πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Reliable Homogenizers (Guide 2019) –

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Reliable Homogenizers (Guide 2019) –

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I’m Antonella, mother of a baby of 6 and a half months.

Are you a new mother and are you wondering what homogenizers are and how to use them?

Or are you looking for the most convenient and safe homogenizer?

Well then you get to the right place because today we will talk about this tool to many unknown but actually very useful.

Follow me in this guide, I’ll talk to you about this magnificent object. I will also explain the differences between the different products on the market, which mothers sometimes confuse.

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The homogenizer guide

Lately there have been several scandals that have unfortunately seen protagonists as industrial homogenized. Products sold at the supermarket are not controlled as they used to be, they are often of uncertain origin and contain mysterious ingredients that are potentially harmful to health.

It is our duty to mothers and parents, therefore, to provide the food that our children will eat at home.

The homogenizers allow the creation of homogenized products at home, with all the security of using fresh and genuine ingredients of safe origin, essential in the weaning phase.

The baby food has a consistency halfway between solid and liquid and therefore does not require chewing by the baby, they are administered when our baby is still taking breast milk, in this way it is easy to switch from liquid to solid foods.

What is the homogenizer used for?

The homogenizer is a very useful device to prepare baby food in the safest, fastest and cheapest way possible.

The initial investment of the purchase is in fact abundantly compensated for over time, since it completely avoids buying industrial homogenized products.

Think of the economic and even health advantage, your little one will immediately learn to appreciate the genuine Italian flavors without immediately swallowing preservatives and ingredients of dubious origin in such a young and defenseless body.

Not only that, the environmental impact is lowered, given that the baby foods that are bought at the supermarket are normally sold in glass containers that must be disposed of.

What is the difference with the blender?

Some believe they can replace the homogenizer with the common home blender, in fact the basic operation is the same, it is about finely chopping the ingredients to make them a mush …

However, there is a huge difference!

Unlike the blender, the homogenizer does not incorporate the air inside the food. A fundamental requirement for food dedicated to a baby in weaning, in fact, eliminating the air reduces the possibility of colic forming.

It is obvious that it is not a strictly indispensable tool, but for those who really care about their child’s health and want only the best for them, it is certainly a device to buy.

Best homogenizer, reviews

1. Philips SCF875 / 02 Easy Pappa 4in1, the one I use at home

The Easy Pappa Plus 4in1 is a robot for baby food that helps you prepare healthy meals with ease.

In fact, it does not only prepare homogenized products, but also broths and purΓ©es.

This Philips appliance is very powerful, it can steam fish, vegetables and meat very quickly.

The container inside can be used both as a steamer and as a blender, it is also equipped with a very comfortable acoustic signal to increase safety, in fact this alerts us to the cooking done and then goes off quietly alone. It also warns if the container has not been fitted properly.

Given its multi-function it can be used in the various stages of the child’s growth, it is a great investment that over time repays absolutely those who wish to avoid buying industrial products of dubious origin and invoice.

It is completely dishwasher safe and can be easily accessed from the water tank to be able to clean it thoroughly.

Inside the package there is a spatula, a container and a very well made recipe book.

2. Nuk 10256304 Baby Menu 4 in 1, best price quality

Here is a great product for price quality: the Nuk 10256304 Baby Menu 4 in 1, certainly not at the level of Philips quality, but a nice machine that can still give you great satisfaction.

Little cluttered and very robust, easy to clean.

Equipped with a double blade, it chops up the ingredients into very small parts that are not dangerous for the young.

Steam, heat, freeze and homogenise, also convenient for preparing lunches for adults.

The water level is unfortunately not easily detected by the naked eye.

A good product for those who want to buy an all-purpose appliance for their kitchen that is not exclusively dedicated to small children.

3. Imetec Turtleneck Baby Omogen, food processor

Imetec is an excellent brand for home appliances and this time too it does not betray us with this product that is presented first and foremost as a chopper but which also serves as a homogenizer.

To obtain better results it is good to add a little water to the ingredients that you intend to create.

Unfortunately it tends to overheat, but in general it is an excellent product also suitable for use in the kitchen for older children, in other words it is not one of those products to throw away once the children grow up, indeed.

Unlike other products, however, it has no other interesting features.

4. Chicco De’Longhi large multi-function robot

We know Chicco is a very famous brand for products dedicated to children. This Chicco De Longhi is a good multi-purpose robot, although some consider it a bit difficult to wash.

It is certainly one of the best products of the kind under consideration, even if perhaps a little expensive, but let’s go together to examine all its precious functions.

Unlike other similar products, in fact, it has some nice surprises, for example it can cook like a real pot, adjusting the cooking intensity to your liking.

But it can obviously also steam or boil, thaw, cut, mix, blend and of course homogenise.

It can heat the milk and prepare creams.

It is practically a sort of food processor, not specialized on homogenization, to be considered if you want a well-rounded product capable of performing well in many activities, it is practically a sort of mini-Thermomix for the little ones, a product which is also reminiscent of the form. The Chicco as always is a great synonym of quality.

5. Chicco Easy Meal Food processor, a complete product that does not cost much

If you don’t want to spend so much but give your baby the best in terms of completeness, here is the Chicco Easy Meal, which serves as more or less everything: homogenizes, cooks baby food, blends and can also heat and thaw.

Steam cooks, with the possibility of reaching 360 degrees. The right nourishment for your baby is guaranteed.

Built to perfection, the container allows uniform and very effective cooking. Many mothers really appreciate this feature.

The Cut Express system is present: the basket lid is equipped with blades, so you can directly cut the vegetables which will end up in the container ready to be cooked.

A very beautiful and valid product that I recommend to anyone looking for a homogenizer with an excellent quality / price ratio.

How to use the homogenizer

It is possible to make baby foods made from fruit, fish, meat or vegetables.

The meat must be chopped extremely well to facilitate digestibility, better to ask your pediatrician if you are in doubt.

It is better to choose fresh seasonal products, only in this way will all the nutrients present in them be enhanced.

The homogenized households as we said also prevent the onset of colic in the tummy of our baby or our baby.

The use is extremely easy and you will immediately take your hand and it will be possible to make very good compounds.

But let’s see together what are the steps to take:

  • First we pour mineral water into the boiler.
  • We finely cut the fruit, vegetables or meat that we want to cook and put it in the basket.
  • The homogenizer then cooks everything by steam.
  • Once the cooking is finished, you need to blend the preparation.
  • Take care to make a smooth mixture, there should be no visible pieces or visible leaves of fruit and vegetables.

Many of us are now victims of great stress, it’s hard to be a working mother, you know, that’s why it’s convenient to have the possibility of making your own baby food all on the same day in large quantities so you can keep, to avoid the task of having to do them every day.

Don’t you think a nice comfort?

The baby foods made with the homogenizer can in fact be safely stored inside hermetically sealed VACUUM glass jars, dry and far from heat and moisture.

In the event that the vacuum is lost, or that air enters the jar, it will be thrown away because it will risk being contaminated.

The alternative is to freeze them, always vacuum packed, and keep them that way in the long term.

How to choose the homogenizer

The homogenizers are not all the same, God forbid.

We need to look for one that is very easy to wash, because this can be a slightly awkward task at times, but it is not a problem because by following this guide you will certainly find the best homogenizer that is right for you.

Some models can even be washed directly in the dishwasher.

It is essential that the type of homogenizer we choose is capable of producing very creamy baby food in which the ingredients are completely diluted, completely shredding the larger whole pieces.

If we plan to prepare large or even very large quantities of baby food each time, it is a good idea to check that the capacity of our device responds adequately to our needs.

Not all supermarket products are actually controlled and made with ingredients chosen as advertised, in a world so confused that all the certainties have collapsed preparing at home what our children will eat is the least precaution you can take to try to grow them healthy and robust.

There are various types of homogenizers, and one must learn to distinguish them well before making the purchase.

The simple homogenizers deal only with the homogenization of jelly, while those evolved there also have many other very convenient functions. It clearly depends on our needs.

The classic homogenizers are small and do not take up too much space, they are clearly recommended for those who need only this function and nothing else.

Those multifunctional ones instead can blend, chop, steam and even defrost. They are real handyman robots dedicated to our child’s food.

If we decide to buy a more complex appliance it is clear that we will also free ourselves from other types of tasks and make our life in the kitchen much easier when we are dealing with the food of our children.

You can make baby food at any stage of weaning, cook it while saving time and getting less dirty, or defrost baby food when you need it.

An electric household appliance of this kind is understood that besides being used for baby’s food it can also be exploited for other household tasks regarding the cooking of adult foods.

The homogenizers are equipped with a blade, which depending on the quality of the materials with which it is made and designed manages to chop more or less the ingredients that are inserted into the appliance, and then homogenize them making them velvety.

The container inside is usually graduated to keep the quantities inserted inside well under control, in fact it is good to always monitor carefully what and what we are feeding to our little children.

The fact that it is transparent also ensures that we can analyze well if there are any excessively high prices that would require a further « pass ».

To avoid problems, most models are equipped with a very comfortable safety lock.

Some types have the normal blender function, which as we have explained a few paragraphs on is quite different from that of homogenization although in the popular imagination these two are often confused and associated.

Difference between homogenizer, cooker and blender

Sometimes you get confused between these three appliances, the reason is simple, apparently they are very similar, but in reality they perform three completely different tasks.

Let’s go and find out together.

The homogenizers they produce a smooth jelly without the presence of air bubbles, or even worse large pieces of vegetables or even meat that could be extremely dangerous for the health of the child.

In fact, very young children do not have teeth capable of chewing like adults, and even their esophagus is much more fragile, this aspect cannot be left in the background because it is the health and well-being of children.

Some models are then equipped with steam cooking or thawing. These are the basic features of this type of appliance.

I cooker instead they are much more versatile devices, which perform the same functions as the homogenizers with the addition of other very important features that make them real 360-degree instruments to be used in cooking in the preparation of food for the little ones.

For example, they can easily be used as a blender, sterilizer and bottle warmer.

The blender finally, it is a tool designed for adult cooking, so it should not be used in any way to prepare food for newborns.

The mashes of food that it produces are not homogenized, therefore not suitable for children, because they tend to contain air and therefore make digestion more difficult, if not annoying.

In conclusion

It is always a good idea to pay attention to what you eat and especially to the food that you feed your little ones, as adults we are obliged to protect the health of children, in a world as complex and globalized as ours.

While it was once easier to understand what arrived on our tables, in recent years we have witnessed an invasion of Chinese products of dubious quality passed off as examples of Italian products.

I invite dear mothers and dear dads to always pay close attention and never treat this fundamental aspect of life superficially.

I embrace you and I hope that this guide of mine has been of great help to you.

Until next time.

Antonella of Pro Contro


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