🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective) –

🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective) –

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I’m Antonella.

How many times have you been dissatisfied with house cleaning?

Yes, the classic vacuum cleaner is comfortable and does its job, but sometimes it would take something more powerful.

Well, there is no need to despair because that something exists and is called a steam mop, also called a floor cleaner.

That you want to wash the parquet, the joints, the marble, the laminate, the porcelain stoneware, the wood, or if you intend to use your outdoor floor cleaner, follow this guide and discover the product that best suits your needs.

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How does a steam mop scrubber work?

Not everyone is familiar with floor washes, also known as steam mops, the reason is that for years this has been the subject of cleaning companies or houses of wealthy people.

Finally on the market there are fairly inexpensive products at competitive prices that will satisfy every pocket and leave us free to choose to clean our house with the latest technological discoveries without having to think too much about the weight of these on our wallets.

It is very easy to use the steam cleaner, in fact the use is intuitive and instantaneous, there are clearly special functions and modes specific to specific models but the basic operation is unique and similar among the various brands, so once you learn a certain model it will be very easy to move easily on another without getting too many headaches.

Another big difference is given by the number and type of accessories, but fortunately we have written this guide specifically to fulfill all kinds of doubts and help you navigate the intricate jungle of steam brooms without the slightest effort.

What the steam cleaners have in common is the water tank, whose capacity obviously varies from model to model. The more water you can carry behind the more the weight of the broom will be when you hold it in your hand, less times it will be necessary to return to fill it to continue with the cleaning, a factor therefore to be taken into good consideration.

There are very basic models that have the tank directly incorporated inside the broom, in others this is connected directly to the structure, this does not mean that based on the needs of the moment it can also be used as a portable steam generator, a nice convenience for who aims to possess a functional product at 360 degrees.

The accessories in fact allow a virtually infinite extension of the possibilities of the device, guaranteeing an effective cleaning on all surfaces, for example you can easily wash glass, ovens, tiles, sofas, cars and much more, places where the broom steam would normally not arrive will be made easily practicable by the use of various extensions.

The flagship of steam brooms is the fact that none of these, regardless of brand and model, will need detergents to be used, a nice advantage to consider especially in a very economically difficult moment for our country.

The cleaning works all by means of the steam that is heated and can easily kill almost 100 percent of the bacteria present in the environment.

We only need to fill the water tank to the brim and then press START, that’s it. Did you think worse?

At this point the appliance will be immediately ready to emit the steam necessary for cleaning and can be used wherever you want, clearly changing the accessories each time to change the cleaning style.

On the floor it should be used as if it were a normal vacuum cleaner with the usual horizontal and vertical movement, just apply very little force and position the machine on the point that is considered dirty to allow it to express the full force of the steam, and you will see the garbage melt as if magic.

If you have seen this product in action on television or at a friend’s house you will certainly know what I am talking about.

The only foresight to use is to refill the tank when you notice that it is exhausted, because the water evaporating clearly during the cleaning action flies away and comes out.

Reloading the broom is certainly not a task to be repeated every two minutes, normally a couple of charges are enough to safely carry out the cleaning of the whole house without facing particular problems.

The accessories are another strong point of these appliances, because in some cases they allow our scrubber-driers to change faces and turn into other cleaning objects.

Sometimes these are not all included in the package but must be purchased separately, this is convenient in some cases because you can thus actually choose which accessories you need and avoid filling the house with useless plastic items.

When purchasing accessories, always check the compatibility with your appliance well, be careful and keep this detail in mind to avoid unpleasant moments if you realize you have bought something completely unusable.

Best Floor Steamer Broom 2018

1. Rowenta RY7557WH Clean & Steam, with suction function

🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective)

– 2 Products in 1
– High cleaning cleanliness

🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective)

– Pesantuccia
– Few accessories

Here is a great product from the very famous Rowenta house, the RY7557WH, a nice idea to design a scrubber very similar to a vacuum cleaner.

It is a product that must be said for how comfortable and equipped with so many functions it is a little pesantino in hand, a factor that for some could constitute a deterrent, but despite this it is a machine endowed with many possibilities, let’s go to examine it together one by one .

The sustained weight makes it suitable only for floors, but the cleanliness that it gives on the floor is number one.

The main material with which it is made is the plastic, but it is of those very resistant plastics so this does not automatically become synonymous with poor quality, indeed.

It has a range of as much as 8 meters, which makes it definitely convenient for most rooms, in other cases in which it is desired to extend beyond its possibilities an electric extension will be used, but this should not constitute a problem since most houses have at least one of these.

He can also stand on his own, which leaves the community to leave him while we are cleaning to go and open the door or answer the phone without having to worry about placing it on the wall.

The water tank unfortunately does not have a very large capacity.

As accessories it has microfibre and anti-scale cloths, for the rest it is not equipped as other extension devices that allow for example to wash the windows, but this is due to its size, it is definitely too heavy to be lifted.

It does not need a continuous replacement of the bags since it is equipped with an intelligent cyclonic technology. It has a container to store dirt very easy to clean if it becomes full.

It also works as a steam mop, and this is perhaps the aspect in which it excels the most, given that the jet of steam is very interesting and strong, it also heats up extremely quickly.

Like all steam brooms there is no need to use detergents to be used, the steam alone at high temperatures can remove dirt and bacteria.

The anti-scale filter allows the use of tap water with ease.

It is a bit noisy, so it is better to pass it at times when you are sure that neighbors and family are awake.

2. Black & Decker FSM1630-QS Steam Mop, light and effective

🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective)

– Very light
– Very powerful
– Suitable and effective on most surfaces

🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective)

– Tank difficult to empty at times
– The cable is heavy

Here is an interesting steam broom to consider if you decide to make a change in the way you clean your home. But let’s see what makes this device special.

The BLACK & DECKER FSM1630-QS Steam Mop has a rectangular base with two microfibre cloths and a removable triangular base to clean the less accessible parts of the house, such as the hidden corners of the rooms.

The tank is large enough to not be forced to change the water continuously while you are cleaning the floors.

It is very light and easy to handle and therefore to be lifted off the ground if you decide to use it with one of its accessories.

He also manages to lean in and take advantage of particular angles to get there where other brooms fail and clean the house so thoroughly without leaving even a dirty corner.

In case you want to tackle a part of the house that is particularly difficult to clean, there is a button that allows you to trigger a sort of « turbo », in order to expel the steam at a greater intensity and therefore win the battle against more dirt obstinate.

Then there are other buttons that allow you to choose which type of surface you want to clean. Whether they are tiles, marble or carpet, a very interesting function that shows how much Black & Decker has committed itself to providing a product that is valid at 360 degrees with great potential.

It is capable of standing on its own, a peculiarity not all of the brooms present on the market at the moment.

The cons are the fact that the tank can sometimes be a bit difficult to empty because of its shape and also the cable is a bit heavy and can compromise the balance of the broom in certain situations, but these are obviously tiny details that do not go to invalidate the technical realization of a beautiful product that can give many satisfactions.

In fact, it is simple to use and can be effective on many types of floors without having to make too much effort.

It is advisable to use distilled water but if you want you can opt for the one in the bottle normally used for good, in fact the sink water contains a lot of limestone and you would risk creating annoying deposits that over time could affect the operation of our machine cleanser.

A trick is to wet the cloth to improve the cleaning action of the Steam Mop.

3. Vileda Steam, Steam Broom with 4 Microfibre Cloths

🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective)

– Different power settings
– Excellent adapter for carpets
– Long cable

🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective)

– A little ‘heavy
– Not suitable for parquet

Vileda is another company famous for the production of devices and objects suitable for cleaning your home and beyond.

Here is a steam mop recommended for those who want an alternative to other brands, as you have seen so far within our guide, every scrubber has very peculiar characteristics that make it suitable or not to meet certain needs.

This is a product that allows us to sanitize the floors in the home as quickly as possible. In fact, since the tank of this broom is loaded with water, when it is actually possible to switch to the actual supply of steam, only a few seconds will pass.

There is the possibility of perfectly adjusting the power of the desired steam output, in fact it is not always advisable to keep the broom to the maximum, in some situations moderate delivery will be fine.

But of course the experience is the one that helps you to understand on the fly when it’s time to take it easy or when to push using all the steam cleaning power.

Included with the broom very useful accessories are sold that enrich the possibilities and make it an irreplaceable ally in the home.
There are two cleaning cloths, the essential carpet adapter and the water dispenser.

It’s a bit heavy, not as much as the Rowenta but more than Black & Decker, but I think it’s for a design choice, some producers actually prefer to have a broom that fits better to the floor, while others imagine their use on surfaces at the top, and adjust accordingly by creating more or less heavy products.

The power cable is very long, which makes it perfect for large houses where you need to move a lot to be able to cover the entire surface.

It is excellent for sanitizing carpets.

Not perfect on parquet floors, where some users have found performance that is not exactly excellent.

For the rest it is a broom that is certainly recommended, convenient, economical and efficient.

4. Polti Vaporetto SV440, super-equipped

🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective)

– Long cable, excellent on large spaces
– Perfect on wooden floors
– Lightweight
– Great price

🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective)

– Only one cloth supplied

Polti certainly could not miss a list of its kind with its Vaporetto.

The steam can leave the floor a little wet, but it is normal, it is part of the normal steam cleaning process, it is precisely what allows an effective disinfection of the floor killing all the bacteria, the steam brooms in fact work differently from the common vacuum cleaners which simply « suck » the dust particles.

However, it is not a problem that it remains wet because it will dry in a very short time, leaving a clean and sanitized surface.

Through the steam, everything is very thoroughly degreased and the final result can actually be surprising because if you have not tried a steam scrubber before you can be a bit dumbfounded by its incredibly cleansing and degreasing effect, to the point that when you walk above the shoes they can make noise, while before they did not produce any sound, but this should not be frightened at all: it means that the process has happened perfectly and our floor is actually clean.

There is only a cloth supplied, but it is not a problem because others can be easily bought and they do not cost a fortune.

The material of which it is mainly composed is the plastic, and it is a bit delicate at the base of the wire, but this is a peculiarity of many products of this kind so it is not a particular point against our Polti vaporetto.

The cable is very long, which for some might be a hindrance during cleaning operations, while for others it could mean an extra chance to go into the hidden corners of the house without having to disconnect and reconnect the device to the electricity network each time. house passing from one socket to another.

Also perfect on wooden floors with minimum set steam.

It does not produce annoying noises and can be used without any problems even in the evening hours, obviously the sound produced is directly proportional to the strength of the steam released, the stronger and more intense this is the more the machine will produce annoying sounds, it is completely normal.

The tank is big enough: neither too small nor too large to make it bulky or too heavy, Polti engineers have done a great job knowing how to dose and balance the size.

For those who intend to use it as a vacuum cleaner be, there is bad news, as this steam mop works only for the one who says the name beautifully: steam blows, and does it in an excellent way.

Some people prefer to pass the vacuum cleaner or mop before using the steam cleaner.

The price is very good, especially when compared with other competitors.

Light and of small dimensions, it will not be difficult to find him a place in the house to be able to fix it, that it is the laundry or a particular piece of furniture hidden maybe behind some clothes, after every use it will never be bulky and it will be easy to hide it.

The instructions are also extremely easy to understand and even a person who has never actually used a similar device will find himself at ease with the basic functions within a few minutes, a convenience certainly not having a long learning curve.

The engine is also ready in a few seconds and you won’t have to wait long before you can go into action and be ready to clean.

Furthermore, like most steam cleaners, there will be no need to use detergents because most of the work is done by steam at high temperatures.

Even in consumption are limited, it will not burden your electricity bill at the end of the year, I can assure you.

A product that surely manages to provide an excellent cleaning and sanitizing of your home without being too burdensome with regards to the economic aspect.

The accessories, however, say that they must be « understood », before using them it is much better to refer to the instruction booklet which will specify the correct use piece by piece, which in some cases could be not so intuitive and you would risk doing more damage than anything else.

The intensity of the steam must in fact be adapted to the type of material or fabric on which one works, one cannot expect to work at maximum intensity, for example on wooden floors and delicate fabrics of a sofa, while instead it will be up to release the maximum of steam to thoroughly clean the bathroom fixtures, which are not very delicate and can withstand the treatment.

It is clear that such a product is not magical, it will not do everything by itself, there is always a need for a partial manual intervention to clean the most difficult surfaces, but it is clear that compared to traditional methods it will save a lot of time and already after few minutes from the purchase you will be happy to have left behind the old ways.

Steam is the choice of the future, it allows you to save on detergents and is environmentally friendly.

There are many accessories and they will be able to satisfy any need, furthermore this Vaporetto is very manageable and it is not hard to find a place inside the house, promoted with full marks.

5. Aries 4164, 10 functions in 1


Ariete 4164 Steam Mop Broom 10 functions in 1 -...

Ariete 4164 Steam Mop Broom 10 functions in 1 -…

  • Steam floor cleaner that becomes a practical multifunction steam generator thanks to the accessories that complete the product, allowing the cleaning of different surfaces and the elimination of germs and bacteria without the need for detergents
  • The multi-function steam mop is in fact excellent for obtaining a thorough cleaning in every corner of your home: it sanitizes carpets and floors, removes stubborn dirt and grease from the surfaces, eliminates encrustations on sanitary ware, scrapes residues from hobs, cleans joints between tiles, sanitizes the most hidden corners and refreshes fabrics and sofas
🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective)

– Perfect for floors, carpets and even sofas and joints
– Easy assembly
– Excellent value for money

🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective)

– Lower quality than more expensive brooms

Also the Aries could not be missing with an interesting product for all budgets.

It allows you to comfortably clean any type of surface without the need for detergents or detergents, thus ensuring great savings both in your pockets and in relation to the environment.

The floors are shiny from the first pass, and it will make an impression to note the difference in treatment with the Ariete 4164 steam mop compared to normal vacuum cleaners.

Even the carpets and sofas of the house can be cleaned thanks to this device that is a real all-rounder of home hygiene.

Joints can also be cleaned.

In short, an interesting product with good price quality that will not leave those who approach this style of cleaning unsatisfied for the first time.

The assembly and use are also very easy, the manual is exhaustive and leaves no room for doubt.

Quality is clearly not that of similar products of higher economic value, but if you intend to enter the world of steam brooms it can certainly be a good start, perhaps in anticipation of a more important future purchase.

6. Bissel Vac & Steam, reliable 2 in 1


Bissell 1977N Vac & Steam Vacuum cleaner and steam mop 2 in 1, ...

Bissell 1977N Vac & Steam Vacuum cleaner and steam mop 2 in 1, …

  • The vac steam is a powerful cyclonic vacuum cleaner and a steam mop; now you can finally weaken the dirt, thanks to the degreasing action of the steam, and then suck it up with the same device
  • It cleans and disinfects thanks to the steam that dissolves dirt, grease and kills bacteria, leaving the treated surface completely clean
🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective)

– Cleans and sucks
– Also excellent for carpets
– Fast and effective

🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective)

– The cable does not automatically wrap and could get in the way

Here is a product that combines both the cleaning power of steam and the vacuuming of the vacuum cleaner, a convenient two-in-one solution that certainly will not disappoint those who want to have so-called floors « on which you can even eat » …

Great for removing everyday dirt, but also for bringing back to its old splendor a surface that for years has not been properly cleaned and thanks to this Vissel Vac & Steam finally finds itself in a presentable condition.

The vacuum cleaner works very well and can remove the first dirt, sucking up the dust particles, while the steam comes to complete the cleaning with the sanitizing jet that leaves the bacteria dry.

It is a very interesting product because it is reliable in the hand from the first use, solid and robust. Unlike other products, however, it appears to be slightly less manageable and the cable is a bit of a hindrance given that there is no self-winding system.

In the front part the product sucks while in the back one it vaporizes, so if you use the combo system, taking advantage of the vacuum cleaner part with the steam one at the same time it is better to proceed in that case in frontal direction in order to suck the dust first and then allow steaming to do his duty.

It is also possible to use it on carpets and floors, convenient and recommended for those who normally have little time to clean the house and need a two-in-one solution to significantly speed up the process of cleaning the house and find themselves in a few minutes hygiene difficult to see otherwise with the same amount of time spent.

Promoted with full marks also because the manual is easy to understand as well as its use, it does not present particular problems, just a little common sense combined with the desire to learn to use a new product and within an afternoon you will already have full vehicle control.

This Vissel Vac & Steam does not betray the expectations and certainly represents a possible alternative to consider for those who care about domestic cleaning.

7. Imetec Master Vapor Plus, ready in 30 seconds

🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective)

– Easy to handle
– Excellent construction materials
– Warm up in 30 seconds
– Many accessories supplied

🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective)

– No one noteworthy

The Immetec Master Vapor Plus is an excellent steam broom, in fact the jet is powerful and dissolves any type of dirt.

Disinfects in any part of the house, perfect for the joints and all the corners where other devices would have a lot of trouble penetrating, The Immetec Master Vapor does not stop and leaves the house completely sanitized with the power of steam.

It is possible to machine wash the cloths that are used to make it work even many times before buying new ones, in fact some mistakenly believe that these are disposable …

Light but not too much, it is easy to handle, and this is important.

The fundamental aspect is the robustness of the materials that make it a long-lasting steam mop.

It is not the most powerful available on the market right now, but it does its duty, the steam jet is just enough to keep the house clean.

Just warm it up and in less than 30 seconds it is ready to be used.

Once the floor has passed, it dries very quickly, it is a real comodittà.

Equipped with many accessories for all needs.

The microfibre cloth is also of excellent quality, unlike some Chinese models that provide cloths that seem a joke, however ineffective.

The cable is long enough, which will allow you to move the broom with agility without any problem in medium-sized houses, if you have huge homes instead it is better to have an extension cord, no problem anyway.

To dispense steam you need to keep the button pressed all the time, this can be a bit awkward for some users, while others are fine, it’s a matter of personal preference.

I have used it several times and I can assure you that it cleans just fine and is not difficult to use.


8., economical and efficient

🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective)

– Also excellent for parquet floors
– It really cleans thoroughly

🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective)

– Delicate tank
– Only one cloth supplied

Steam is known, it is an unbeatable ally for all those who wish to have a REALLY clean house, not only for distracted eyes, at a distance, but that can pass any hygienic test with full marks.

This Hoover steam mop is for those who want to get serious and know the true value of steam cleaning.

For many years I admit I lived in the most grim ignorance and I didn’t know how many microbes and bacteria themselves leaving on the floor using normal household cleaning tools.

Then a friend, Giovanna, came to my rescue explaining that the normal electric brooms do not solve anything at all, to perfectly clean the house you need a steam mop.

This Hoover was my first purchase, and I must admit that I found it very well, it is in fact a very manageable product, suitable for those who want to « bathe their feet » for the first time in the world of steam brooms.

At home I have two cats and a dog … if you are also happy pet owners you know what it means to live with these nice friends, despite all the attention you can devote to keeping the house clean, in fact they will continue to lose hair no-stop frustrating our efforts.

Through the Hoover steam mop there is the possibility to carry out a deep cleaning of the floors just to sanitize them especially if there is the presence of animals.

Recommended on resistant floors because the steam may behave strangely on delicate floors, if you have any doubt I suggest you do a thorough research or experiment by having it loaned to you first by some friend, as I did at the time, Giovanna gave me her for a week and I was bewitched.

Also excellent on parquet.

The hook that holds the water tank is a bit delicate and you need to be a little careful in loading operations, but nothing to worry about.

Always ready to use.

Inside the package we find, however, only one cloth supplied, there will be to consider the need to buy others.

9. Mediashopping H2O X5, very light

🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective)

– Incredibly light and easy to handle
– Also perfect for sofas, carpets, glass, joints, hobs and carpets

🥇 7 Best Floor Washer Scopes 2019? (Effective)

– Too delicate

Here’s the H2O, maybe you’ve heard of it on television, the peculiarity of this steam mop is its incredible lightness.

My sister Marina often uses it to clean the escape routes of the floors, she is extremely demanding and had not yet found a product that satisfied her in many years, she explained to me just last week that she is finally finding herself very well with this H2O, and I will tell you the truth I am very happy for you, which is a perfectionist criticona.

This steam mop is also perfect for sofas, hobs and carpets, glass, carpet, ideal for home use.

The steam jet is powerful and there is the possibility at any time you want to adjust the intensity to have an emission adapted always according to our needs.

Certainly among the many brands on the market this H2O is to be considered, because it can be an excellent alternative for all those who wish to have a constantly sanitized and shining home.

Promoted with full marks.

In conclusion

Finding a professional product suitable for cleaning and sanitizing one’s own home can be a difficult task, many pull back because they rely on the classic vacuum cleaner, perhaps left as a legacy by some distant relative and probably not even in accordance with EU standards as regards the electrical characteristics.

The time has come to be superficial in the choice of everyday products so important for our wellbeing, our family members and even the friends who visit us more often.

Non ci sono più scuse per non pretendere il meglio nella pulizia della nostra casa, infatti i prezzi si sono talmente ridotti a questo punto che ottenere prestazioni professionali non è difficile come qualche decennio fa in cui il mocio e la scopa con il panno la facevano da padrone ed erano le uniche alternative domestiche per tenere puliti i pavimenti.

In questi ultimi anni abbiamo assistito a una vera e propria rivoluzione della pulizia domestica, grazie a questi nuovi apparecchi, tecnologicamente avanzati eppure prodotti abbastanza in larga scala da poterne ridurre i costi, che ci arrivano in aiuto per facilitare la nostra vita e abbassare drasticamente le ore da dedicare alle faccende di casa per poterle sostituire con attività più gratificanti per noi e per la nostra famiglia.

Pensando alle ore perse in passato per cercare di fare andare via dal pavimento lo sporco ostinato, ad esempio dopo una festa, una cena particolarmente animata e popolata o peggio dopo un gioco dei bambini piccoli che si sa quando si tratta si sporcare sono dei professionisti irriducibili… quanta pazienza e quanto tempo impiegato per tenere la casa linda e pinta.

Adesso fortunatamente posso dedicare più tempo a me stessa, da quando ho adattato la mia casa alle mie esigenze non sono più schiava delle pulizie domestiche, ho degli elettrodomestici intelligenti che fanno il lavoro al mio posto.

Ecco il futuro che tutti noi ci auguriamo, un posto dove le macchine aiutano l’uomo prendendone il posto per i compiti più ripetitivi e noiosi.

Spero vivamente che anche questa volta la mia guida vi sia stata d’aiuto e riusciate ad individuare in questa foresta di prodotti quello lì più adatto a voi.

Non spaventatevi perché con un po’ di attenzione e seguendo i miei consigli, magari dando anche un’occhiata alle opinioni degli altri consumatori su Amazon, si possono tracciare le coordinate necessarie per capire effettivamente quale dispositivo faccia più al caso nostro.

Comunque sia qualunque degli elettrodomestici che scegliate recensiti nel nostro sito, sono tutti prodotti selezionati, cerchiamo nei limiti del possibile di portarvi solo i migliori ritrovati della tecnica.

Arrivederci amici, vi abbraccio.



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