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I’m Tony.

Did you know that it is illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving in a car?

It is an attitude considered highly dangerous for oneself and for others and for this reason it is very punished by the highway code.

If caught in flagrante delicto also the law provides for the loss of 5 points from driving license or in the most serious cases of his suspension up to three months.

But finally there is a solution! πŸ‘ Check out this video.

To be able to answer the phone while holding the steering wheel with your hands here comes the best bluetooth hands-free car kit.

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The guide to hands-free bluetooth kits

Everyone happened to receive a call while driving, I’m sure.

Until recently, the only alternative was to use a kit of earphones to connect to the smartphone, but certainly it was not a very comfortable alternative and in any case required precious time and a temporary loss of attention from the guide.

With the speakerphone this problem does not arise because you can answer the phone without taking your eyes off the road for even a second, it will be like talking to one of the passengers with us in the car, nothing could be easier.

How to install a bluetooth hands-free car system?

Let’s go then to see together how do you mount a hands-free Bluetooth kit in your car in the most effective way, without wasting too much time, on your own, and without having to necessarily refer to a third party, since the set-up of a system this is very easy.

First of all, check that the mobile phone in question supports 100% bluetooth, it is a very easy operation to carry out since if we talk about Android or Iphone for the last 7-8 years the support is native and complete, just scroll down the drop-down menu inside our phone and make sure that the word Bluetooth appears with the classic double-sided logo facing vertically. Otherwise it is useless to buy a bluetooth kit, you simply cannot use it.

On the internet you can find the best deals to buy hands-free kits, and the guide you can find a little further down shows the most popular and performing ones there this year.

First of all, it is important to bear in mind that if your car is very noisy inside the passenger compartment during the journey the hands-free kit will be placed in a strategic place to capture as little as possible the sounds coming from the engine or from the road

In this case consider the size of the device and make sure that it does not disturb the driving nor the visibility of the road, this is a fundamental step that many deal with superficially.

Usually you can safely place the kit behind the central rearview mirror of our car, an excellent place to have calls free of noise, or at least very much limiting the influence during calls.

Using the double-sided adhesive film, you can proceed with gluing the speakerphone by pressing in the desired position.

The time has come therefore from mobile to launch the search for Bluetooth devices and proceed with the association of the kit.

The connection is all automatic so, there is no need to connect sockets to the phone, the kit turns on and off with the start-up and shutdown of the car.

The 5 Best Bluetooth Car Kit for 2018

1. Parrot Minikit Neo2 HD – the best on the market

The Parrot is without a shadow of a doubt the queen of hands-free bluetooth systems, in fact, searching for information on this technology online will certainly be the name that you will come up with most often. This is why the Minikit Neo 2 HD stands at the top of our guide, a real gem from the point of view of design, beautiful, elegant and minimal as well as that of functionality and call quality. A very clean and interesting sound.

In fact, there is no classic background noise to which the badly made Chinese kits have accustomed us in recent years, we find ourselves faced with a professional product that will hardly upset anyone.

Available in four different colors to meet the aesthetic needs of everyone and to be able to better match it with the environment of your cabin, the colors are blue, green, red and black.

You can make calls quickly by controlling everything using your own voice, without ever needing to take your hands off the guide, a real convenience.

The kit is 100% compatible with any car model.

It is activated automatically as soon as the machine is activated.

You will be able to make and receive calls without touching any keys.

But what makes this product special and different from the others is the possibility of interfacing with Android and iOS apps and being able to be controlled completely from your mobile phone, for example it is possible to set up an automatic reply via SMS if an incoming call is lost.

The GPS position of our car can be memorized, or it is possible to be alerted when the meter is about to expire.

On the internet the Parrot MiniKit Neo2 is praised by practically all users, a real guarantee by a brand that has been able to build up a reputation over the years for hands-free car calls.

Recommended for those who are very demanding for their car and expect maximum performance from the accessories they choose.

2. Avantree 4.0 – one of the most popular and listed

Avantree 10BP - Bluetooth 4.0 Multipoint Car Handsfree Kit with ...

Avantree 10BP – Bluetooth 4.0 Multipoint Car Handsfree Kit with …

  • IVA LONG MULTIPOINT VOICE】: Combines convenience with security, this Bluetooth Car Handsfree can connect to 2 phones simultaneously.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY AUDIO】: Clear conversations thanks to the function of reducing background noise and echo. (We do not recommend use in trucks.)

Here is a beloved kit that sold a lot in 2017 and will still sell a lot in 2018 and in the years to come, because it is a quality product at a great price.

Avantree 4.0 boasts very high reviews of satisfied users on the amazon platform.

The battery is replaceable, which means that in many years when it will run out of recharging power, it will be possible to change it without having to have to repurchase the entire device, yes it is what happens instead with the models of other brands in where the battery is integrated and non-removable.

It lasts 22 hours on call and 216 on standby.

It has a system for cleaning the sound, to directly contrast interference and background noise and to return crystal clear audio to the speakers of your car, but not only our interlocutor will be happy and surprised to receive our clear voice as perhaps not ‘he never heard before thanks to the quality of the microphone.

The multi-point technology allows the simultaneous connection of two phones, very convenient for those who drive in the car with the whole family or with work colleagues and need to share the hands-free system, a situation that will undoubtedly happen to you many times and you will be grateful to be able to serve you this precious function.

The use is very simple and does not require special care during installation.

It is equipped with a convenient USB car charger, a micro USB cable, an Italian manual and clips to attach to the sun visor.

Also equipped with GPS and music.

3. SuperTooth Buddy – Best Price Quality

The SuperTooth Buddy has a minimal design, but gives exciting performances for the price at which it is sold.

Do not expect great additional features in addition to the basic ones, if you are looking for truly complete products, entrust yourself without delay to the first two on the list, the SuperTooth Buddy is designed for those who only want the essentials, but expect excellent call quality and reliability across the board.

The sound is very powerful and the autonomy is 20 hours of conversation, while in stand-by it reaches 1100 hours.

It can be combined with two phones without any problem, the sound is particularly noticeable for a product of this price, it can compete with that of much more noble products.

However, it is not compatible with Bluetooth versions under 2.1, so be very careful and make sure that your cell phone is actually compatible before you start buying.

4. Jabra Drive – Functionality and elegance

Jaba Drive has the indestructibility as its fundamental characteristic.

In fact it is built with very solid materials that already give the touch a product feel, keeping in mind the durability over time. It also has the fact that it is relatively small so that it can be installed anywhere in the car, unlike other models that are not exactly small in size, so it is more difficult to find a place.

For the installation there is an innovative vocal system that will guide you during all the installation phases, a brilliant idea to immediately establish an agreement with your device. Technology can be frightening at times, but with user-friendly findings it becomes human-sized again!

The connection to the telephone is automatic, without having to deal with complicated passages as was the case in the past with the first Bluetooth hands-free prototypes. The battery has a good battery life of 20 hours on call and 900 on standby.

The same principle applies to the other kits, meaning that it is possible to connect it without problems to as many as two phones and use the hands-free function simultaneously with another device.

Allows you to use the phone’s mp3 and GPS function natively.

5. Aigital – simple, economical, minimal


Aigital Bluetooth 4.1 Car Handsfree Kit, Bluetooth Handsfree ...

Aigital Bluetooth 4.1 Car Handsfree Kit, Bluetooth Handsfree …

  • Auto power on – Built-in motion sensor, it will turn on automatically when you open the car door, turn off automatically when you leave the car and the phone disconnects.
  • Multi-Point Hands-Free – Combines efficiency with security, this Bluetooth hands-free allows you to connect two phones simultaneously. Easy to switch between music and calls.

It is clear that if you are expecting great features, a spectacular design and excellent audio quality it is better that you turn to other models, but if you simply want to start exploring the endless possibilities of hands-free calls it could be a product that is right for you.

But let’s analyze together the characteristics of this Aigital and what are the reasons that actually make it superior to low-end products despite the low price.

First of all, thanks to the very intuitive manual it is very easy to use, it comes with a very minimal design, reduced to the bone, but you cannot expect better from a product of this level.

It’s not a punch in the eye, but neither is it a beautiful object, let’s put it this way.

Equipped with very basic functions, it can however be connected to two telephones at the same time.

The autonomy settles at around 17 hours in conversation and 1700 in stand-by, even on this point it even exceeds models of a much higher level.

Compatibility is total with mobile phones that support Bluetooth.

Manual in Italian, USB cable and charger. Here are the basic accessories that will be found inside the package.

GPS and mp3 connection also enabled.

The contra of this model is that to access the call you have to proceed manually, unlike more expensive models in fact it will not be possible to do everything by means of the simple voice.

This is clearly a very important counter for those who want a completely « hands free » system, that is usable without the direct use of hands, for example we think of those who find themselves having to make long daily trips by car, perhaps for this kind of people the purchase of this model is not recommended, it is better to aim at something that allows total autonomy and does not require our attention to activate its various functions.

It is clear instead that those looking for a product to be used occasionally could find themselves in front of the perfect device for their needs.

How to buy and choose a hands-free kit?

It is easy, following the guide of Pro Contro it will be very easy to find out which kit is right for you even considering the prices and reviews of other users on amazon.

However, it is good to make sure that the choice is made based on the actual future use of the device. The first thing to ask is that whether this will be used for work or not.

In case you think of using it professionally, it is better to aim for a product with the highest audio quality, so as to always be at maximum performance, ready and operational. Alternatively, you can easily opt for cheaper products, especially if you do not plan to make intensive use of them.

Most kits are also sold with car chargers, which connect directly to the cigar-lighter connection without any problems, the classic way to power devices inside the vehicle, yes.

This technology therefore makes it possible to never remain without a battery, because the device will be constantly powered, provided that the car’s battery is in good health! Contrario Otherwise the problems will certainly be other and not the fact of not being able to use the speakerphone for a few hours.

The mobile phone connects to the car at the exact moment the key is inserted in the dashboard and the engine is started, and on the contrary it is deactivated when the car is turned off.

The hands-free systems are composed of a display and a microphone, it is a very simple technology that does not take up a lot, nevertheless it is necessary to make sure that our cabin has enough space to accommodate it, in fact you could already have other devices arranged by the parts of the front window.

The voice is heard through the speakers of the car’s audio system, sometimes it is enough to opt for an economic device that will guarantee satisfactory quality in order to be able to speak in comfort, especially if you rely on the guide above, but if you do intends to use it for professional purposes, as we have already said, it is better to opt for a more advanced system like the Parrot which is at the top of the list.

There are cars fitted as standard with hands-free kits, alternatively these can be fitted later, but if you choose this way of integrated systems, you have to take care to buy the exact model for your car, in fact a hands-free kit integrated that is good for one model may be totally useless on another.

The kits sold normally on the market, like those on our list, are instead adaptable to any type of car.

One of the advantages of hands-free systems is that I extend the phone call experience to all car passengers, for example you can have real family phone meetings without having to occupy your hands but above all without excluding any members from the discussion .

It is one of those cases in which technology helps our humanity and sociality.

In conclusion

It is always good to consider your own safety and that of your family first, when driving the car these days it can easily happen to be distracted by the continuous stimuli that our devices launch us, trying desperately to capture our attention.

What is not bad in normal contexts can turn out to be fatal on the road instead.

For this it is necessary to prevent and predict those that are the natural human weaknesses and our innate tendency to distraction, the hands-free bluetooth kits are born precisely for these: to free ourselves from the slavery of the smartphone, at least when we are in the car, and being able to answer free and do not worry about any phone calls.

There are many people who do a job that requires you to spend the whole day at the helm, this category of workers often has to be traced or phone their customers and family members to keep in touch constantly, to which you certainly can’t ask for and claim to having to park the car every single time need to receive or make a phone call. That’s why technology comes to their aid.

If you are in this category, you know how important it is to be able to have your hands free and talk to loved ones or your boss.

The bluetooth kits allow you to listen to the car of the phone call in the boxes of your car, for this they are very comfortable and the quality of the call will be even better than the one directly made by phone, therefore in any case a great considerable improvement.

I hope this guide will be of extreme help as usual to get around the world of hands-free car gadgets.

Until next time.

Tony of Pro Contro!


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