πŸ₯‡ 3 Best Wireless Home Burglar Alarm Smart? (Dead Thieves)

πŸ₯‡ 3 Best Wireless Home Burglar Alarm Smart? (Dead Thieves) –

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I’m Dario from Pro Contro, home automation expert.

Here in this video clearly explained how the wireless smart burglar alarm works.

Have you ever had thieves at home?

Those who have passed know how strong the blow to the heart is to find the door of their home tampered with and opening it to see everything upside down.

It feels literally missing the ground under your feet. A nightmare.

So are you looking for the best wireless alarm system?

Well, follow me in this guide. Or click here to scroll directly to REVIEWS OF THE BEST WI-FI ANTI-THEFT SYSTEMS.

The guide to wireless alarm systems for the home

Until a few years ago to install a security system it was necessary to resort to the help of specialized installers, but now the tables are changing and the final consumer can take charge of choice, purchase and subsequent installation of the product, without having to necessarily resort to third parties.

Wi-Fi anti-theft devices are a real revolution and have undoubtedly contributed to cutting costs.

The same companies that until now had only dealt with traditional systems have begun to churn out wireless anti-theft systems for the final consumer.

In recent months we are witnessing an increasingly widespread integration of home automation products, which can dialogue with each other and contribute to making our homes increasingly efficient and optimized, for save us time and improve our living conditions. Thanks to the smartphone it is now possible to have full control of our home.

But what is most important, of course, is security.

Until a few years ago, having an alarm system integrated in the electric one meant that it could not be improved or replaced easily, this time is up.

Anyone can now install, configure and operate their anti-theft system without any problem.

The performances are those of the wire systems, with the advantage of remote management and the possibility of expanding our network whenever we wish.

The 3 Best Wireless Home Lockers 2019 (Reviews and reviews)

1. Home Alarm Somfy Protect, the top in circulation

SOMFY 2401497 Home Alarm, WiFi Anti-theft Kit Complete for ...

SOMFY 2401497 Home Alarm, WiFi Anti-theft Kit Complete for …

  • Thanks to the vibration sensors for intellitagtm doors and windows, somfy home alarm detects burglary attempts in advance and activates the 110db siren and / or sends notifications on your smartphone
  • Forget keys, complicated codes and false alarms: the system recognizes users through badges and automatically disarms the alarm when they return
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– Professional functionality
– Excellent workmanship

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– Lack of GSM
– To save videos you need to use a paid cloud

Here we are facing one of the best wireless anti-theft systems on the market right now: the Somfy Protect Home alarm.

Performance is practically equivalent to that of a traditional professional system, with the added advantage of remote control. The care of materials and design is very good, it is a product cured in every detail to 360 degrees.

It is also equipped with vibration sensors that can be easily installed on windows and frames, these manage to create a real cage protection throughout the period of our home, and can set off the alarm with perfect timing, without leaving the possibility to the thief to enter the house.

But let’s go together to examine this powerful Somfy anti-theft device starting from what we will find in the basic kit by opening the box:

  • The brain of the system called Link
  • The indoor siren
  • 3 IntelliTag sensors for doors and windows
  • 1 Motion detector for interiors
  • 2 badges

It is clear however that the kit is modular and allows you to add other « piecesΒ Β» later according to our needs, let’s talk about the possibility of managing:

  • 50 window sensors
  • 50 motion sensors
  • 50 remote controls
  • 2 indoor sirens
  • 2 outdoor sirens
  • 2 links
  • 4 cameras

In short, even if you have a huge house, a gigantic villa, Somfy can adapt dynamically to your needs and protect you whatever the size of the perimeter and the morphology of your rooms.

This is the central part of the system, whose task is to organize the work of all the other components, which it maintains via WiFi, and which can be configured and managed via smartphone remotely.

Obviously being the heart of the system it will be connected to the current of the house, in a central position with respect to the other components of the kit and in a place where there is an excellent reception of the wifi compared to the home router, do not forget this aspect because it is the sine not here to make our wireless systems work 100%.

If the power supply is missing, do not worry, because inside the Link there is a battery that guarantees its operation in any case up to 6 hours, the optimal duration to be able to manage the security of our home even in case of tampering with the electrical system.

Indoor siren
The indoor siren is very powerful, powered by a battery that can last over 2 years, so there will be no need for a continuous maintenance of this once installed, you can sleep quiet dreams.

The sound power generated is as high as 110dB and obviously there is a flashing LED that will visually warn the activation of our alarm.

There is protection in the event of false alarms via a secondary speaker that can sound more moderately, your neighbors will love you for it. In fact, let’s not forget that often one of the major drawbacks of having a burglar alarm system is precisely its tendency to trigger even when there is no need, making it difficult for those who live near us and have to bear the false alarm every time .

IntelliTags are very special sensors that must be applied to windows and doors, they can detect vibrations in a very smart way and thus predict theft attempts well before they are implemented. The magnetic contacts on the other hand are activated only if the door has already been forced, and therefore the thief is already at home. At that moment it therefore becomes difficult to intervene and prevent the theft.

The sensors work thanks to an extremely advanced algorithm that allows you to avoid false alarms, we think about the presence of animals, or a passing truck, events that could inadvertently activate the alarm, in this case they will be ignored and you can sleep quiet dreams.

The power supply is a mini-stylus that allows it to last for over a year.

Badge Key Fob
This is an intelligent remote control that allows you to activate the entire system or just the portion concerned, we can for example decide to leave the sleeping area deactivated when we go to sleep or activate a single room while we are at home and moving to other areas we will want to avoid triggering the alarm without reason.

The first-aid button is very useful, allowing you to directly activate the alarm by hand and warn all the numbers set on the control unit. Very useful in case of elderly who may need immediate help.

Motion sensor
The motion sensor can be placed on flat surfaces and works with an ultrasonic microwave system.

Protect Security Camera
Here is the flagship of this Somfy product: the camera. In fact, this camera allows you to record on SD card directly locally or if you want on the cloud.

It works at 3 megapixels, the lens is wide-angle to cover even a very large visual spectrum, the microphone is integrated, there is a motion sensor to activate whenever someone’s presence is detected within the range of action. set, the thermal sensor and the night vision device allow to have a full vision even in very poor light conditions.

The power supply is via adapter or USB, integrated there is a battery to guarantee autonomy even in the absence of electric power from the home system.

The Somfy Protect Home Alarm system is one of the best present at the moment on the market, given its innumerable features and the possibility of extending the kit.

One of the cons of this product is its lack of GSM support, in fact it is not possible to administer the system via the normal cellular network, or via text messages. For many, however, this will not be a problem, as support via the smartphone app is perfect.

The cost is higher than the average of the kits available on the market, but it is clear that such a high quality of materials must be honored with the right price.

2. Ismart Alarm, excellent alternative quality-price

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– Easy to install
– Free cloud

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– Lack of sensors for vibration windows

For those who want to have excellent quality, without necessarily aiming for the top, but with great savings, they can consider the purchase of this Ismart Alarm, a nice product certainly not at Somfy level, but the same up to expectations, full of features and boasting of offering a high level of security.

Nice interesting design, one of the most sold devices on amazon, there will be a certain reason, let’s find out together then what are the features that convinced me to include this wireless burglar alarm in this list.

Very simple to install and configure, there is no need for any kind of prior knowledge, it will be easy to become familiar with this product from the moment the box is opened until its application and implementation.

Let’s start by specifying an important thing, which could even be decisive for some, or the fact that this Ismart has fewer accessories included and less capacity to be able to expand, for those who need to cover large areas, even if it is multi-storey, this may not be the best choice.

  • There is the Cube One, or the heart of our kit.
  • 1 Magnetic sensor for doors or windows
  • 1 Motion detector for interiors
  • 1 Remote control
  • 1 Spot Camera

Obviously this basic kit can be expanded even if in a not so extensive way as can happen instead with the Somfy, they can be managed at the same time up to 70 devices, not bad considering the so convenient price.

iSmart CubeOne
The iSmarte CubeOne is nothing but the beating heart of the kit, a cube that will act as a link and brain between the sensors that we have carefully positioned inside the house.

It always needs to be connected to the mains electricity supply since it does not have a battery that can keep the system running even in the event of a blackout.

Contact Sensors
These can be installed on doors or windows.
Composed of two adhesive elements intended for one on the frame of our fixture and the other on the mobile part, a very convenient system to understand and install.

When the two sensors are separated the sensor at the base passes the input to the CubeOne which understands in this way that the tax has been opened.

The survey, however, is not as intelligent as the Somfy, which manages to foresee the opening of the door or window in question, with the Ismart we will already be in front of the accomplished fact.

The remote controls have the key for partitioning the system, in the event that we would like to exclude certain particular areas of our house during the night. There is also the convenient SOS function to launch alarms manually to your liking, excellent for those with elderly or sick people at home who may need our help at any time.

Motion sensors
The motion sensors can be easily mounted on the wall and are powered by AA batteries, they detect with a radius of ninety degrees.

Spot Room
The camera is excellent, it has a 720p HD resolution which is perfect for the interiors as well as for exteriors, it can record up to 32 gigabytes of video and is equipped with night vision and microphone.
If you want to talk to those who are on the other side of the camera, this can also act as a speaker. Imagine here funny curtains that can be staged with possible thieves.

Then there is the cloudding service to be able to save your movies directly online and view them remotely even if you are not at home simply using the app.

This iSmart is without a doubt one of the best burglar alarms if we consider the price at which it is currently sold. Of course it is not equipped with all the features of much more famous systems, but let’s ask ourselves before making a purchase always carefully what are the features we are looking for in a system. If we are sincere with ourselves we will sometimes realize that the most expensive model available on the market is not necessarily the most suitable for us.

Of course there is the flaw of the lack of vibration sensors, an aspect that could constitute a strong deterrent to the purchase for those who need a particular protection from external threats, to avoid that these become more serious once they enter the house.
Let us not forget that the vibration sensors make it possible to detect the presence of the bad guys before they enter the house we are protecting.

The control unit also does not have a buffer battery, which means that it is necessary to devise a separate system to keep the alarm alive in the event of a power failure, such as a UPS.

The cloud fortunately is free unlike the Somfy one, so you can save our online videos without any problems without having to worry about paying a monthly fee, a nice convenience to be taken into account.

GSM support is not included, an aspect that could be detrimental for some people since it is convenient to control the anti-theft system simply by cellular network when for some reason it is not possible to use the wireless or 2G / 3G / 4G.

The remote controls do not automatically recognize our presence at home so they must be used manually and not in an RFID manner, it will not be enough to have them in simple terms to be able to activate or deactivate our kit.

Apart from these functions mentioned above the basic work of the anti-theft systems is substantially similar, so don’t be afraid when you will be faced with the final choice since the kits we describe on this page are practically all excellent and perfect for home protection .

3. Ezviz A1, modular system with anti-flooding and anti-smoke (available separately)

EZVIZ Alarm Kit BS-113A, Includes 1 Internet Alarm Unit ...

EZVIZ Alarm Kit BS-113A, Includes 1 Internet Alarm Unit …

  • The A1 alarm system combines maximum domestic tranquility with maximum ease of management: it is programmed by simply framing a QR code and following the voice guide.
  • A1 consists of a compact hub control unit – capable of managing up to 32 detectors and interfacing with Ezviz cameras – from an infrared presence detector, a door opening detector, a smoke detector.
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– Anti-flooding and anti-smoke sensors

πŸ₯‡ 3 Best Wireless Home Burglar Alarm Smart? (Dead Thieves) "class =" wp-image-3769

– There is no battery on the main unit

The Ezviz A1 is certainly a product to keep an eye on, different from its competitors, but no less interesting, indeed. It can give a lot of satisfaction to its owner and help him in the difficult task of keeping away the bad guys and threats that could affect the security of his home.

But let’s see together what are the features that make Ezviz so special, analyzing it in this step by step review.

The cost is first slightly higher than that of the iSmart described above, but certainly not prohibitive. It can absolutely compete with much more famous systems since it has very interesting performances.

Up to 32 devices can be integrated, therefore a definitely lower number than the other two kits, but this will not be a deterrent for those who do not need to cover very large surfaces. In fact, for a normal Italian apartment it will be just fine, indeed.

From the tests we carried out this month, we were able to verify that signal reception is excellent and undisturbed.

Unfortunately, it lacks an internal alarm siren that will have to be purchased separately if necessary. But for some this particular might be a virtue as some users prefer to build their own personal kit only with the pieces they really consider useful.

It has an excellent design, its flagship is without a doubt the flood and smoke sensor, excellent allies for a burglar alarm system for the complete protection of your home. (attention though that these two sensors will be purchased separately, as we said this Ezviz A1 is a multi-use kit designed for those who want to build their own system)

Is composed by:

An Alarm Hub control unit to be able to easily control all the fundamental elements for the safety of your home under a single pulsating brain.

This is equipped with a very comfortable speaker that will guide us throughout the installation of our wireless burglar alarm system, a real genius that provides a touch of humanity to a device that could intimidate some.

There is no internal battery that can supply energy in the event of a blackout, this means that you must necessarily provide an uninterruptible power supply if you intend to use the alarm when it does not receive power for some reason from the electric current.

The indoor siren can be purchased separately, but it is not essential for everyone, as we know could indeed be satisfied with the outdoor one.

The volumetric sensor guarantees a coverage angle of 100 Β° and a detection range of approximately 12 meters

In case you have pets and therefore the relative fear that they will trigger the system each time causing annoying false alarms, there is nothing to fear, given that the Ezviz A1 system can tolerate the presence of animals up to 30kg.

The sensor for the windows is called Wireless Adaptive T6 and is equipped with an advanced technology based on a gyroscopic sensor that continuously detects changes in position.

The T10 Anti Flooding Sensor is a great exclusive of this system, a point certainly in its favor because all the similar kits do not support anything else that exceeds the normal anti-theft dimension.

This appliance is powered by a small battery that promises and maintains a life of up to a year, thus preventing us from carrying out continuous checks and maintenance, it connects via wi-fi and if it encounters water on the floor it will immediately trigger an alarm.

Excellent system for those who find themselves in areas with easy possibility of flooding, or for example in environments subject to large amounts of water. A precious ally to save one’s property and in some cases even life.

If there is some water leakage, the warning will be instantaneous on our mobile phone, so we can run home and avoid domestic flooding.

The C2 Mini Camcorder is very convenient for those who decide to expand their kit, offering a remarkable quality of footage for the internal filming of our system.

The camera must be connected to the electricity grid in the home and can be assisted by a micro SD card up to 128 gigabytes, obviously being a high-level camera it can also be used « slinkata » by our anti-theft kit and used alone for other purposes.

The C3C Bullet Camera is another strong dish of Ezviz, excellent for launching your system towards a higher dimension of greater safety and performance.

Available with either a 720p or 1080p resolution, although the higher resolution is only useful for those who really need very high quality internal images, most users can easily settle for 720 pixel resolution.

It is a burglar alarm surely equipped with many features that can lead it to compete with the higher end ones. The flood and smoke sensors are in fact unique and very useful, to guarantee peace of mind throughout the house, sometimes the greatest threats arrive right inside the house itself and there must not be other external agents to bring them to us.

The ability to record movies up to 128 gigabytes is another strong point of this system.

The cons as we have already clearly underlined are the fact of not possessing an integrated siren, which for many could be a decisive disadvantage given that they would have to play it forcefully to buy separately.

Even if it is not a costly expense, it is still an extra thought and I can understand that many want a plug-and-play system to be installed on the fly in a day and immediately ready for use, without losing time too much by thinking about how to improve its potential or other.

The design is one of the strengths of the system, it stands out particularly for its elegance among all the similar products offered on the market.

It is very similar to iSmart, but also a little bit more expensive, so if you find yourself having to choose between these two you might favor the rival if you intend to save.

It is certainly a perfect system for those who love to « tinker » and modularly compose their own perfect kit without being satisfied with what they find in the package, if you are looking for something simple, perhaps it is better to point to something else.

The possibility of buying an outdoor camera is undoubtedly a big plus for Ezviz.

How to install the wireless alarm

Many asked us how to install the wireless burglar alarm in-house at home, so we decided to write this handy guide to explain the ideal procedure in detail.

First of all, an adequate distinction must be made between the safety systems, which are divided into assets and liabilities. Those passive are the obstacles that we naturally interpose between the possible ill-intentioned and our places of value, for example of armored doors, gates, railings, and so on.

The active plants, on the other hand, are those equipped with an audible alarm, which intervene as suggested by the word itself of the definition « actively » to prevent thieves from carrying out their dirty work.

The active protection system will be more and more suitable in case we intend to defend objects of value, however useful it is sometimes to literally entrench themselves physically from external threats, these passive protection can be easily eluded with a little ingenuity and the right time to arrangement.

Active systems focus all their effectiveness on informing us directly of the threat, or even connecting to protection systems such as authorized agencies or directly police stations to be able to intervene on the scene of the crime and therefore eliminate the problem while it is still in progress.

The interaction with the owner of the house can take place through the sound of a powerful siren, or by contacting those directly affected by GSM. Sometimes it is also possible to record a message to be delivered to the police for immediate action.

Some houses have greater protection needs than others, in fact a house will certainly not have the same need as a bank, because it is a less delicious morsel for thieves, unless of course you have Picasso paintings or other objects in your home from the priceless.

Sometimes you can run the risk of complicating your life and installing too complicated or expensive systems, or resorting to protection systems that are too fragile and easily tampered with.

There are so-called PetFriendly alarm systems, that is, they are specially designed to allow the coexistence of the protection system and our pet friends, with the old-concept methods it was very difficult to manage this cohabitation, for example it happened constantly that dogs slammed on the windows per game unintentionally activating the alarm, thus causing unnecessary worries to their owners.

Other alarm systems are equipped with very convenient functions that can be exploited to best interface them with our life needs, for example we might need to be available only via SMS, or we still want to manage the whole system from a smartphone with the appropriate apps . Before purchasing a kit it will therefore be necessary to verify that the characteristics of this match our needs.

The wireless wireless systems are extremely more comfortable than those that require electrical wiring, in fact they do not require any type of intervention in masonry, and are easily expandable, or once the basic configuration has been decided over time it can be expanded to go to cover for example different areas of the house.

The wireless anti-theft devices are composed of the elements we can see in this explanatory photo:

how-to-install-anti-theft-wireless "class =" wp-image-1762 "srcset =" https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/come-installare-antifurto-senza-fili. png 676w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/come-installare-antifurto-senza-fili-364x411.png 364w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/ 2018/02 / how-to-install-anti-theft-without-wires-608x686.png 608w "sizes =" (max-width: 676px) 100vw, 676px

A standard wireless wireless burglar alarm consists of:

The internet interface
This is an internal module that allows connection with an Ethernet or LAN network depending on our needs, or directly to iALARM, or the latest generation systems for the control of anti-theft devices via smartphone.

The GSM module
It is a fundamental module for connecting our system to the GSM network via a SIM card, which is the exact same one used inside mobile phones.
In this way it will be possible to receive alarm text messages from our burglar alarm, or calls, or even enable and disable the system by phone or SMS.

GUARD Antijamming Frequencies Microprocessor
The core of the system is always its microprocessor, that is the small element that takes care of all the calculations and manages the various parts. The antijamming function is useful because lately the bad guys have evolved to the point of using advanced systems to disturb wireless communications through contraptions called « jammer ».

External sensors
These will be mounted outside the house, and are used to protect windows, balconies, gardens and any space outside the walls of the house, they are obviously resistant to water and atmospheric agents.

Video surveillance
This is very useful, in fact it allows you to film the event if there is an alarm. They are cameras that can see even in very low light conditions, and are integrated one hundred percent with the system.

Configure your wireless anti-theft system

Once we have chosen the best system for us and selected the right number of internal and external sensors to be installed depending on the size and morphology of the area to be protected, we will move on to the configuration of the plant.

A respectable wireless central unit is equipped with internal display, keyboard and siren.
The keyboard allows the configuration of the numbers to be called in the event of an alarm, to manage the number of sensors, etc.

The installation of wireless anti-theft systems is extremely simple.

In conclusion

Home security must undoubtedly be the number one priority on the list of priorities, first of all wireless bells, smart thermostats and other useful home automation accessories, it is important to keep an eye on any bad guys that could be a danger to our well-being, for that of our loved ones and why not also that of our properties.

I have been there, I have been robbed many times, and it has always been a real blow to the heart, but I want precisely for this reason that I never recapture myself.

This is why for years I have been using remote-controlled wireless home automation systems, and I can assure you that my life has changed, I sleep more peaceful and quiet dreams, because no thief has managed to get in, I have had two attempts at theft and both foiled.

Unfortunately I live in an area with a high density of apartment burglaries, since I moved to my new home but all my neighbors have been robbed at least once and my house has been left undefiled thanks to God.

Thank you for reading this guide of mine, I hope it helped you.

Until next time.

Dario of Pro Contro


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