specifically for a very young user.

Bimboneb engineers have created a pediatric product with children in mind, to allow easy and enjoyable use, without however saving on materials, which are of the highest quality and very robust to the touch.

Inside the device there is also Rinowash, the extension necessary to perform the nasal wash whenever you want, without forgetting Perfecta, ideal for treating low respiratory tract.

A product suitable for those who have several small children in their family and want to buy a dedicated aerosol for them, it is convenient above all because in this way by separating the utilities and reserving to the smallest a device dedicated to them one can maintain a further level of hygiene and always guarantee the maximum effectiveness of inhalations.

Laica NE2003 – The Best Selling


Laica NE2003 Piston Aerosol, White

Laica NE2003 Piston Aerosol, White

  • Suitable for the treatment of pulmonary disorders, tracheitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, allergies and colds. The piston operation allows ultra-fast and very fine nebulization with most drugs, even oily ones such as cortisone, essential oils, suspensions
  • Extremely fast and silent it is suitable for adults and children thanks to the 2 different masks supplied
πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Aerosols to Breathe Well? (2019)

– The best selling aerosol
– Great price

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Aerosols to Breathe Well? (2019)

– A little noisy

One of the best and best-selling aerosols on the market is the Laica NE2003, and certainly could not be missed in this comprehensive list.

Laica is the market leader for all those small appliances dedicated to personal care. Obviously being the aerosol one of the leading products of this sector could not be overlooked by a company so noble and this time does not disappoint us with a fantastic model with a futuristic design. Without exaggerating, however, with the price.

In case you need aerosol therapy in the family, Laica is the product to focus on to meet the needs of the whole family. It is in fact equipped with a large mask for adults and a smaller one for children.

OMRON A3 Complete – For All Respiratory Needs

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Aerosols to Breathe Well? (2019)

– Adjustable nebulizer
– Light and compact
– Integrated nasal wash
– Silent

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Aerosols to Breathe Well? (2019)

The Omron is a very special product that amazed us here in the newsroom when we found ourselves having to test it, it is one of the few indeed capable of treating high and low respiratory tracts at the same time.

It makes it possible to adjust the particle size of the drug to be nebulized, while at the same time treating the entire respiratory system to 100%.

It is very small in size, but this does not make it less functional than the other models, it is simply a small jewel of technique, designed for optimal transport.

Light and practical.

Beurer IH 50 – The best for travel

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Aerosols to Breathe Well? (2019)

– The best for travelers

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Aerosols to Breathe Well? (2019)

– A little delicate

Here is finally on our list a product that certainly could not miss, we find ourselves writing the review of the best travel aerosol, for those who do not like bulky products and are always on the move. Also ideal for all those who do not always have a support surface on which to use a table aerosol.

The Beurer IH 50 is small and handy.

Extremely light with battery power or optionally with current, a fundamental object for those who need aerosol therapy sessions in any situation or time of day. There are in fact people who are very around and cannot wait to return home to use their own aerosol machine, because they have special therapies that involve various inhalation sessions during the day.

Think for example of those who work and are never at home. Just find a couple of minutes free to make your aerosol session fast and safe.

Also great for children given its non-slip silicone coating that allows a correct and safe ergonomic grip even in the hands of the little ones.

Equipped with a pediatric mask, an accessory that could not fail in a complete product like this Beurer IH 50.

If you’re often on the go and need « on the flyΒ Β» aerosol sessions, this is a device you can’t miss in your arsenal of personal care products. Promoted with full marks.

How to breathe when doing aerosol?

Good question! The type of breathing to perform when using the aerosol is undoubtedly related to the type of pathology you are suffering from. So in the case of bronchitis or pneumonia it is best to breathe deeply with the mouth slightly ajar, to be able to inhale the drug precisely through your oral cavity.

If we suffer instead otitis, rhinitis or sinusitis it is certainly advisable to breathe with the nose to allow the drug to circulate inside the nasal septum and then to the ears.

How do you clean the aerosol?

It is very easy to clean the aerosol once used, in fact it is enough to rinse it thoroughly with warm water after every single use for reasons above all hygienic, or if it is even better to sterilize it each time with disinfectant solutions.

Absolutely avoid instead of boiling it, since it is composed of many plastic elements that could be deformed or even broken, and then it would be very difficult when not impossible to reassemble all the components together, which in the meantime would no longer fit together.

How is the aerosol mounted?

It’s very easy, you just need to connect the mask directly to the ampoule, which in turn will be connected to the compressor by means of a small plastic tube, which will act as a link and allow direct air passage.

Clearly it will then be necessary to connect the entire device to the current in the home and you will be ready for therapy.

How to make aerosol?

Before each use for hygienic reasons it is always good to wash your hands with extreme care and then proceed with the preparation of the medicine pouring it carefully into the ampoule mixed with the physiological solution necessary for the aerosol.

The two elements must be dosed between them according to the medical prescription.
For example, colds and coughs can be performed with an aerosol composed of 5 drops of Clenil plus two ml of physiological solution.

Alternatively it is possible to dissolve phlegm and mucus with mucolytics.

Depending on the patient’s needs and age, these measurements obviously change, so you are not referring to this recipe as definitive but always ask your doctor to make sure you have absolutely safe and effective therapy.

You never rely on the information you read on the internet when it comes to taking care, especially if it is a small child, the pediatrician or family doctor will surely indicate the most suitable dosage. I recommend it.

The physiological solution and the drug should always be poured together in the ampoule, which as we said then connects directly to the mask and to the compressor that will be in charge of pushing the air to breathe.

Inhalation should be continued until all the solution in the ampoule is finished.

Sometimes it is difficult to convince young children to stand still and breathe correctly the time necessary for the end of this practice, so it is advisable to explain to their babies in advance the absolute usefulness of this system and all the advantages it can bring to their health.

Once the aerosol is finished it is good practice to wash the face to eliminate traces of the medicine that may have been placed on the face. Furthermore, after each use it is correct to wash the components one by one as explained above.

How to make aerosol for babies and children?

Babies and small children have great difficulty in eliminating all the excess mucus present in their stroke, so we need our help, since this excessive accumulation can then result in fat cough and other very serious diseases to the respiratory system.

We certainly wouldn’t want to risk our children’s health, would we? This is the reason why every day there is a need to clean the nose using the aerosol.

The aerosol in newborn babies is carried out only by means of the physiological solution, since their body is not yet ready to dispose of any medicines. As for the number of times per day when administering this therapy, contact your doctor.

It is essential to avoid self-therapy, NEVER add drugs to the physiological solution when the health of small children is at stake, and always refer to the advice of the doctor, do not do your own thing, it can be extremely dangerous.

It is very difficult at times to spray children with aerosol, as these tend to move and escape, without completing the therapy, making it in this way ineffective. To be able to correctly perform aerosol for the little ones it is advisable to hold these in your arms and keep the face firmly with the help of an elastic band, to entertain the infant’s attention, it is advisable to offer him a play on the table next to the aerosol.

How to choose the aerosol?

There are practically two main types of aerosols on the market:
The pneumatic one, which works through an air flow that starts from the compressor. This technology is noisier and takes longer to administer the full dose.

The ultrasound aerosol instead is much simpler and faster, it works thanks to silent sound waves is not noisy and allows a much faster delivery than the pneumatic counterpart, certainly recommended when it comes to choosing a device that will last over time and will always guarantee optimal results.

Another important differentiation for the aerosol is the type of use that it is intended to dedicate, in fact there are table or portable models.

The table version is suitable for those who want a predominantly domestic use of the object, it requires a stable and robust surface, since we are talking about a rather bulky device. The price of this type of aerosol is normally lower than the portable version.

The portable aerosol can also be used on the road and without the need for tables on which to rest it, in fact it can be used while holding it comfortably in your hand. It can be powered either by batteries or by current, the operation is the same and the price is a little more consistent, but nothing that makes it prohibitive, in fact we can recommend this version in any case.

If you are looking for an aerosol suitable for the little ones, make sure you are in front of a machine equipped with a pediatric mask, both for ergonomic and hygienic reasons.

It cannot be forgotten how important the product design is, in fact bright or pastel colors, perhaps with some nice cartoon drawings, will make the use of the device by younger people much more pleasant, distracting them and allowing a dispensing complete.

When to replace your old aerosol

Sometimes it happens to be already in possession of an old aerosol and it is natural to wonder if it is convenient to actually replace it or continue to use it for a few more years.

Not everyone knows the rules of good maintenance to extend the life of our aerosol and allow optimal performance of this even after years of continuous use.

First of all, make sure the air filter is always in excellent condition, otherwise it is better to replace it immediately. The air filter should be kept clean so that the aerosol continues to function optimally from the first to the last day of life.

It is also essential that the device is always clean so as to guarantee ideal hygiene to be used without problems by several people, to ensure that there is no transmission of viruses or bacteria between members of the same family.

To do this, it is necessary to remove all the dust and place the aerosol in a container that does not allow it to accumulate.

A very important thing to keep in mind is that despite all the precautions or precautions, a normal aerosol machine guarantees a life cycle of around five years.

Even if apparently it continues to function as the first day it is better to go beyond this date to replace it in order not to face bad surprises.

It is difficult, in fact, as simple users to recognize whether the machine is actually still running at 100% or if there are leaks or malfunctions that can even compromise the use of this machine.

In conclusion

When dealing with human health it is better not to pay attention to costs, an investment made today will be able to bring in a great deal in terms of well-being in the years to come.

It has happened to me sometimes to think of saving, and being happy in the immediate affair, and then regret it bitterly a few months later.

It ‘a lesson I learned over the years, do not look for savings at all costs because not always one euro less today will be one more euro in the future, I happened to rethink my choices of the past and realize that it would be it was better to spend those twenty euros more and not have to regret them in the future.

I hope that these tips and this guide have been useful to help you make a choice as conscious as possible, I also invite you to consult other pages of Pro Contro to let you know all the news regarding the most innovative products on the market.

Until next time.



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