๐Ÿฅ‡ 7 Best Electric Drying Rack (Effective) 2019 –

๐Ÿฅ‡ 7 Best Electric Drying Rack (Effective) 2019 –

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I’m Antonella.

Today we will talk about an object very used in homes around the world: the clothesline for clothes.

But it is not of a normal drying rack that I want to talk about, but of the electric one, a simple and intelligent technological rediscovery that can help a lot the normal drying procedure of our clothes.

In winter and autumn it is more difficult to dry clothes due to low temperatures, plus there are very humid rooms that make the drying process endless, in these cases the electric drying rack comes in handy.


How does the electric drying rack work?

The electric drying rack is very basic: the clothes are placed on top of them as is usually done on a common clothesline and this will dry them by heating them electrically, reducing the time required for drying very much.

Aluminum bars produce heat that speeds up the normal process of expelling water inside the cloths that occurs with the traditional drying rack.

Some models are equipped with a very comfortable internal thermostat to intelligently adapt the heat level.

What are the consumptions of the electric drying rack?

The electric drying rack has an incredible advantage: it can dry clothes using much less electricity than ordinary dryers.

This is an indisputable advantage if we consider how important it is to save energy today, both from an ecological and an economic point of view.

The electric drying racks consume 0.10Kw / h for a power of 100W, a laughable consumption compared to common dryers.

The drying racks also often have a special thermostat to adjust the amount of heat delivered to the cloths, thus avoiding waste of heat.

Electric clothes rack vs Dryer

The only substantial advantage of the dryers on electric drying racks is the fact that the first ones allow to program the cycle to have a sort of pre-ironing of the clothes which in some cases can completely avoid using the iron afterwards.

The electric drying rack also has no steam discharge nor will there ever be a need to empty the water that accumulates inside the tank, which instead is typical of dryers.

Dryers tend to be a bit aggressive on clothes and discolor them and crease them over time.

The dryer acts directly on the clothes, releasing a very fast steam wave, while the drying rack behaves in a very different way: in fact, it transforms the water contained inside the wet cloths into steam and uses it to heat them.

But to make matters worse, while the tumble dryer is a closed system, the electric clothes horse acts dynamically with the surrounding environment, allowing heat to be released into the air and helping to heat the house.

In fact it is assumed that if you are using a drying rack it means that the weather outside is not the best to be able to hang out the laundry in the open air, and therefore a little more heat in the house will certainly make it comfortable.

Then let’s not forget that the dryer as well as the washing machine produces a lot of noise, especially if you place it in a room that is not acoustically insulated, on the other hand the drying rack is extremely quiet and can operate at any time of day or night without even disturbing the neighbors.

The drying rack can also be easily closed after each use, practically eliminating the space occupied inside the house, an excellent solution for those who do not have many square meters available.

The clothesline is cheap, let’s not fool ourselves, the purchase of a tumble dryer cannot be taken lightly while this simple device is also cheap and will not weigh on the family budget, on the contrary.

In Italy this appliance is not yet widespread, the reason is more than anything else cultural, in fact, apart from 3-4 months a year, it is not a particularly cold country and the Italian tradition requires that the cloths spread out in the open, especially in the center and north.

There are many products for the home that are very popular in northern Europe, for example we think the kettle for water, while in Italy the use has not yet spread.

Some mistakenly believe that the electric drying rack consumes a lot of energy, it is simply that the new is always a bit scary, what we do not know scares us, I am sure that within the next few years this device will become an integral part of Italian homes.

We also tend to think that to dry clothes with this system we spend a lot of time, absolutely wrong belief.

The best electric clothes drying racks, opinions and prices

1. Foxydry Air 150 – Electric wall and ceiling clothesline

Here is a product for those who want something more and are not afraid to spend on top quality, in fact in this case we are in front of a Foxydry wall or ceiling clothesline, not recommended for those who make sporadic use of this appliance. but certainly perfect for those who want to get serious and are not satisfied with the usual drying rack.

In fact, in this case it will be possible to lay directly on the ceiling a large quantity of cloths without invading the walkable part of the house, especially recommended to those with a very high ceiling and need to dry large quantities of laundry every day.

It is very practical and easy to use despite the appearance of a seemingly unknown and difficult to deal with device, it is not exactly so, let’s see why.

It is easy to assemble first and has a detailed manual that will guide you step by step.

Suitable for drying laundry in particularly rainy winter periods when putting clothes outside to dry is not the wisest solution.

Certainly more effective and delicate on the heads of a dryer that tends to heavily mistreat clothes by shrinking them and making them lose a lot of color if used over time.

Perfect for sheets and tablecloths clearly, given its remarkable size, as you can see in photos.

Better to contact a specialist if you decide to install it correctly and you are a beginner with this kind of appliances, but even on your own with a little effort you can succeed in the enterprise.

Unlike the other drying racks, however, it tends to be a bit noisy due to the fans, so it is not recommended to install it in rooms where you sleep.

2. Fishtec ยฎ – 8-wire Electric Drying Rack 95 X 63 X 74 cm Aluminum

A good simple product, equipped with aluminum bars to quickly dry your clothes, but beware that it is a bit low and could give problems if you want to dry very long clothes or sheets.

Drying works and is effective only at the point where the fabrics come into direct contact with the bars, so if you go in a hurry you will need to hang the clothes in horizontal to get an optimal drying.

To further accelerate the process, you can lay on a nylon cloth and thus optimize times and consumption.

3. Sirge ASCIUGOTTOL – Drying rack with folding wings

Here is an interesting drying rack produced by Sirge, built with good materials, even if the base is made of plastic, a material that does not go perfectly with heat.

It’s not very big, so if you have a large family, maybe it’s better to bet on another model or buy more than one.

Convenient especially for those who live alone or in a couple and need a minimal drying rack, in fact with just a few clothes on this Sirge works perfectly by quickly heating our linen, while it is a little less effective at full load.

Better to avoid loading it with very heavy cloths, given the not very resistant structure.

4. THERMIC DYNAMICS Comfy Dryer Max – Folding electric drying rack, 6 bars, stainless steel

A good interesting product proposed by Thermic Dynamics, allows to dry clothes hanging while it heats the surrounding environment.

Drying takes place fairly quickly, effective on still damp cloths, better to avoid using it with cloths that are still soaked in water.

In winter it happens that leaving some special cloths in the open tend to accumulate unpleasant odors, it will no longer be a problem with this drying rack because we will finally be able to house them inside and dry them in safety and speed.

It is a bit small perhaps, but effective, it does its duty without too many frills.

Remember that if you are in a hurry it will be necessary to lay your clothes horizontally, very useful if you are in an emergency and you need a certain item dried in a hurry.

5. DCG Eltronic SB8325 – Tumble dryer with 700 W blowing element

A nice product from DCG Eltronic, this dryer does its duty even if it is not really a drying rack, in fact it works with a blowing technology totally different from that of electric clothesline.

Convenient for those who are normally forced to use the laundromat to dry their clothes quickly.

It also heats the environment, so it is great for the winter, I recommend placing it in the coldest area of โ€‹โ€‹the house in order to take advantage of this ยซย collateralย ยป function.

You need to load the clothes correctly on the crutches and follow the instructions in the manual to get the best results and dry in record time.

It is advisable to first remove the excess water thanks to the washing machine centrifuge, and then subsequently exploit its drying capabilities.

The cloths will be perfectly dry, perfumed and will not transmit their humidity to the surrounding environment.

It is easily disassembled and reassembled, so it won’t take up much space inside your home, don’t let the photo that portrays it scare you like a big object.

It moves easily from one room to another in the house by hand, even at full load, so it is very manageable and does not create any problems.

Hangers must remain at a good distance from each other to allow proper drying.

Perfect for drying sheets.

Equipped with an excellent timer to be able to dry when we wish and then turn off automatically, certainly a convenience not to be underestimated.

6. Plein Air STP100, simple and effective

Here is the electric drying rack that is synonymous with simplicity.

If you are not forced to dry large quantities of cloths, you will find them very well, it warms up as you would expect from a product of this kind, plus the price is not prohibitive.

It has heated tubes for drying fabrics, great for a laundry of about five kilos.

Dries sheets and sheets very quickly, you can also use it in this way as it is quite large.

Definitely recommended.

How to choose the drying rack

The electric dryer is an important item that can help save time and money, so it is a purchase that should not be underestimated.

There are home contexts in which a good drying rack is essential to be able to spend the winter always with dry cloths, sheets and tablecloths, especially if you live in large families that therefore require a continuous change of laundry.

Aluminum drying racks are undoubtedly much more durable and can give more satisfaction compared to those in plastic, it is true that plastic is a cheap material so if you do not intend to make continuous use subjecting the drying rack to heavy loads every time day one can certainly also take this material into consideration.

As always it is difficult to recommend a unique and good device for everyone, because every case and every situation is different and there is no model that can satisfy all the needs of today more and more varied and numerous.

The completely plastic electric drying racks do not exist practically, the bars will always be made of aluminum, otherwise they would bend continuously subjected to temperature changes.

It is clear that not all drying racks are the same, many vary in size, others are designed to meet very specific consumer needs and solve the small drying problems that occur during the day.

Some also have much more space at home to hang clothes, others significantly less, it will be necessary to evaluate carefully what type of tumble dryer to buy so as not to end up with an object that is too large and cumbersome for the house and totally useless because it cannot be opened at the height of its dimensions .

In fact, it may happen to overestimate the space you have at home, before purchasing it is always a good idea to measure with a meter the space in which you want to arrange the device and always consider a few centimeters more to be on the safe side.

There are also more powerful models that consume a little more electricity, clearly always much less than a normal dryer, they will work even faster allowing you to solve the daily laundry drying problem in the blink of an eye.

How to use?

It is essential not to overload the drying rack, the load must be relative to its size. If we put too many cloths on it, in fact we run the risk that the humidity accumulates and it will become much more difficult to dry the laundry.

In case you have a lot of laundry to dry it is good to divide this into two different loads, so as to speed up the operation considerably and not run into problems.

One piece of advice found in many magazines is to cover the electric drying rack with a nylon cloth to speed up the process. In this case, however, it will be necessary to lift the cloth approximately every 15 minutes to prevent it from condensing and thus frustrating our additional efforts.

I recommend this solution only if you are in a hurry, it is certainly not a system to use every day. It is also good to turn the clothes over to make sure they are dry on both sides, and every time they turn they should be vigorously beaten to make the drying process even faster.

If some items are already dry, it is best to remove them directly from the dryer and put them aside, in this way you will leave more space for wet items to dry, and dry ones will prevent you from reabsorbing moisture and returning so wet.

In conclusion

The electric clothes-drying rack is certainly an indispensable object in a modern home, old-fashioned dryers tend to ruin clothes and we all have a few items to which we are very fond of, and for nothing in the world we would want crumpled or discolored.

However, you need to choose very carefully, as you have seen, not all the drying racks are the same, there are some smaller ones to meet minimum requirements and others recommended for large families such as the ceiling.

It is clear that a careful analysis must be carried out before proceeding with the purchase to be sure not to make mistakes and to take home an object that will save you a lot of time and also a lot of money. In fact, there are people who have to go to specialized centers such as special laundries to dry their clothes, because maybe for work reasons they need to have their clothes cleaned, dried and ironed immediately.

From now there will be no need to go anywhere else, you can have everything at hand within the home and thus fulfill a dream that has always lasted.

I hope I have helped you, I wish you a Happy Day and see you at the next guide!

Your Antonella from Pro Contro


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