πŸ₯‡ 7 Best Silk Epil Effective (2019 Guide) –

πŸ₯‡ 7 Best Silk Epil Effective (2019 Guide) –

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I'm Antonella.

Silk epil is a beautiful invention! You can understand this very well from this video.

For years I have been looking for an epilator that would do for me, as long as I asked a dear beautician to advise me about the best silk epil on the market at the moment.

Follow me in this guide to discover with me all the secrets of electric epilators and its correct use.

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The guide to the best silk epil

Depilating can be really complicated, there are various options to choose from.

The first example is certainly the traditional razor, but this causes small cuts on the legs that in the long run are very annoying πŸ€•

Waxing is a method that gives great results, but we know how painful and above all expensive, we also have to wait every time for the complete regrowth of hair to be able to intervene 😫

The electric razor cuts hair without removing it completely, and therefore forces the process to be repeated every three to four days giorni

The real final solution is Silk Epil. Without a doubt.

The epilators are usually made of plastic, but the construction material of the tweezers changes and the general strength of the materials they are made of.

If you plan to make frequent use of the epilator, make sure that the materials are of the highest quality, so as to guarantee a long life and resistance.

The ergonomics of the device itself is also important, that is, how it is held in the hand, how comfortable it is, let us not forget that epilation is an action carried out mainly by our hands, which must be able to move smoothly on the skin without problems created by a bad design of the product.

If you have a sensitive skin or subject to allergies, it is good to opt directly for a model of epilator that mounts a head with ceramic tweezers.

Silk epil is undoubtedly the most popular and effective system for removing hair on the legs.

It saves us a great deal of time and money that we would otherwise spend in numerous and tedious sessions by the beautician, allowing us a self-care treatment of our body, but the final effect if you follow the basic rules of hair removal will be very similar when not even better.

The silk epil works by means of numerous tweezers mounted on its head, which through a rotary movement allow the complete removal of the hairs starting from the root itself.

It is very effective even on the shorter ones invisible to the naked eye.
The result is semi-permanent and does not need to be repeated for at least three weeks.

The 7 Best Silk Epil 2019 reviews

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1. Braun 9-961 – What I use

Braun Silk-Γ©pil 9 Epilator SkinSpa 9-961e Epilation System ...
Braun Silk-Γ©pil 9 Epilator SkinSpa 9-961e Epilation System …

  • An excellent 4-in-1 hair removal and exfoliation system: faster and more precise hair removal *, grazing head for sensitive areas, 2 different exfoliating body brushes for a radiant and elevated skin; * compared to other Braun epilators
  • Epilator with a 40% wider epilation head removes more hair in a single pass *, even the shorter hairs that the wax cannot capture, for a smooth skin up to 4 weeks
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– 4 in 1 system
– Smartlight light

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Probably the best epilator on the market. This Braun 9-961 surprised me from many points of view from the first moment I had it in my hands.

The speed and precision with which it acts are considerable, it is possible to remove the hairs up to 0.5 mm, you have read correctly, half a millimeter, you know how small a millimeter is? Try to imagine half now.

The head is 40% larger than the other models to cover a larger space at each step.

The Wet & Dry function allows safe use underwater or in the shower, greatly facilitating the removal of hair, not everyone knows that proceeding with epilation directly into the water favors a painless and faster action.

The pulsed vibration also makes the work of the Braun 9-961 much more delicate.

But the ace up the sleeve of this model is without a doubt the 4 in 1 epilation and exfoliation system, well yes, at Braun they managed to invent this futuristic technology.

Epilation takes place in a much more precise way, since the head is quite large, another one is added to the skin to cover the most sensitive parts, while two other elements pass exfoliating the skin with over three thousand microvibrations per minute.

In the kit there are also accessories for exfoliation: there is an ideal blue brush to be able to remove the dead cells present on our skin and to reduce ingrown hair, this is designed to be much more effective than manual treatment, there is then it is the malfa brush that serves to exfoliate the smallest and most delicate areas.

The head is flexible and very oscillating, to adapt even to the parts of the body that are less easy to reach, then there is the SmartLight light that allows us to notice even the hair invisible to the naked eye in order to remove it. Virtually nothing is left to chance.

The Braun 9-961 is usable wirelessly for 40 minutes of autonomy, the recharge instead lasts an hour. Not bad for such a powerful product.

It is totally washable in water, up to its smallest interstices and is recommended by dermatologists who indicate its exfoliated properties and the very delicate action of the massaging rollers. Certainly a champion in his category.

2. Braun 5780 – great price good quality

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– 40 Close-Grip tweezers

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– It's not Wet & Dry
– Bound to the power cable

Perhaps the second best silk epil epilator, certainly not the top of the top but it has many functions similar to 9-961 but at a significantly lower price, which makes it an excellent compromise for price.

Recommended for those who want the best without spending a fortune.

Use SmartLight to be able to immediately identify the most minute and thin hairs, the oscillating head therefore perfectly follows the contours of the body without the slightest error, giving a very pleasant massage that significantly reduces the pain normally associated with hair removal.

At Braun they have really thought of everything, but then what could you expect from a company that has been a leader in the industry for so many years?

The tweezers he uses are 40 embellished by the Close-Grip technology that facilitates the removal of shorter hair and ensures an extension of the effect up to four weeks, a month of smooth skin.

Thanks to a special mountable head, you can easily make this appliance an electric razor in its own right. Great for those who want a multi-purpose device at a single cost.

This model works easily with a power cord.

There are as many as 7 accessories available, including a coolant glove which, as explained in the guide, can be replaced by an ice cube to cool the area of ​​the skin affected by epilation as well as possible and in this way to minimize pain by acting practice as an anesthetic.

Thanks to this accessory it will be possible to do hair removal even on the most delicate parts of our body, for example we think of groin or armpits.

3. Rowenta EP1030, perfect for women travelers

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– The price
– Massaging spheres

πŸ₯‡ 7 Best Silk Epil Effective (Guide 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

– It does not have the Wet & Dry function

For those who are often traveling, the Rowenta EP1030 is an excellent alternative, it is perfect to be used on the move.

It has 24 Y-shaped tweezers to be able to remove the hair from the root directly without the need to abuse the skin.

But it works only connected to the electric socket, which for some could be a deterrent, but let's face it 100% of the time the epilator will be used at home, certainly not on a beach, you will not want to show others an operation as much intimate, so this aspect could easily be neglected, since each house is obviously equipped with a power socket.

Use the Ultra Precision head which has two rotation speeds for greater choice during shaving.

This has as many as 24 massaging spheres that will take care of your skin while the epilation process will take place, it is clear that in this way it will be much less painful, practically like taking a walk, I assure you.

This Rowenta product amazes because it is cheap and very little noisy, for those interested in the box with which it is sold there is also a very comfortable spatula specifically designed for cleaning the product.

4. Philips HP6550 / 01

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– Delicate tweezers
– Mini epilator

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– Works on batteries

But also Philips is the master in the field of hair removal, and presents this competitive HP6550 / 01 on the market, a great model to consider for those who prefer the other side of the bell.

There is indeed a diatribe among consumers, there are those who prefer Braun and those who have always been loyal to Philips, to be honest there are not very great differences between the two brands, it is simply a different approach to epilation, but the final results are often similar.

But let's analyze the pros and cons of the Philips HP6550 in detail.

It has a fairly large epilating head, to facilitate a fast type of epilation. Moreover, this is completely waterproof, making it immediately usable while bathing, an excellent idea for those who always try to make this process as painless as possible.

The tweezers are designed to capture very short hair and do not damage the skin.

The kit includes a very comfortable mini epilator that serves to depilate the most sensitive and difficult to face areas without any skin irritation.

Tweezers are twenty and made of metal, the mini epilator mounts instead 12.

The device works on batteries, and could be a deterrent to some.

5. Braun Silk-Γ‰pil 9-561, affordable price

πŸ₯‡ 7 Best Silk Epil Effective (Guide 2019) "class =" wp-image-3767

– Wet & Dry function
– Wireless

πŸ₯‡ 7 Best Silk Epil Effective (Guide 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

Here is a product for those in search of a great product at a low price, in fact not everyone wants to have the best of the best at home, but simply content themselves with a device that does its job without too many frills, something minimal and efficient to use when needed and store in the bathroom cabinet without thinking too much.

The Silk-Γ‰pil 9-561 is equipped with Wet & Dry, which makes it perfect during the shower or bath, it can also remove very short hairs up to five times shorter than those removable with other methods.

Use forty tweezers that are equipped with Close-Grip technology, a great innovative system to remove all unwanted hair to the root.

It works without an electric cable, only a short recharge of an hour is required to have over 40 minutes of autonomy. Really comfortable.

The sold kit also includes 8 different accessories, there is a grazing head to cut shorter hairs, the adjuster cap is essential for those who want to be particularly precise, we know some of us are actually real precision maniacs. Finally, you cannot miss the precious finisher to dedicate yourself to the bikini area, which can sometimes be very difficult to deal with.

This accessory is in fact very precise and allows complete replacement of the waxing if you carefully follow the instructions for use, with a little time you will become decidedly expert and over time you can remove all other alternative hair removal practices.

The trimmer can be used as if you were holding a pen, yes, it has a rounded end that protects the skin from scratches and irritation.

It is much safer than waxing in ensuring total protection of our skin, a great product for those who do not want to lighten their wallets but have a great quality. Highly recommended.

How to use silk epil for perfect hair removal?

The term epilation means the removal of the hair and the hair bulb that houses it. Hair regrowth is thus forced to slow down. The dead cells will in fact have to be able to make the hair grow, to generate the bulb from the beginning.

If you have a very sensitive skin it is best to consult a dermatologist before using electrical appliances or DIY home systems.

In fact all those who suffer from skin diseases such as folliculitis and eczema would be better to avoid epilators and razors altogether.

To have a smooth skin it would be better to grow hair a few millimeters before removal.

Obviously the silk epil is a very easy to use device, but if you want the best results to avoid the risk of developing ingrown hairs at all, you need to follow simple rules that I will now explain to you.

As a first step it is essential to exfoliate the base of the area you want to depilate, so as to eliminate any existing ingrown hairs and prepare the skin for the job that will make the silk epil.

A pumice stone that can be purchased in the most supplied perfumeries or haberdashery is necessary, it is very cheap and excellent for many uses at home.

The stone must be rubbed on the surface on which it is desired to intervene in order to defeat the dead cells and make the skin homogeneous.

With the total removal of dead cells the hairs have a greater chance of free growth, this measure practically reduces to zero the possibility that ingrown hairs grow.

There are also very comfortable exfoliating brushes on the market that can be used the day before the epilation.

If you have a Silk Epil that can be used during a shower or in any case under water, there is no need to exfoliate previously.

The legs should be immersed in hot water for 5 minutes, so the hair will naturally tend to lift, simplifying the removal procedure.

In the case you are one of those women afraid of the possibility of feeling pain, even if now the new devices are designed to avoid the possibility of getting hurt as much as possible, in case you decide to shave dry it is better to pass an ice cube on the skin, in this way you will feel less pain, because the feeling of cold acts as a simple anesthetic.

Remember though: before passing the Silk Epil it dries the water left by the melting of the ice cube.

The action of the silk epil must always be against the hair, and it is better to proceed for small areas, in this way the discomfort is limited.

Whether or not any ingrown hairs are born also depends on how Silk Epil is challenged and how effective epilation is performed.

For a perfect depilation from the ankles you will ascend towards the upper part of the leg. Repeat the Silk Epil several times until all hair is removed.

In case the skin appears reddened immediately after the work of the epilator it is good to apply a crack from the body or oil, so that it appears smoother.

It is good to avoid greasing the skin with alcohol before or after epilation, some implement this practice, but it is strongly discouraged by dermatologists.

The pumice stone and Silk Epil tend to blush and dry the legs a little, to avoid this effect you can spread a bit of aloe vera oil and leave it to rest for at least 10 minutes, immediately afterwards rinse with warm water.
In this way an emollient action will be obtained.

How to choose the best epilator?

It is not easy to disentangle in the complicated world of epilators, there is a careful selection to be made before identifying the best silk epil for your needs.

One wonders if you actually need to buy a product with all the features and functions, or be satisfied with a lower-end model that does its job anyway.

First of all, we must consider that all the products proposed in my guide are of excellent workmanship and quality and will provide satisfactory results in the worst cases.

Among the most important features for a razor or an epilator is Wet & Dry, which makes the appliance totally waterproof, so that it can be used even underwater without any problems or fear. This way you can save a lot of time and make the process much less painful.

If you read my guide on how to use an epilator, you will find that the models that can be used while showering or bathing are much more immediate and faster and will require fewer additional precautions to start with the actual epilation.

In addition, with the Wet & Dry system it is possible to wash the appliance directly under a running water source, thus making the product more hygienic.

Another interesting function is the wireless, that is the possibility to use our Silk Epil without having to connect it obligatorily to the electric socket, recharge times tend to be very short so there will be no waiting before switching to epilation .

The massaging rollers also intervene to reduce any pain that might be felt, in fact their action directly stimulates the follicles of the skin and the fencing from the tearing effect that could partially damage the most sensitive skins.

Some models and brands offer then included in the packaging of cooling gloves to refresh the skin, which would be nothing else than the task that the ice cube carries out in the guide I wrote on how to use silk epil.

The flexible head also greatly increases the accuracy of the device, allowing it to follow the lines of the body, for a much easier and faster depilation.

The amount of tweezers placed on the silk epil head sometimes goes to make the price fluctuate, in fact the greater the number of these, the higher the price will be.
Usually the quantity of these is between 20 and 40.

The more tweezers are present on the head, the more precise the hair removal will be.
Some types of tweezers have a built-in LED light that allows you to identify and remove even the shortest and thinest hair normally invisible to the naked eye, a very good idea, there is nothing to say.

Other models are also equipped with the so-called "double action", that is a head with integrated blade to be able to depilate and shave at the same time.
A way to speed up the process of caring for our skin.

In conclusion

I have been using silk epil for several years, and I can assure you that my hair on my legs now grows back much weaker and every time it seems to me that they come away more easily and less and less pain, the first few times have been the most difficult but now practically not even I notice it when I use it.

On the groin it tends to hurt a little, but in this case you can use the accessory with less tweezers, in this part of the body probably waxing tends to be slightly more practical and faster.

All in all though I am happy to use it and if I go back I would buy the Braun 9-961 directly, as I did the first time.

Greetings from Antonella!


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