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I’m Antonella.

Here we go, you bought an induction hob and are you wondering which pots you can use in your new kitchen?

Well, unfortunately, not all pans are suitable for induction cooking.

Want to know which are the best induction dishes on the market?

Let’s see through my advice what the best induction pans are, what exactly they are, their prices, and how they are used.

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Guide to cookware and induction cooker

In this guide that follows I will help you untangle yourself in this seemingly complicated but actually very simple world, which once grasped will be easy to master and I am sure you will become real induction experts.

However, we proceed calmly.

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What is induction cooking?

Induction cooking means using particular cooktops that have become increasingly common in recent years, which do not take advantage of the normal flame but an electromagnetic field that is activated whenever a ferrous material rests on it.

The induction cooker consists of a coil around which an alternating electric current is made to flow.

If a container of another non-iron based material is placed on the induction surface, it will not heat up, because the electromagnetic field necessary to generate heat will not close.

« Induction » means that the heat is « induced » to the pots directly, it is the only type of kitchen in which heat is transmitted in this way.

One of the advantages of induction is the heating speed of the pot or pan.

Pros and Cons of induction cooking

The efficiency of the induction hobs is 90%, which means that compared to the required energy there is an almost total use of the heat released, the one of the other types of kitchens is much lower.

Induction hobs are very fast, they heat up very quickly and cook evenly. The foods in this way stick less to the pot and are cooked in a more healthy and precise manner.

It is much easier to control the amount of heat we want to give to our ingredients.

It takes only three minutes to heat a liter of water.

The ceramic glass tops are easy to clean and also guarantee a higher degree of safety than the flame. The heated area is bright red and there is no danger of burns or burns all around.

The cons is that most likely the common connection at 3.3 kW present in the house will no longer be sufficient to power all household appliances and in addition the induction hob, you will be forced to ask the electricity company to raise the contract to 4.5 or 6 kW to avoid annoying black-outs or voltage drops.

The purchase prices of an induction hob are on average higher than those of gas, and maintenance is also more expensive.

Cookware suitable for induction must be used and you may find yourself forced to throw away all the old pots and pans normally used at home.

Do I need special cookware for induction cooking?

Not all pans, however, are suitable for this type of kitchen, precisely because the heat is not given off by a living flame but « passed » from one material to another, there is a need for the receiving material to have particular characteristics.

Let’s go then to discover them together so as not to make mistakes when we find ourselves having to buy our set of cookware for our induction cooker.

The discriminant clearly as we said before is that the cookware we will use must be of a material containing at least some percentage of iron or steel.

Aluminum, stone, ceramic or copper pots will therefore not be suitable per se, unless they are sold with this characteristic openly declared.

In fact, it is enough to assemble a particular bottom as we will see later to transform a pot of a non-ferrous material suitable for induction.

Induction adapter

For those who want to continue using the old pots on the new induction hob, there is this ingenious adapter.

Allows you to use all the cookware in aluminum, stainless steel, iron, cast iron, glass and ceramic. Just place it on the plate and it will automatically transfer the heat to the pot or pan that we will place on it.

The best induction cookware (Opinions, reviews, guide)

1. Stoneline 10865, Set Top Class

Here is one of the best sets of induction cookers in circulation at the moment, the Stoneline, as you can see on the Amazon page, the enthusiastic reviews of the users are wasted.

Perfect for cooking even without oil.

Very quick to wash, but beware these unlike the others presented in this guide ARE NOT WASHABLE WITH DISHWASHER.

Although it is not a big problem this is because in most cases a single sponge pass will suffice and will be clear and ready to be placed in the cupboard.

The only negative note is the handles, which are not very resistant to touch.

For the rest it is a very interesting set, the cooking is uniform, one of the best on the market.

The cost is not very low but they are worth every centisimo.


2. WMF Perfect Plus, German induction pot

Here is an induction pressure cooker from WMF, a highly efficient German production company.

The handle is not a lever like in most pressure cookers, to ensure greater safety.

Very easy to open and close, simple to use, no noise when used. Not whistling, but this could be a counter for some that might forget to have left it on the stove in the kitchen 😀

In addition, the design is remarkable.

Very easy to clean, just remove the handle and rinse it under water, the rest of the body can easily be stored in the washing machine.

Optimized to reduce consumption.

The bottom is made with WMF TransTherm technology, perfect for any type of kitchen, even non-induction ones.

Inside the pot there is a graduated scale to keep the dosage of ingredients under control, really convenient.

A highly recommended pot for those who love pressure cooking, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Barrazzoni, excellent large pot

Barrazzoni is a brand that inspires confidence, a guarantee of quality and reliability at 360 degrees, which we present here is a large steel pot ideal for minestrone and stews.

The shine is impressive, made of remarkable and valuable quality materials.

Another key feature is the energy yield, in fact it is a pot that gives back to food all the heat it is induced.

The design is extremely elegant, it will not look out of place in the kitchens of those who believe that when it comes to eating and preparing food, the eye wants its part, in fact a pleasant aesthetic experience helps make the tasting memorable.

It can be used for all types of cuisine but it is in the induction that gives the best of itself. I use it without problems also on the gas and in the oven, think a little about the versatility of this pot as far as it goes.

The material is 18/10 stainless steel, the bottom is the three-layer material that I recommend in my guide, namely steel, aluminum and then new steel, to ensure a unique yield. The thickness of the gondo is 1 cm.

It can be easily washed in the dishwasher, which really makes it the perfect pot for those who cook every day but don’t want to leave quality and beauty aside. In fact, before being extremely functional it is also a beautiful product that will not look out of place in the most elegant and refined kitchens.

An object to make a good impression with your friends and family.

Promoted with full marks.

4. Bialetti Aeternum Madame Petravera, set of 8 pieces

For those wishing to upgrade all the household cookware, perhaps after a total renovation of the kitchen that saw the definitive transition to induction, there is nothing better than Bialetti.

Here is an excellent battery, made up of 8 pieces of various sizes to meet any type of use.

These pots and pans can obviously be used without problems even on normal gas stoves, the food never sticks and is very easy to clean, the Bialetti quality is known to be indisputable.

The lids are transparent, the gimmick is very clever because in this way you can control the food without having to escape the steam.

The handles are also very durable.

Unique against this set is that the small pan is not recognized by all the plates, before purchasing check the supported diameter, in some plates the induction is activated only if exceeded a certain diameter.

5. Lagostina, Pot with lid Lagofusion Academy

Here is an excellent pot directly from the legendary brand Lagostina.
Those of us who didn’t grow up with this brand that for many years has been a direct synonym for pots and pans.

So this company could not avoid making pans in line with modern trends, here is the one with the lid Accademia Lagofusion®

A very large tool for large families or for those who love cooking soups and other foods that require a lot of cooking space.

The bottom is made according to the Lagofusione technology, which foresees the use of five metal layers, to the three by now canonical and industry standards it combines two other layers to further enhance the bottom and improve the cooking results.

The spread of heat is even more uniform and consumption is extremely reduced, a very expensive factor for users of induction cookers, given their natural propensity to have rather large energy consumption.

With this fund it will be even more difficult to burn our food, I can assure you, even my husband (completely denied for the kitchen) is able to cook decently with this utensil.

The technology in question is very advanced and serves to eliminate the difference in temperature between the center of the bottom and the edges of the pot.

The materials used are steel and aluminum of the highest quality, it is a pot that can do well in any condition and with any ingredient and food.

You can safely wash it in the dishwasher without danger of damaging it.
The attention to detail is impressive, nothing is left to chance when it comes to Lagostina.

The handles are made of solid steel as always and the grip is quite safe and stable.

The design is refined to be able to adapt to any type of kitchen elegantly, the lines are very sinuous and interesting, to adapt to both vintage and ultra-modern kitchens.

6. Ikea, induction cooker

Here is a very simple pot from the historic Swedish manufacturer of furniture and home accessories. The quality is obviously the usual Ikea, which means « good the right », what is enough to be functional.

We are not faced with a top class product, of course, but it is a good compromise for those who are not particularly in the kitchen and want something that does its duty without too many frills or a particular design.

7. Magefesa – Induction Tuscan Terracotta

For those who love cooking in the terracotta and when they bought the new kitchen, they thought they would have to abandon this habit, well, I have good news: there are terracotta pots with a bottom made specifically for induction.

Naked terracotta cannot be used on this type of hob, but thanks to new technologies it has been possible to adapt this type of pans as well.

The Magefesa is a great example, robust, washable even in the dishwasher.
It’s all a body, handles included.

8. Staub – Induction wok

For those who like to use so-called woks, especially popular among Chinese cooking enthusiasts or simply among those who have a passion for cooking, cookware brands have also worked to make this type of frying pan adapted to induction.

I gave this Staub wok perfect for induction to a friend of mine who is very keen on Chinese cuisine and was nothing short of enthusiastic.

Of course the price is not the most contained, but the quality is rightly paid, and in any case among the quality induction woks is practically the most convenient.

It is in fact built in a practically perfect manner, the choice of materials is carried out on the basis of technological research carried out by Staub laboratories to optimize every type of cooking, in particular the Asian one.

It’s a bit big, but this is a plus for a wok, but it can still be used without problems for small quantities of food.

It works perfectly with both vegetables and meat.

Cleaning is easy and immediate, while cooking is always homogeneous, it is very difficult to make the ingredients stick, I can assure you.

The Staub brand has always been a guarantee of great seriousness and quality, preferred by the greatest chefs in the world, there must also be a reason.

How to recognize induction pans

If a saucepan is suitable for induction cooking, this specific symbol is present on the purchase label:

"symbol-induction-certificateBut there is an easy trick that’s easy to try at home to recognize if your battery is suitable for induction:

Take a magnet and check if it sticks or not to the bottom of the pan or pan.

If so, it means that yes, the pot is suitable for induction.

If not, it is better to purchase a set dedicated to this type of cooking.

Another reliable technique is to put some water in the pot and place it on our induction plate, if the display LED starts to flash it means that the pan can be used without problems.

If the pan is in stainless steel or cast iron it can normally easily activate induction cooking and adapt to this new way of cooking.

Can induction pans be used on gas?

Sure! All the pans designed and designed for induction can easily be used on all types of cooking plates, be they electric, gas or glass ceramic.

Can normal pans be used for induction hobs?

It is best not to use normal pans for induction hobs, as they would run the risk of deforming.

Advice on choosing induction cookware

Well first we have to go and consider the material with which this is built, then the lining of the bottom, which will be the part that comes into contact with the induction, so it must be the most « delicate », it is also important to give a look at how often this fund is actually.

These are the main factors that distinguish a mediocre pot from a top class.

As a matter of hygiene and health of the whole family, it is also an excellent idea to stay away from toxic materials such as Teflon, which are often used to make kitchen utensils.

As a basic rule to follow and keep in mind there is the fact that the more often the bottom of the pot will be, the more the final cooking will be homogeneous and therefore will avoid foods and ingredients from burning.

Stainless steel or aluminum?

Stainless steel is one of the most widely used materials in the world for making kitchen utensils, and there will be a reason.

It is in fact extremely robust, durable and resistant, it also adapts easily to different types of cooking. It conducts heat well, but it is certainly not the best performing option.

Aluminum is able to conduct heat far better than common stainless steel, it is also a lighter material that does not run the risk of rusting.

Alone it cannot be used with induction, but with a trick you have been able to solve the problem and make it the number one material for induction pans.

The power of aluminum is exploited by adding a double stainless steel plate to the bottom of the pan.

In this way the part of the pot that comes directly in contact with the induction is steel, which then propagates the heat to the rest of the surface.

Depending on your style it might be wiser to opt for one solution than the other, but remember that the best solution is one that alternates stainless steel and aluminum in layers.

Normally two layers of steel enclosing one of aluminum is the preferred solution by induction cooking experts. What is certain is that this type of combination is particularly effective even on the normal gas burners of all time, so buying such a set would put you safe from any future doubts in case you decide to change system.

There are also cast iron cookware, made especially for induction, but these have the serious defect of being very heavy and very expensive.

Induction pans obviously have to be non-stick, we know well that Teflon is toxic, so you will have to opt for solutions such as silverstone, xylan, durit, cortan or even greblon, much appreciated in the united states.

Ceramic induction pans are normal ceramic pans that have been built with a special bottom that can be used without problems on induction cookers.

In conclusion

It is not easy to choose the best cookware set for us, especially if you are moving from the traditional gas cooker to the induction cooker.

After getting used to it for many years in the flame mode it is difficult to adapt to this completely new concept of kitchen.

There are people who more easily than others embrace change with enthusiasm and are able to derive great benefits for themselves and their families.

There is no doubt that induction cooking is the modern way and in the coming years it will become more and more the predominant one there, so it is useless to try to stop progress, better to adapt to find oneself on the right side of the handle (excuse the pun) When the time is right.

I embrace you and I hope my guide helped you,

to the next.

Antonella of Pro Contro


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