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I’m Dario, I’ve been doing an electrician for a lifetime.

There battery is the heart of the car.

For this reason, if we care about our car, we must pay a lot of attention to the quality and reliability of the battery we are going to install.

How to change it? It’s easy, look here.

IS’ difficult sometimes to decide which is the best car battery since they all look identical on the surface, and to make an effective comparison it is necessary and inevitable to run them in the street.

Just what I did, here on ProContro, performing all the necessary tests to elect the most powerful and affordable battery of all.

Below we have the definitive guide to car battery, with OUR REVIEWS AND REVIEWS, to guide you on the cheapest price.

Not everyone knows that in winter the first reason for the sudden stop of the car is precisely the dead battery.

How to mount the car battery?

It is not an operation that requires a mechanical engineering job! Just follow the instructions correctly.

At the beginning of the article you will surely notice a video. Well that video does exactly that, taking you step by step through the installation.

It is extremely explanatory and shows in detail how to properly assemble and disassemble the battery of your car, so as to avoid errors that could compromise the operation of the machine.

So if you’re here for this reason, come back up and don’t miss the video tutorial!

The 5 Best Car Batteries 2018 (Opinions and Prices)

1. Bosch 0092S40080 – The winner

After a month of road tests we finally have a winner, and it is certainly no surprise that it belongs to the very famous Bosch brand, a guarantee when it comes to cars and engines in general.

The 0092S40080 is the best battery on the market right now, whether it is a petrol or diesel car, if you intend to get serious, this is the model to bet on.

The duration is considerable and does not require large maintenance unlike other models that instead to always work at 100% force to open the hood at least once a month to check that everything is ok.

It works with 12V voltage, consumes very few quantities of water, and once installed, there will be no need to think about it anymore, it will work very well for the course of its long life and it will only have to be « re-met » when the time comes years later to replace it. Unfortunately, in fact, no car battery is immortal, and the time to separate from it sooner or later arrives.

The technology that Bosch is aiming for is Bosch Silver, an innovative system developed by Japanese studios that allows you to never have to add water, it is equipped with silver alloy grids and guarantees starting the car even at very low temperatures or in case this has been stopped for a very long time.

In fact, in some cases it can happen if you don’t often use the machine that it has problems starting again, especially in the coldest months of the year or in areas that don’t have a fairly mild climate.

The duration is 20% higher than those of normal batteries and the power supply is considerable even in the case of very short distances.

In short, a real beast.

It is also equipped with a double guarantee for the damages that could cause the sparks, obviously this would not be necessary given the very high Bosch production standards, but it is a message from the company to denote the extreme confidence in its products. A guarantee of quality.

The lid is well sealed to prevent unexpected spills of acid, which could be extremely dangerous, especially if not noticed.

But Bosch has thought of everything by equipping this battery with a very comfortable system of handles that adapt to their hands and make it very easy to carry, even if it is well understood that the only transport necessary will be the one from the shop to your car and vice versa, given the very high reliability of such a product destined to last and function 100% over the years.

It can be installed on all Italian and international vehicle brands currently on the market, a recommended purchase for everyone.

2. FIAMM cod L380 + – effective in every climate

Fiamm is another major battery manufacturer and offers this model code L380 + on the market. of comparable quality to Bosch, even if slightly inferior, but we admit that it was almost an equal merit.

Let’s get to know together what makes this battery so special and of the highest level.

First of all the attention falls on the decidedly high performance on the amperage of 80 Ah well that allow the vehicle to start without problems in any weather condition, we said above about the importance of having a reliable battery especially in winter or in any case in adverse weather conditions or at temperatures low, given that cars tend to give problems especially if they are left standing for several months in these contexts.

The holding of the charge is considerable, and even with very cold or after years of stop it will be possible to continue using it to start the car.

The dimensions of the battery are considerable, so it will not be possible to install it on all the models in circulation, certainly on a large part of these, but it is better to read the specifications on amazon to make sure of the possibility of mounting it in your car without any problem.

The Fiamm cod L380 + is a battery with great reliability and great vattaggio recommended for those who live in adverse climates for most of the year.

3. VARTA 5740120683132 – a concentration of power



  • To check the compatibility of the battery with the vehicle, simply check the measurements and amperage shown in the listing, with those presented by the battery currently in use
  • SIZES 278 x 175 x 190 (W x D x H)

The Varta is no less important as a prestigious name for the production of car batteries and with this line Blue Dynamic has launched itself headlong into the elite of accessories. The 5740120683132 is one of the most convenient batteries that there are now on the market, the reasons are different, we go to see them together trying not to miss any detail.

Excellent on both petrol and diesel engines, with cold start without any problems even when temperatures are particularly difficult.

A complex innovative technology allows it to be at least 110% more performing than other competing models.

The Power Frame technology is clearly the flagship of this Varta battery, it guarantees a concentration of power never seen before, the grille mounted inside the battery is much more robust and resistant to corrosion than the common batteries.

It is not surprising, in fact, that it is one of the favorite batteries of off-roaders, the design of this model guarantees a flow of current that is at least 70% higher than that of its competitors, this extra power is felt especially at start-up.

As soon as you start your car you will immediately understand why it is considered one of the most powerful batteries on the market.

If we consider the starting power then the Varta 5740120683132 is the best battery ever.

4. Bosch 0092S40050 – great battery for Quality-Price

The Bosch 0092S40050 is the cheapest alternative for having the power and reliability of Bosch at a more reasonable price than that of its older sister presented a little higher up.

The performances are fabulous for this price range, this was the reason that unanimously convinced us to consider it the best battery for price quality.

Very durable and very reliable, it does not require continuous maintenance and once assembled there will be practically forgotten.

It guarantees 20% more cold starting power and 20% longer life than the average of the batteries currently on the market. Practically a gem.

Even if the performances are not those of the most expensive top-of-the-range models, we find ourselves in front of a very large battery, it is also equipped with a guarantee against damage caused by sparks or those caused during transport.

Getting the liquid out of the 0092S40050 is practically impossible, so you can sleep well, you will stay safe, the Bosch guarantee in terms of security is inimitable.

The lid is very sealed and the coverings are made of materials of series A.

Reliability is inimitable and at this price you will not find anything better, if you are not looking for batteries with particular qualities for specific circumstances (in that case it is better to refer to other models presented in this guide) you can rest assured that this is the ‘purchase that suits you, you will have high performance without having to lighten your wallet too much.

Compatible with all current car models.

Promoted with full marks.

5. Bosch 0092S40010 – cheap but good

For those wishing instead to opt totally for savings, sacrificing some more advanced features such as resistance to high temperatures, Bosch presents this 0092S40010 which can be considered without delay perhaps the best economic battery for cars on the market at this moment.

The savings clearly does not compromise performance, although we do not recommend it for large cars, which could be affected a bit, but perfect on medium and small cars.

The maintenance required as usual is ridiculously small, they have accustomed us well in the Bosch home, consumes little water and should not be changed continuously. Great news for people like me who are used to installing the battery and then forgetting about it.

Guarantees 25% more power when starting up if you talk about cold and much longer.

As always there is a guarantee for the various types of damage and the cover is constructed so as not to let out any type of liquid, thus ensuring an inimitable level of safety.

Assembly is very easy. An economy battery for everyone that will certainly not betray the expectations related to the Bosch brand.

If you have a very limited budget but don’t want to compromise on the basic quality, opt for this battery and you will be grateful for many years to come.

How do you choose the car battery?

First of all it is good not to be superficial, because above all if you are not very experienced you risk running into a rip-off. Also never buy a used battery, because you can’t know or recognize exactly how safe this is and at what point is its level of deterioration.

I therefore recommend paying a lot of attention to some very important details that we will now analyze for good one at a time. The health of one’s car is indeed fundamental, let’s not forget that it is the means that leads us around and on which our life and that of our family depend. Not joking.

Having made this introduction, let’s look at the factors to be taken into account.

First of all, make sure you buy a battery that is compatible with your car, this may seem obvious and on the surface you might believe that you just need to take an X battery and it will automatically adapt to our car, but that’s not exactly the case.

There are universal batteries while others are compatible only with certain car models, this is easy to check on amazon, if there are no specifications in the data sheet it means that you are facing a battery that can be installed on all car models, otherwise make sure that your car is among the compatible models.

Cars with more powerful engines require suitable batteries with the right amperage.

Small machines also will not be able to easily mount a battery designed for large cars. Small batteries have less power in amps. It is a good idea not to install small batteries on big cars, you would risk not being able to install them correctly by fixing them in the wrong way and risking a lot.

The power then is crucial, the volts and amps must match those required for your car.

Some cars require a specific amperage, while others may have a larger amperage, this generally guarantees a quicker ignition and better performance starting from cold, as we have seen in some of the batteries shown in the above reviews.

A crucial factor that many believe is linked only to the batteries used is the age of the battery, or how long ago it was produced, a new battery in fact if it was produced many years ago, even without being used, corresponds to a battery old, most likely she will have lost her position and even if it were to be recharged 100% it would not guarantee the same performance as when she was « young » just after leaving the factory.

There are also cases in which an old battery can be completely unusable, which is why it is better to avoid dealers of dubious reliability and instead refer to large recognized retail chains.

Buying a new battery for your car is an important moment not to be taken lightly. If you do not know which one to choose, it is good to refer to this guide or ask some expert for advice. However, we advise you to take a look at the product data sheets yourself and see if they are appropriate for you.

The models listed in this guide are the best on the market right now, whatever your choice falls you’re still talking about big brands with an incredible story behind you and it’s hard to be disappointed.

We at Pro Contro took a month to research and test these products and we’re sure they won’t leave you with a bitter taste.

Greetings and see you soon.

Good guide!


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