πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Gym for Newborns 2019? (Final Guide) –

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Gym for Newborns 2019? (Final Guide) –

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Do you want to help your little ones to develop their body harmoniously and have fun?

Thanks to the baby gym it is possible to allow one correct and optimal development of the spine and therefore facilitate the consequent crawling movement and the first steps of the little one.


Chicco 69028 Game Bubble Gym

Chicco 69028 Game Bubble Gym

Baby gymnasiums are fantastic. This one from Chicco is very simple and it helps a lot my baby to grow strong.

Those who have already grown up small children know the inexpressible and immense joy to see them walking for the first time alone.

The play mat for children is a great tool that we can provide to our child to allow him to grow with joy, giving us so much happiness in seeing him develop so healthy and strong.

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Or even that ai HOMOGENISERS.

Well then, without getting lost in too many small talk, follow me in this fabulous guide where I will explain everything you need to know about the gyms. Or click here to scroll directly to REVIEWS OF THE BEST PLAYER CARPETS.

What is baby gymnastics?

There baby gym (also called children’s play mat) is a type of game for very young children starting at two months of age and serves to develop and exercise coordination and movement, a fundamental step in this phase of life for proper growth.

Usually there is a carpet with a single arch or two that inter-intersect and present different colored hanging games of various shapes and colors to stimulate the curiosity and imagination of the newborn.

The objects will be suspended in the center of the gym and usually represent animals.

However, there are different ways to use the play mat for children, and different ways of approaching it from the child. You can for example place our newborn in the center of the supine mat so as to have the objects in front and thus be able to develop in a precocious manner the coordination of the movements of arms, legs and hands, trying to grab the hanging objects that will undoubtedly attract his attention.

Or you can turn the baby e place him on his stomach to allow him to play in another way.

How many months are you using?

It is a great idea to buy a baby rug for our newborn, but many parents actually wonder how many months it is wiser to use it, if it is necessary to approach the baby right away to the new game or give him time to calmly metabolize it by waiting let it be bigger.

In reality, the gym is an extremely simple and safe type of game designed just for the little ones.

In the first month of life the baby is not yet able to distinguish objects, also because its sight is not yet fully developed and therefore does not allow it.

It is generally advisable to use it starting from two and a half months up to seven months.

This is indeed one crucial phase of growth in which it is necessary to properly develop the coordination and visual recognition abilities of the newborn.

From three months onwards the child can be left on his stomach inside the gym but always under our watchful and very careful observation.

This is a way to let him develop the spine safely.

The reason why you buy a baby gym is simple: it is the fastest and safest way to allow the infant to develop the first crawling movements, which will then be preparatory for the first steps, reason for such euphoria and joy in the family .

The baby gym, also commonly referred to as a children’s play mat, is an indispensable tool for educating the little ones through visual and physical stimuli to induce them to raise their heads so as to carefully observe the colored games dangling from the support bars.

This banal appearance movement is essential for a small body that is developing, in fact it allows to adequately reinforce the muscles of the neck and the spine.

From five months onwards, our newborn will slowly begin to spend more and more time lying on its stomach, playing with the little toys that are nearby.

The reason for this change of position is very simple to identify, it happens because it has had enough time to understand how to move from the supine position to the prone position, through a natural movement of rotation of the pelvis.

Nowadays there are many small nenoati gymnasiums that give carefree hours of play to the little ones and can satisfy the tastes of parents or the innate tendencies of the child often.

There are then more elaborate gymnasiums equipped with more toys and accessories, or for example musical games and colored lights, an additional tool to capture and stimulate the attention of the newborn and encourage him to be interactive with the world around him from the first months.

It is essential to check that the gym you are buying is equipped with a hygienic mat that can be washed at any time to keep it clean no matter what may happen while the child plays and « decides » to get dirty in some way .

The best fitness mat for babies 2018

1. Chicco Bubble Gym


Chicco 69028 Game Bubble Gym

Chicco 69028 Game Bubble Gym

  • Soft padded carpet, with fun designs, with a soft pillow in the shape of a hedgehog. Electronic panel with mp3 connection cable. The electronic panel emits a multicolored light with fading effect, 25 minutes of continuous music and eff
  • Product Code: B2_0145760

A gym from one of the most famous names in baby products: the Chicco.

In this case he proposes the Bubble Gym, a very interesting gym, with many very nice characters to excite the child and bring him to play for hours, freeing his imagination and stimulating movement.

It is known at this age how important it is to provide the baby with stimuli to activate eye-hand coordination in him and thus make him a participant in the world around him.

The plastic toad is also very nice.

There is also the fantastic possibility to connect your mp3 player to choose the music to be played by the little one, thus being able to personalize the experience a lot and not bore it with the usual tunes every day.

The small though not fully conscious are undoubtedly sensitive to musical solicitations from a very young age, and if subjected to good music it is likely that in the future they will develop good tastes.

The rug is slightly uncomfortable because it does not have a thick enough padding, this is apparently a problem common to most of the gyms and play mats. But it is not a problem because it can obviously be remedied in other ways.

So let’s not let ourselves be discouraged by this detail because the mini-gyms presented in this guide are the best that is currently in circulation.

The pillow is also a bit too small too, it does not fit very well in my humble opinion in the gym ecosystem, but it is certainly a detail, we find ourselves in front of a good product to consider if you want to buy something reliable and fun for your little ones.

The characters are very interesting and pleasing to observe even for the older ones, then there is the very beautiful central light to attract the attention of the child and make him do some movement because not.

2. Fisher Price – Friends of the Forest Activity Center

The Fisher Price amazes us with this very pretty forest-themed little gym, why not drop it right away in an environmental context and get it used to familiarizing yourself with Mother Nature.

Unlike other gymnasiums, however, this is not equipped with a carpet, it is used to position the baby already in an upright position, as you can see from the photo.

Sometimes you get tired of holding the little ones in your arms and you need a few moments of respite, a baby gym can undoubtedly be a convenient aid to distract the little one and keep him amused for a few hours.

In fact, we know that at this age keeping the attention of a baby alive for such short periods of time is already a miracle, in fact it is natural in this phrase of growth that the child is easily distracted by various stimuli, this is the moment in which he gets used to interacting with the outside world and laying the foundations of what will be his future character.

It is without a doubt a small gym guaranteed by the Fischer Price brand, so well made and with attention to detail, it will be beautiful and exciting to see your little one playing with all the animals in the forest.

For those who want to keep their little or their baby in an upright position, this tool is a good compromise.

At the beginning it is possible to adjust so that the child does not touch the ground with his feet, and gradually he will be able to give him scope to jump and, in fact, it is designed to make the child perform this movement while the hands and eyes they are busy with all the colorful and bright toys placed on the circle around him.

Also perfect for those who want to keep the little one resting lightly on the ground, just the necessary to give the push to make small skips, a very nice idea to say.

Games, as always, are stimulating and allow us to whet our children’s imagination and accompany them in the difficult challenge of growth.

The seat is perhaps a little tight and can give some problems if you use wider diapers than the common one, but in the end it is quite adaptable to any child size of a few months.

The product is also very resistant and there is absolutely no need for instructions to assemble it and make it operational, it can be put up in a few minutes and the child can immediately start playing with it.

Not recommended for those who have very little space at home, because in that case it may not exactly be the best solution since it is a bit large in size, but do not panic, it is still an object designed for very young children so don’t it will invade the house, certainly if you live in a very small apartment it is better to opt for another solution.

3. Tiny Love Deluxe Gymini, excellent value for money

Here is a very interesting gym, complete and full of games, lights, very nice colored puppets and music.

The central structure is designed specifically to stimulate the imagination and imagination of the child or girl without exaggerating the stimuli that could at this age be even annoying and therefore be counterproductive.

We certainly would not like to start saturating our children so soon with harsh input, right? They will have all their lives in front of them to lose their heads with electronic devices, while on the other hand they must live in complete serenity and harmony with the environment that surrounds them.

The playing part can be activated manually from the small or accessed by the adults before placing it on the mat.

The cloth puppets are excellent to allow the child to stimulate their hand-eye coordination, in fact they have inside them musical rattles that emit very nice sounds every time they are shaken, the colored butterfly for example if it is touched on the wings they will produce a funny noise.

A mirror and games specifically designed to develop the baby’s teething is also integrated.

On the mat there are also parts that are also sensitive to physical stimuli by children, they react by making noise when they are touched. As you can well understand, it is a reactive 360-degree gym that will undoubtedly delight your little ones by preparing them to be curious and very intelligent adults.

As it happens with other models of the competitors’ houses the unfortunate pad is not in my opinion stuffed properly, this is a defect that, although small, should be noted, but as always it is easily remedied by placing yourself under a thick cover.

Definitely a gym designed to the standards of the art to meet the needs of children of very few months but easily adaptable to the games even of those who already walk, an object undoubtedly endowed with a certain longevity, therefore not disposable.

The carpet is a little larger than the other gymnasiums that we have examined in this guide, it is a certain aspect to consider.

Important notes are the colors, particularly lively and that tickle the attention of the little ones, certainly a good product highly recommended.

4. Fisher Price Palestrina Baby Piano 4-in-1


Fisher-Price Baby Palestrina Piano 4-in-1, BMH49, Green and Blue

Fisher-Price Baby Palestrina Piano 4-in-1, BMH49, Green and Blue

  • The Baby Piano Gym allows the child to learn and have fun
  • With a portable piano and 5 activity toys (a hippopotamus to nibble, an elephant click, a rotating frog, a rustling tiger and a large mirror) that stimulate the child’s senses and train complex motor skills

Here is a very interesting gym because it is even equipped with a piano, in short it differs from the competing models featured in this guide because it thinks of providing some musical input to the child who can thus begin to become familiar with the music.

A really good idea from Fisher Price.

The presence of many special playful innovations makes this gym also excellent to follow the growth of our child, the animals are very well designed and there is also a ball that can be rotated.

The mat, however, is a little small compared to similar models, it may not be enough for children a little longer, it is also not very padded, which could constitute a serious malus for those who live in particularly cold houses and do not want to run the risk of making your child take a damn. All this is obviously obvious by placing a padded blanket underneath.

Since it is so rich in stimuli, it will be difficult for you to bore your son or daughter, who even when they reach the ability to walk or even run will know how to have fun with this game.

The piano is completely playable, it’s not there to pretend, be careful. The baby can thus indulge in performing the first notes and becoming familiar with the black and white notes of the piano.

The toys will also be very fun to grab because they are built according to particular principles to activate the imagination and imagination of the child.

The music can obviously be operated even without having to be played by the child every time, this is logical, as happens with the other gymnasiums you can start some nice tunes that undoubtedly will love the little one.

The colors are very eye-catching and can easily be accommodated in a box bed, to increase the possibilities of space, the baby will be able to crawl without problems even leaking from the mat and interact with the surrounding environment.

Also great for leaving the child to play alone, but you have to be careful, never leave the room where the little one plays, our supervision is essential even if we move a couple of meters away, you never know the children what they are capable of to combine!

Attention then, the piano on its own can be detached, it is totally independent and can be used separately even when the gym will no longer be interesting because the child will have grown in the meantime.

A real investment for years to come.

There is also a very fun integrated mirror.

There is a baby elephant specially designed to develop teething, a plastic bear with a ball and a very nice baby elephant playing the drums.

The unfortunate bow is not tiltable, so for some it might be a bit awkward, some children are taller than others and could touch us, but nothing that cannot be adapted and solved with a little imagination.

There are many keys to press to make our little ones’ perceptive abilities indulge.

5. Skiphop Treetop Rug for Activities

Here is a gym that your children will love very much, made in beautiful pastel colors suitable for newborns.

The carpet underneath is composed of particularly resistant materials and can be used for many years to come by removing game bows, in fact we do not forget that one of the fundamental aspects of baby gymnastics is their being able to be reused in many modular ways when the child it is growing, not limiting their use to the first few months of life. Although it is clear that this period is what they are primarily meant for.

The games hanging from the bows are lovely, very nice to see for us too. A gym that does not look out of place next to the cradle in the children’s room, beautiful to show even to our friends.

Opinions on infant gyms

Do you want to know my opinion on the gyms? Well I’ll tell you.

It is not easy to choose the gym suitable for your little one, given that there are so many models on the market. I advise you to focus on simplicity and on known brands, because we know that behind these games there is a need for a great psychological and pedagogical study by professional experts, it certainly cannot leave to chance a very fundamental moment of development and growth of the small.

It is important to check that the dangling toys are placed at the right height and that there is the right number of stimuli suitable to excite and entertain the child, but not TOO that they could be counterproductive and end up stewing. The mat must also be firm enough to be comfortable and safe for the child.

The gym is not just a game, it is more like a micro-world in which the child can let himself go and get lost while at the same time cultivating and developing his cognitive and movement skills.

It is clear that we cannot simply improvise one with the games we have at home because in this case we speak of objects specially designed for children by teams of experts, the result of years and years of studies and improvements that have led to having devices almost perfect and able to assist the baby in its best growth.

The baby gymnasiums are designed to be able to offer various levels of play based on the growth of the child, which at this stage of life occurs at an incredible speed, with progress visible almost day by day.

The positions that will be affected and that each correspond to a different phase of play are: supine position, prone position, sitting and standing.

The games can then be arranged according to the moment of growth in which the child finds himself. There are games that dangle from the bar, which can of course be used when the child is in the supine position and looks upwards to try to grab them, a natural instinct for the baby. There are others that he can use from above the bar, when he can finally be seated.

The games on the mat instead are ideal for when the child is lying on his stomach. They are usually comfortable and nice fabric tabs designed to be pulled by the child. Or colorful designs and toys attached to the edges placed there specifically so as not to disturb him when he finds himself turned.

The third step is in fact when he will be able to sit as we said, at this stage he will surely be able to finally be able to play without the bow to limit him and he can have fun with games on the ground or hanging on the sides.

The fourth step is when the child is finally able to stand up on its own and is already taking the first steps, at this stage obviously his point of view on the world also changes and he can finally have fun with the toys that are found on the upper part of the bow, for example colored balls to slide into special structures.

The carpet also washes easily.

How to choose a baby gym?

The mat must be colored, perhaps depicting characters or animals, even if the child is not fully aware of what will be represented is able to recognize the basic features of the face, let’s not forget it, and a beautiful design will certainly be appreciated by his unconscious , it is good to educate children for beauty already since very small so that then growing up they are adults aesthetes who love beauty.

It is also good to make sure that the play mat is padded to the right point and with raised edges to prevent the child from slipping outside, certainly a small detail but which can guarantee greater peace of mind and safety.

There are models sold directly with a nice comfortable pillow that can favor a more ergonomic position of the child when it is placed on his stomach.

A decisive factor is also the size of the gym that we are going to buy, not all of them have very large houses and even 20 cm more or less could be an important discriminating factor that may or may not allow the installation and easy use of this device.

What is the bow?

The bow is a fundamental aspect of the gym, we say that in a certain sense it is a sort of « pillar » on which all the other elements rest, as you can see very clearly from the photos proposed in this guide.

It is a good idea to make sure that this element of the gym is easily removable and can be disconnected from the mat to facilitate any cleaning. And I can assure you that when dealing with such small children hygiene is always the first aspect to keep in mind.

The fact that the bow can be removed also guarantees the baby’s use of the gym during growth, to be able to use the mat when our baby has finally grown up and can sit.

There are some particular models of gym that mount special bows with games designed specifically for when the child grows, so that they can be made without any standing problems, it is certainly a convenience considering that a negative aspect of these objects is the fact that a Once the child has grown, they should be given away or thrown away, so their life is actually short, so that the problem can be overcome by increasing their longevity.

Is the gym safe?

Many parents, since there are electrical parts inside some small buildings, become a little apprehensive and rightly wonder if these parts can be dangerous for the little ones.

The answer is obvious and also automatic: if you buy a European product developed by large companies and manufacturers there is no risk of incurring any kind of risk or problem. In fact these brands have been producing millions of such apparatuses for decades and have developed such advanced technical knowledge interfaced with the latest discoveries in education, so you are in good hands.

It is clear that if you buy the game from unreliable retailers you can never be sure if this is actually a Chinese product passed off as a big brand, so I invite you to always rely on platforms such as Amazon that are a guarantee of safety.

Music in the baby gym?

Some are wondering if it is worthwhile to buy a gym equipped with music, since extremely small children will have to play with it, it is normal to ask such a question.

Well, I can tell you that children love the songs performed by the electronic parts of the gym, they are little tunes designed to please the little ones and to relax them, so if you can I always invite you to buy gym rugs that also include light and musical stimuli .

Sometimes the songs start automatically, other times they have to be started by the child himself, for example pulling a string or squeezing an animal, it is clear that this type of interaction predisposes the child’s intelligence to a correct growth.

Are baby mats hygienic?

A factor not to be forgotten absolutely since it will be an object to be used by newborns is the hygienic one.

We know very well how the babies magically tend to get dirty in any context and situation, sometimes even inexplicably, for this reason it is necessary to focus on the purchase of a gym.

It is better to choose an object that can be easily washed without any problem in the washing machine, so as not to have further thoughts, for example when the mat has become dirty, just insert it in the washing machine and voila, you’re done, ready to be reused without any risk from the child .

Then there are some particularly advanced models equipped with a convenient case in which they must be stored whenever they are not used.

Perfect solution therefore for those who travel a lot with their children and try to always keep a play for their children.

In conclusion

Physical form is important, and it has been since birth.

They also said it in antiquity, « Mens sana in Corpore sanoΒ Β». You can’t feel good with your head if you don’t feel good about your body.

If you are a new mum or a new father you know very well what it means to love your child.

And taking care of him is the first thing. And what’s better than a gym. These play mats for children are terrific, you can see the progress made every day.

I can’t help but wish you good fun, because once you buy a gym, you too will start to crawl, playing with your child.

Good game then and the next one!


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